Tonight I’m going to begin with a book non-review.   By which I mean, here’s a recommendation.   Just go get it.  Then don’t put it down until you’ve read every word.

             (Just went a-googling for links, came across THIS and lost gobs of time watching videos of this fabulously well-spoken man.)

             This is a library copy (posed in my desk chair).  We had to check it out three times so that both Dan and I could read it.  (Some of us are faster than others, and some of us have more “free” time than others.)  It was worth it.

Dan Savage, American Savage
Grab one, and enjoy.

              If you’ve been here in JulieLand for a while, then you know of my undying love-and-admiration for Mr Savage.  There is not a book or column or blog or article out there of his that I haven’t read.   I’m proud of him like he’s my own kid, except we are pretty close to the same age, so maybe more like a brother.

             It’s also no secret that he’s my favorite type of guy: family-oriented, smart, smart-assed, irreverent, super clever, and named Dan.

             This book is simply brilliant and insightful and funny and sad and just too fucking good to try and describe.  All I can say is, go find it and read it.

             About the only thing DS and I disagree on is spirituality, and even then, maybe we aren’t actually all that far apart on our beliefs.  For me, the faith I have is unshakable, partly because I see it and hear it and live it every day.

             Like this message that I woke up with today.  It was clear and concise  also, bonus!  Alliteration!

Practice Positive Presentation.

              What this is NOT saying is to show a false face.  Being genuine and true to ourselves is optimum, but also, pushing past difficult situations with a loving attitude is known and proven to help our overall emotional bearing.

             Like yesterday’s recommendation of beginning our day with a smile and self-care, this is talking about how we share that with everyone we come across or interact with.

             And then our daily draw starts off with a validating affirmation, tying these together really nicely.

oracle cards, renewing your life, radiate vitality

“Renewing Your Life  ~

Radiant vitality is filling my life!

Card meaning:

A powerful inner and outer renewal is occurring in your life.  Purification is happening on many levels.  Take your life to the next level by clutter-clearing.  Release situations and people that don’t empower you, space-clear your environment, and eat lightly.  In order for renewal to occur, the old needs to make way for the new.

The Universe wants you to know:

Sometimes it’s difficult for exciting experiences to come into your life if your auric field or your personal space is cluttered.  There’s simply no room for something new.

When you purify your life, you create the space for new opportunities to come flooding in.  If you have a sense that your auric field, your living space, or your body has become cluttered or dingy, this is the time to do some inner and outer clearing.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is there anything I need to purify or clear out of my life?  Is there anything that needs to be renewed or reexamined in my life?  How can purification help me become a clearer channel for myself and others?


Radiant vitality is filling my life.”

             Right, well I do have some issues with clutter…..   This one is important though.  If we are unable to do anything about the outer mess, we should, at the very least, focus on the inner.

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Mileage:

was out for one errand, and then back home, a mere 4.847 miles, at a brisk (and still chilly) 11 MPH average pace, totaling 26 minutes 27 seconds pedal time.

Today’s Sharing:

is from Corina.  And it’s self-explanatory.  (Click to enlarge if necessary.)

Georgia special plates, pi on a plate,
Yep, a peach.

             There is also a co-pilot peeking out that driver’s side window.  Shouldn’t s/he be in the other seat?

5 thoughts on “Vital.

  1. Love today’s (tonight’s) message & affirmation!

    You can’t tell with the angle I took the pic from, but four-legged co-pilot is safely in the back seat.

    Then these folks had all their bases covered, good for them!
    (And thanks, again.)

    11:40 p.m.

  2. My bedroom is a mess and I have piles of things in other places in the house. Of course, it’s hard — and even more necessary — to stay organized and tidy when all you really have is a bedroom.

    When I first read your morning message, my tired eyes saw “Practice Positive Penetration”. Which would be fine with me! 🙂

    I think I’ll clean my room this weekend and cut wayyyy back on the sugar for cleansing and purification.

    I’m not convinced there IS a way for some of us to stay tidy, in small or large spaces.
    (And by “us” of course I mean me.)

    11:43 p.m.

  3. If weeding and tree-trimming counts, then I’ve cleared some clutter! And brushing the dog – from the amount of fur that came off of her, she must feel lighter. 😉

    Were your ears burning on Friday? ‘Cause I had lunch with The Lone Woman and your name came up as the one person we both know we can text with at horribly early am our time.

    Totally counts!

    Oooooooo, lunch with The Lone Woman?
    You are luckiest girl EVER!

    Next time, please hug her for me.

    11:48 p.m.

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