Embracing how very change-y our lives are can be a pretty big deal.  First, we have to acknowledge that it’s a THING.  Then, we have to appreciate the forward momentum (as opposed to whining and bemoaning the loss of what used to be).

             That’s what we DO though!  It truly IS our journey.  Which really can just be more challenging.  Better to suck it up, take a nice deep breath, and just go!  This is kind of where we are on our physical movement front these days.  And why we walked with Maxx last night.

             Transformative, it’s what living here in these bodies is all about.  Today the Deputy and I went for a wander, no ride, just an urban hike in our neighborhood.  It was rainy, but we were dressed for it.  HERE is our map.

             And here is something that we saw.  Right after chatting (in the street) with a new neighbor,  he’s a city cop.  And super nice.

flowers that look fake
This flower looks too perfect (and bright) to be real. But it absolutely is.

             The shape of our week may be changing, and the way I’ve been waking up is, too.  That’s what I keep wanting to share with you, but it’ll need to wait a few more days.

             What is NOT changing is the messages I’m getting when the day starts.  Here’s what I heard this afternoon:

changing attitude leads to changing circumstances.

              Which, to me, seems like a very Louise Hay sort of saying.  (Her recommendation is the basis of this new idea I’ve been test-driving.)  We all know that the more positive we are, the more positively everything goes in our day, our situation, our life as a whole.

             Continuing within our regular rotation, on our card altar, we have an equally positive definition corresponding with this lovely stone.

   crystal oracle cards, chrysoprase

  “Chrysoprase  ~

fertility, love, compassion, truth uplifting

Chrysoprase” (pronounced as cris-uh-praise) “helps open the heart centre and allows you to feel the presence of divine unconditional love.  You are entering a fertile period that will enable you to creatively express your true nature in a loving and compassionate way.

Through this you will give birth to new ideas that reflect and align with your true essence.  All you would love to create, manifest, and achieve is now possible, provided you remain true to yourself.  Listen to what you heart is saying; be guided by your intuition and you will create the success and fulfillment you so rightly deserve.

Many wondrous experiences are in store for you.”

             This is so very much like yesterday’s Mermaid message!  When we walk in a genuine way, and allow our true self to keep us honestly tuned-in, we are able to make the most of what we came here to do.

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is from Karen Buys (and we send an extra special thank you to Rachel, for her amazing and generous photography skills).

greenman cross stitch
Remember him?

             The stitching was completed this past summer (finally) and now the framing is done as well.  Hopefully he loves his new home.

greenman cross stitch details
A closer look.

                 He was not actually fun to stitch.  But when this project was done, well.  I was very pleased.  And now, seeing how nicely it turned out, I’m even MORE happy about it!

5 thoughts on “Actions of Worth.

  1. He’s trying to find a good home on a wall. The sun room seems too bright and non-mysterious for him so he may end up on the wall over my desk where there’s woodsy things. I love the way he turned out and it must have taken an hour or so for the framing guy and me to decide on a frame and matting for it.

    Whining is allowed, but only for a short, short time. Just to acknowledge it. Then the sucking up and moving on needs to happen. 🙂

    I’m just so damn glad that he’s done and in YOUR house now!

    2:43 a.m.

  2. I truly love that stitched piece! It is a work of art. Lucky Karen! 🙂

    I’m entering a creative phase. I’m planning to work on figuring out and imagining what I want myself and my life to be, so I can actually aim toward them. I’m also going to begin a crochet project and begin working on a revision (rewrite) of my novel, finally. And who knows? Maybe finding enough work with also come along?

    My favorite part about stitched pieces like that (besides getting paid for them) is when I am allowed to send them off to their true homes.

    2:44 a.m.

  3. I’ve seen that flower somewhere before and my mental files are in such disarray that I can’t find it. Grrrrr. ‘Cause you know this is gonna bug me till I figure it out!

    Love Chrysoprase. I have a bunch of rough unpolished Chrysoprase. It’s really neat. I like these cards. (duh)

    Awesome work on the stitchery!

    I was hoping that SOMEone could identify that flower.

    2:45 a.m.

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