It was brought to my attention tonight that we haven’t spoken of symbolism in a while.  And then, in my e-mail, there was an affirmation* in a newsletter.  More Louise Hay references.  Isn’t the Universe an entertaining place?!

*I’ve copied it below, for everyone to enjoy (and speak loudly).

             And the message I woke up with is more of a suggestion, then a true prophetic statement.  Very Louise-like!  The idea being that we . . . . .

let our inner child be in charge for a while . . . . .

             like the concept of Play that we recently received.  Loosening up, releasing, relaxing the (perhaps too tight?) grip we have on our mature day-to-day-ness might be the perfect opportunity to have some fun.

            Especially when we are feeling stressed, or overworked.  Another connection here is our daily draw, infusing the metaphysical element into our over-all message.

oracle cards, angels and gods and goddesses, psychic ability

“Angel of Psychic Ability  ~

Your intuition and psychic abilities are strong at present.

Your intuitive and psychic abilities are very strong right now, and this gives you the ability to see through things.  You are being urged to pay particular attention to what you sense and feel, rather than what you are told and shown.

Trust your instincts when you are around particular people or situations.   You will instinctively know what is right for you.  Regardless of the statistics or how professionally it is presented, if something doesn’t feel right for you, then it’s not.”

             Putting all of this information together, we have an empowering bit of wisdom.  When we let go, and allow our inner knowing to guide us, and to heal us, we are walking our own path in a genuine and loving way.  We are true to ourselves and we are living our destiny.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

was to the pool and back, in the cold and dark, 3.877, for 25 minutes 30 seconds, with my average pedaling pace coming in at 9.1 MPH.

Affirmation from Louise Hay:

Wherever I look,

I see beauty.

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