I kinda blew it today, you get no Around Town pictures, phone or otherwise.  Because I was enjoying my sweaty self elf too much! We were on the bikes.  Not in the car.  Erranding was done in full autumnal sunshine, and it was done efficiently, let me tell you.

             In the Today’s Mileage section you can see the map.  (Please, go see the map.)  All of the tiny minor details of our afternoon fell beautifully in to place.  And The Deputy got to work on time.  Whew!

             So, here’s the deal with our channeled message though, things went a wee bit differently.   (Still loving the new start-my-day-idea, may review and share it earlier than a week from now.)  What I heard, as I did my stretching and gazing about, was almost like a meditation suggestion.

Appreciation and Contemplation.

             Like the recommendation was to sit quietly and go within.  This is also reflected in our daily draw.

sylvia browne, oracle cards, healing mental pain

 “Working Through Mental Pain  ~

Milton said that within everyone there is heaven and there is hell.  Choose heaven – release the regret and the guilt.

Remember that through love, God will ease your pain and cement you back together.”

             (Substitute words as needed, but don’t disregard the overall meaning.)  We are cyclical beings, on so many levels, mental/physical/spiritual.  Often we are able to move on past each phase, growing as we adapt and improve.  But not always.

             This suggestion, the message and the card, is about seeing our pain, and our joy.  Really looking at both sides.  Then, appreciating that.  And pushing on to the next part of our journey.

             The entire premise is based on the fact that we are perfect, exactly as we are now.  Because THIS is where (who, what, when) we need to be.  By seeing and embracing that, we then learn from it.

               Here’s the process, as it was shown to me.  Take one minute (use a timer), and list off all of the things that you appreciate/are thankful for, right now.  Or, if there’s no clock handy, count ten of them, then ten more, then ten more, for as long as you think might be about a minute.

             My list began with breathing, an ability to use my lungs in a controlled and effortless way, which led to thanking each part of my body.  Then I moved on to the view, how I was grateful to be standing there, looking out at a lovely vista.  I then spoke my appreciation for having a room, and safe place to look from.

             You see how it goes.  Now try it.  Keeping in mind that nothing is too insignificant.  Every tiny portion of our lives is  meaningful.  And deserves our notice, and our gratitude.

Today’s Deck:

Sylvia Browne’s Heart and Soul Cards

Today’s Mileage:

was to a close-by shopping center, that had everything we needed, just 5.259 miles roundtrip, in 35 minutes 38 seconds, with a leisurely pace of 8.8 MPH.  Don’t forget, the MAP.

Today’s Sharing:

<i>The Fool</i>

is not just back to the home site, but also, HERE.  Facebook to Facebook page kindness.  I love when nice things happen.  (You know I’ll have to buy this deck now, right?)

FLP Report:

begins with a shot from the car (while I was being held captive inside yesterday), then moves on to the rest.  (Irony alert, vehicle bike rack!)

Missouri license plates, how NOT to put your car license sticker on
Missouri, with an incorrectly placed sticker. Read your instructions, people!

             Also, two Floridas (one with an orange, and one without), Minnesota, Tennessee, Maine (a rerun, I’m pretty sure), and Ohio (which Daniel always has to sing when we see it).

3 thoughts on “We breathe. We acknowledge.

  1. I’ve been so busy organising a writer workshop (finally it is over) that my poor brain is mush. I looked at the photo of the SUV and thought it was a Christmas tree on the roof. Ha ha.

    Lol, nope. Just them growin’ on every street corner around here.

    12:10 a.m.

  2. Didn’t get out to see the ocean yesterday, but finally felt better by evening. Today is nice, also, so I will at least drive to the beach and look out at the ocean. Not sure if I’ll have time to walk on it. My friend loves having someone to go to movies with, so we’ll be going to a movie together this afternoon. But I intend to get out onto the beach in the next couple of days, even if it’s the bad weather that the weather-guessers are predicting.


    12:11 a.m.

    (And tell Hobbes we said hi.)

  3. We’ve been having a wonderful warm spell that is supposed to end tomorrow. *sigh* I had all the windows open to let the breeze blow on through. Of course, a few things hit the floor but I was just too happy about the lovely weather to care.

    I try to work on the thankfulness thing every day, but I’m not always successful. I usually get hit with a reminder when I’m out shopping and see someone gimping along. Bad back and all I still get around and I’m able to do what I want. So I send thanks for my two legs that still work and the fact that I can drive and take care of myself. I should get back to my gratitude journal that landed by the wayside when everything went sideways last May.

    Consistency is very helpful!

    12:12 a.m.

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