It was a jammy day, here in The Burrow, for all of us.  First one in, I don’t know….. months?  As the storm raged away outside, we stayed cozy indoors.  Clearly my bike is not yet back.

             When I got up today (finally), this is what I heard:

moderating indulgence.

             Not only have I learned how to live without numbers* in the past year, but my lessons on living joyfully have been powerful.  I know that, without question, we need to do what makes us happy, we need to seek satisfaction and fulfillment.

*Without numbers means that our bodies are not meant to be measured by digits: no calories, no pounds, no miles, no reps, no hours, no days.

             Our journeys are about finding Peace and sharing Love, not about math and guilt and acquisition.  The balance is our key.  Along those same lines, our daily draw expands on this concept nicely.

             (Remember, we can substitute any and all words here, to better receive this message.  If “camp-hosts” [or The Force, or Nature, or whatever] works for you, please use it, or any other replacement that suits your needs.  Just, please, don’t disregard this entire [important] concept simply due to letter arrangement.)

oracle cards, messages of love

“Love  ~  God

God is Love, and God is everywhere.  Therefore, Divine care is surrounding, healing, and supporting this situation.   The answer to your question is quite simply ‘love.’  That’s because it’s all that exists, in truth.  By focusing upon God and this caring, you’ll find the answers, solutions, and results that you are seeking.

It appears that you’ve been struggling to do things on your own.  This card is a reminder for you to call on God for help with everything.  Heaven’s infinite wisdom has miraculous answers and solutions for you.  Don’t worry about how your prayers will be answered – instead, have faith that God’s will is for you and your loved ones to be at peace.

Your life purpose involves your being a role model of Divine love.  By meditating upon God before you do anything, you are a reflection of this shining light, which is the best way for you to be a spiritual teacher: by living as an example.  Feel that powerful love in your heart right now, and know that this is the answer that you seek.”

             When the Universe gives us this type of direct suggestion, we really need to honour it.  (Words aside.)

Today’s Deck:

Saint’s & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

LateNight Update:

just heard from Kerri, bike’s done.  I can go get it tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Simplified.

  1. My concession was to make comfort food. Mac ‘n cheese made with both rice pasta (for Karyn’s gluten-free needs) and with spaghetti squash and aged cheese (for Mary’s SIBO needs) and without any meat (for Tatiana’s vegetarian needs). Plus maple roasted Brussels sprouts and steamed broccoli, finished with some awesome, made from scratch GF brownies made by the Mrs. Night was capped with a rousing game of cards.

    Interesting card and message for the day…


    10:23 p.m.

  2. It was a jammy day for me, too. Bought and read both of Nan Reinhardt’s books on my phone (wonderful!). Good day all around.

    I’m kicking my butt this week into moving and doing. So Love and the Universe as help and energy is a useful message.

    Glad your bike is fixed!

    Are they available in the paper version?

    10:24 p.m.

    1. Nope. Just ebook for now. You could get a kindle app for your smarty pants phone and read them on that. They are $4.99 each. It’s also possible I could “loan” them to you on your phone; I’ll have to check if they are loanable.

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