This post has the potential to show up belated.   But I’m not beating my tardy self elf up over it.  Shit happens.  And today, shit DID happen.

             One of the biggest news items I want to share is how I escaped death.  Oh, wait, maybe I’m slightly exaggerating.  But it COULD have been very bad.  A wasp hit me in the face then fell down my shirt.   While I was on the bike.

             I was so shocked at the occurrence that I yanked on my top and kept pedaling along.  Funny, like my legs weren’t attached to the upper half which was being assaulted.  The offending insect flew off.

             Probably because there is more air-space than cleavage, I was not stung.  Whew!  Dodged a bullet there.  Dan and I were talking about it later and we surmised that IF there had been contact I totally would have just fallen off into traffic.

             Good thing that wasn’t the case.  Later though, I also averted disaster when we stopped to pick up a quick dinner before gathering our groceries.  Everything I tried to order was out.  Gone.  No longer in the building.

             He asked the nice serving girl to give us a few moments, and then talked me off the ledge.  It took a while, but it worked.  See how far I’ve come, you guys?!  We stayed, I didn’t fall apart, it all turned out nicely.

             Also nice?  Was today’s channeled message.  Very uplifting and gentle.  A pleasant reminder for anyone who isn’t in the habit of doing this.

Spiritual cleansing is always a good idea.

             It can be done so many ways, depending on your time, commitment, and belief.  But one of the simplest is to just stand calmly and quietly, with a nice candle burning if you have one and lean that way.  Then raising your arms you sweep away all negativity.  Use large motions, as if you were wafting off a bad smell.

             Using incense, sage, and crystals are additional options.  Cleansing with salt, or salt water, air or fire (heat, really) all work well too.  Whatever you choose, as long as you follow through with this suggestion.  Remember, we get these recommendations at exactly the right time.

             Much like this card today.  I was directed out of our regular rotation so we could see this one.

fairie messages, oracle cards, awakening our true selves

“Awakening Your True Self  ~

You are beginning to recover your natural identity, including your old sense of humor, interests, passions, and desires.  Trust that any confusion or changes you’re currently experiencing are part of your healthful evolution.

As if a cloud has lifted from your mind and heart, you are beginning to see life from the perspective of your old self…….

Now, you are emerging.  You’re back!  As you recover your authentic self, your life and your personality are going through big changes.  Hold tight, and allow these changes to occur.  The fairies ask you to trust that the parts of your life and personality that are falling away are inauthentic and unnecessary.   Know that you’re building a solid foundation of truth, and that everything is working out perfectly right now.


I now give myself permission to be true to myself.”

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mileage:

was downtown and back, in 50 minutes 23 seconds, 8.586 miles, with a fairly quick pace of 10.2 MPH, all of it sunshiney.

19 thoughts on “Authentically Refreshed.

  1. Wow that sounds like you had a really close call! I’m glad that the wasp just flew off though!

    It was SCARY close!
    Thanks, I’m glad, too.

    Also, welcome!

    10:42 p.m.

  2. If that had been me, there would have been screaming and flailing arms, and possible falling into traffic. SO glad you’re okay!!

    Well done with the food stuffs. I hate when I have my mouth all set for something and then it doesn’t happen. It is The Sad.

    I was very surprised that no flailing occurred. VERY!

    Not only is it The Sad, it has the potential (or used to, anyway) of derailing my entire day…. and Dan’s too, by way of association.

    10:44 p.m.

      1. Like this: write the stuff you want bold except without the spaces in between the sideways carrots and the b and the slash. If you want italics, use i instead of b. I think underline is u, let’s see

        1. Nope. I guess all I can do is bold and italic. And you can google for how to do html which is how you do that stuff. And it came out bold instead of showing you how. I’m going to hit return instead of spaces:

          write the stuff you want bold

          1. well shit. I have no idea how to make it show up. One more time: You do a little sideways carrot () before the stuff you want bold and then after do the first carrot, a back slash (/), a b and then a carrot the other way (>).

          2. Shall I chime in?

            Type this symbol: <

            then put in what you want it to do, example b for bold and i for italic

            close the brackets with one of these: >

            write the stuff you want bold or italicized

            then do the same thing as before, but with a slash in front of the b or i, signifying that you’ve ended this request

            so you get a word/statement that looks like this, minus the spaces:

            < b or i > the word here < / b or i >

  3. SOOO glad you didn’t fall into traffic! Yikes! I had a hornet go down my shirt once. It stung me 5 times before I got it out by pulling my shirt off in a parking lot. There was lotsa cursing. Fortunately I was wearing a bra that day! 🙂

    And WOW! Your morning message and that card really struck a cord today. I’ve gone back and read both twice already. Hmmm.

    I am afraid of very (VERY!) few things, wasp/hornet/bee stings are one of them.
    Others include:
    paper cuts and overflowing toilets.

    10:45 p.m.

  4. Wow. I’d have been falling over in panic if that happened to me! You are amazing. And I’m so glad you didn’t get stung or hurt in any way. You are important to me.

    The message of this card is so incredibly right for me right now and in this phase of my life! Omigod, this is exactly what I’m going through. I may just copy the text into a file so I can keep rereading it every day as I need to.

    I like your channeled message, too. I could use that. I had a very good and very emotional therapy session this morning. I cried. I’m exhausted. I need to cleanse.

    We speculated on possible scenarios if I had been stung. They all began with me crashing spectacularly.

    10:47 p.m.

  5. Well I’m certainly glad to hear that you didn’t die. That would have been really embarrassing, actually, death by wasp. I can definitely see how it could happen, though.

    It would have been very messy and loud, too.

    10:48 p.m.

  6. I meant to comment yesterday and totally forgot. The Mrs. had a stinging sort of insect fly up the sleeve of her motorcycle jacket on a trip. She thought it died on impact, but then felt it crawling around. We came to a stop sign, and she said we had to dismount now. I pulled into a parking lot of an old diner in Forest Grove. How she dismounted the motorcycle, turning it off in the process, and divested herself of the jacket (no small trick) was amazing. I went inside and got a bag of ice for the stings, only to see to HS age kids staring in wonderment at the acrobatic feat performed in their lot. She’s been swarmed by yellow jackets twice, so has a bit of an atavistic reaction to them…

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