We went to hang out with Mom and Dad this afternoon, getting home slightly late (duh).  We began clearing out the camper.  In preparation for sale.  Which is sad, but necessary.   Empress and Maxx were along for the ride.

             If you are an Instagram* person, you can see a picture there.  If not, here’s another view.  My mother is not ill, in fact she was so lively that she flung her tiny self into this pose.  The better to show off her sweaters and afghans.

*From their Search bar you can find me under: UrthaLun or my full name (Julie Hanavan Olsen).

Happy, healthy, and cozy.

             She was laughing about having so much in brown right now, then she said, “well, it is fall.  And I’m brown too!”

             Both statements are true.  As is our channeled message.  Earlier, straight out of bed, here is what I woke up with:

directly facing current challenges

ensures that they become the past.

             I kept this in mind while we sorted and tossed.  Allowing my feelings to be there, then releasing them.  If I’d had to spend any MORE time in that camper, I don’t think I could have gotten through it.  But it worked out.  And I’m hugely grateful.

             The messenger who showed up on our card altar was immensely helpful, as well gently encouraging.  And, as you’ll see in the definition, it’s über timely!

Hare, animal messages, oracle cards, rebirth and intuition and balance

“Hare  ~  Gearr  (pronounced as Gy-arr, with an accent over the a)  ~

Rebirth, Intuition, Balance

The card shows the original hare of Britain – the Arctic hare which was later replaced by the common brown hare, probably imported by the Romans from the plains of central Europe.  It is nearly dawn but we can still see the moon in the sky.  In the background stands a dolmen – symbol of rebirth – and in the foreground we can see a lapwing’s nest, with the eggs which were said to have been brought by the hare.  Harebell, hare parsley, and hare’s foot clover grow close by.

Gearr brings us the benefits of balance and intuition, of promise and fulfillment.  The hare is a creature of the Goddess, the moon and the night, and yet also represents the dawn, brightness, and the east.  It is the most adept of animals at shape-shifting: we can never be sure exactly where the hare is – in this or the Otherworld.  It represents intuition, which makes things appear suddenly in our consciousness, like the lapwing eggs of Eostre, that magically appear in the hare’s form (nest).

As representative of the Corn Spirit and the two equinoxes, the hare brings the excitement of rebirth, fertile abundance, and willing release as each creative cycle comes to an end.  With the hare as your ally you will be well able to negotiate times of change, and you will be able to draw on your intuition to guide you through life.”

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

LateNight Update:

As my father used to say, if I had a brain I’d take it out and play with it.  I just remembered, that you can see the Instagram pics from Twitter.    Which is live on the very left-hand side of this site.  Jeez.  Please excuse my sieve brain.

5 thoughts on “Right now, and right then.

  1. I have never been able to get into Instagram from anywhere. I was told you had to sign up to get in, even from Twitter. True or not, I don’t know. But I have tried to view Instagram pics from Twitter without success.

    Mountain Rose Herbs is in your backyard and you haven’t been??!!! *shakes head* I think this should be your next trip out. And take LOTS of pictures! 🙂

    Your problem with Instagram reminded of a discussion I had with my son this week. It is something a technologically challenged person can appreciate. He and his friends are on a scary movie night kick. He wanted to know what movies I had seen ‘back when’ that scared me. Which were few ’cause it just isn’t my thing. But I came up with ‘When a Stranger Calls’ (1979). He found it on line and I asked where, because it would be interesting to see what I thought of it X number of years on. He refused to tell me ’cause the site had viruses from time to time and it was too risky for -me- to go to. I then reminded him that it was -he- NOT I that crashed not one but -two- computers because he got click happy on the internet. He pleaded youth and then said, “At least when I kill a computer I do it quick and clean. I don’t slowly torture it to death like you do.” *sigh* Kids. Gotta luv’em.

    ‘directly facing current challenges ensures that they become the past.’

    This I really do need to work on right now.

    When my Instagram pictures show up on Twitter (as that one did, over there in the sidebar) you CAN click on it and see the image. I just don’t know if you can see anything else.

    9:17 p.m.

  2. Oh yeah, I definitely need to start facing challenges head on. For some reason, if you ignore them they just don’t go away. Go figure.

    Glad you were able to let the emotions come and then release them as you cleaned out the camper! You are doing so well! You are truly an inspiration to me.

    Only PART of the “facing” was done yesterday. It spilled over into this afternoon. But I made it through to the other side fairly well in tact, with only one minor stumble.

    9:18 p.m.

  3. Your animal card is very different from my animal card today – I drew Boar. Reversed no less. Who reminded me to either do something constructive with my anger or let it go.

    I’d combine them, for a fuller message.

    9:21 p.m.

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