This post has the potential to arrive on the tardy side of timely.  We had a different sort of Tuesday.  No less busy, just not like our usual routine.

             Also?  It’s play-off season in Major League Baseball, so ya know, that’s gonna factor in to every part of life around here.  Plus.   Football has begun.  Both pros and college players.  Again, of great import here in The Burrow.

             As far as metaphysical work goes, I’m still plugging along.  Our messages seem to be lining up, some more.  Again.

Moving forward,

moderating ups and downs.

             Along with how the recent progress has been, this is actually more reassuring than it seems at first.  Then, pair it with what appeared on my card altar, and we have our daily dose of Hope.

bat messages, animal oracle cards, failure messages

“Bat  ~

You have the power to transcend failure and move into a limitless future.

Bat once crawled upon the earth, but she reached for the stars and now she really can fly.  If you have pulled Bat to guide you, you too can become anything you want.  But remember, everything has its own period of gestation and as you progress to your own limitless future you must transcend failure and its attendant fear, that of striving again.  

With failure comes the knowledge that brings you ever nearer your heart’s goal until on the destined day you are reborn.”

             I love the idea that anyone can rise to the point of flight.  That we all have that capability.  That each of us is able to reach so far that we can sprout wings and fly.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Mileage:

is going to reflect an untrue image.  We scaled a butte.  On our bikes.  HERE is Dan’s map (make sure you zoom in, the little circles you see are when he rode around me as I panted up the killer incline, also be sure to look at the elevation stats).  According to my non-fancy computer, we went 13.067 miles, in 1 hour 27 minutes 35 seconds, with a completely inaccurate* average pace of 8.9 MPH.

*Also, we had a Maxx-In-The-Box, so that slowed us down considerably.  (He did not go all the way up the hill, but we did strap his smallest crate to The Deputy’s bike and haul his pudgy ass downtown to meet up with Empress.)

             Here’s a view from the top.  (I also tweeted another angle.)

Skinner's Butte in Eugene, looking at Spencer's Butte from Skinner's Butte
We were out during a clear spell, rained before we left and after we got home.

             This is a hike (or ride) that’s always worth the effort.  Seeing our entire city (and the OTHER butte) from up here is a worthwhile reward for the pain and effort.  Driving up is nice, too.

FLP Report:

Michigan and Missouri.  (Plus the standard uncountable numbers of California, Idaho,  Washington,  and oddly enough, Texas.)

LateNight WTF:

how did October get here so gawdammed fast?!

7 thoughts on “Rising, not just above, but WAY up high.

  1. I can not believe it is October already.
    Trust the bat to represent transcending failure into flight. Bats are wonderful creatures.

    They really really are.

    12:56 a.m.

  2. It’s damned October. It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s wet. I has a sad. I’m using my light box like a fiend.

    I love bats.

    I love them too.
    Also? Go outside! 😉

    12:57 a.m.

    1. Yep. My light box is out now too. However, I got lucky as it decided to stop being rainy and become “unseasonably warm” which means more sun. It cheered me right up even though it also meant we finished the month 1 in” short on rain. But you know how October is, next week I’ll probably have to knock the cat hair off and put it back up on the table till spring. *sigh* Sendiing you sparkly FGBV’s from my extra ration of sun. {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Yes, freaking OCTOBER!!! This is the kind of year I’ve had… My son, home Labor Day weekend for Renfest, decided to photo the calendar to get all the Birthdays n shit to take back to school and put on his calendar. I had not yet turned to September. When he got there he says in an incredulous tone of voice, “MOOOOMMMMM???? Why is this emmmpty???” Yep. Empty. Zip, zero, zilch. For whatever reason, because I sure as hell don’t REMEMBER!, I stopped with August and never finished filling out the rest of the calendar. And guess what? I’ve tomorrowed myself to October! And I better get my ass in gear with the stack of dates that needs put on plus the fact it’s that time of year with many comings and goings and holidays. So I need to hop on the last few months SOON! Oh, and did I mention that October is usually the month I go calendar shopping (if I’m not last minute-ing it) and fill out next year’s calendar? **headdesk**

    Oh hell, good reminder. My favorite (local and independent) stationary store closed earlier this year (it’s fine, they were done, no one drove them out of business, just ready to retire), so now I have to search for a very specific type of desk dairy/calendar that I always got from them.


  4. Great job on riding up Skinner Butte! More chutzpah than I have, that much is certain. Sorry to bail on our Tuesday routine, but you need to check out to see what I was doing. I am sure the Deputy relayed my suggestion for a meet location.

    Bat is one of my favorite animals, although I don’t know her much, nor resonate with her. But she is cool.

    I had to get off and walk twice……

    We did miss you yesterday, but the new dinner idea sounds GREAT!

    Thanks for the link, hope there will be some events later in the day. I saw the Saturday Market, November gig. Sadly, too early.

    1:02 a.m.

  5. Bats are cool. We get them living in our soffits so we can see them come out at dusk and I’m always thinking, “go bats, go! Eat the mosquitos!!” It’s highly entertaining watching them try to come in for the night. They have to judge their landing exactly and if their angle of flight isn’t perfect, they will swoop around and try again.

    Excellent on the biking!! Week 3 on the couch to 5k here . . .
    (and it was dog today in my new cards)

    Why aren’t you blogging the Couch 2 5K? I’m dying to know how it’s going!

    Yipee for new cards!

    1:04 p.m.

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