Tangible. And not.

             My personal progress is not something that can be counted or measured.  Partly because I no longer live with numbers.  But also because when we learn the tough lessons there’s just now way to gauge that.

             There is, however, a way to count the lack of painful moments that I don’t have when trying to get past an issue.  What previously took me days to process, can now be done in hours.  Or, if I’ve caught it quickly enough, in minutes.

             This is impressive, even to me.  And I’m really proud of how far I’ve come.  What can still be a little more challenging though, is exactly what our channeled message focuses on.

Physicality is as important to tune in to as spirituality.

             We know that each of us learns at a different pace, and I’m mostly okay with going slowly.  Some days are just harder than others.  Today, I did well, in all directions. But then, we always know that there’s more to do.

             Our daily draw says that exact thing.  Dammit.  Fine, back to it then.

guardian angel messages, looking deeper, oracle cards

“Look Deeper  ~

Guardian Angel

You need to look beyond the surface of this situation, as there is important information that you’re not currently aware of (or haven’t admitted to yourself).  Your guardian angel will bring this to your attention; however, it requires you to be open-minded.

The angels aren’t necessarily negating the situation that you are asking about.  Instead, they’re asking you to look deeper.  This may involve sitting in stillness and listening to your inner truth, or it could mean consulting an expert who can teach you more about the topic.

The investment of time and energy that it takes to do this research is well worth the rewards that you’ll reap.  The angels will ensure that you don’t miss out on any windows of opportunity while you conduct this exploration.  Pay attention to the signs and intuitive clues that will guide you.”

             This is the perfect chance to mention something that I wanted to talk about recently, but then forgot.  When the guidebook mentions “the question” or references “the situation” in its definition, but you haven’t actually asked anything (or like here, we simply draw cards for inspiration and direction), just go with it.

             Let it sit.  Allow the pertinent parts of the information and message to sink in where they are needed most.  Without having to ask, very often an answer will just show up.

Today’s Deck:

Angels & Saints Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

FLP Report:

is just one, a new New Mexico that we spotted on our way home from the pool.

2 thoughts on “Tangible. And not.

  1. Learning isn’t just different speeds, it is also different ways. For people who don’t learn visually or in an auditory manner (this comprises about 70% and 15% of adults, respectively) or who are motivated by different things to learn ( a quick Google search for learning styles introduced me to 3 new concepts in three clicks…) the act of “learning” may seem (as judged by others) as “difficult” or “wrong” (stylistically). You are you, and learn how you learn. Go with it. And go with it. I like how the card augments this.

    Exactly, and it reminds me of the conversation we had over dinner recently, with you and the Mrs. That helped me to understand how VASTLY different we all do learn. Thanks, again.

    10:53 p.m.

  2. My learning seems to go in fits and starts, but that’s probably due to my continued attempts to avoid thinking and awareness. Habit. Also, I get very frustrated at the slow rate of my learning. But then, I really didn’t start learning a ton until my previous therapist started working with me, so there’s 20-some years that were far less than useful. And I’m used to learning intellectual things very quickly.

    But I AM learning and I have to keep remembering that.

    I am SO happy to hear about how much progress you’ve made! You are doing so incredibly well and I’m so proud of you and happy for you.

    Thank you, and I can say the same for you. When we look back, our progress is quite impressive!

    10:55 p.m.

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