We have to begin with some food news.  No, nothing I created.  (I haven’t been super inspired lately, so Kitchen Adventures are currently on hold.)  We got out of the house early enough to meet April and get some To Go treats from Noble Cafe.

Noble Cafe in Eugene
She told me that next time I took a picture, I had to warn her. It won’t matter, she looks fabulous all the time.

             It was horribly wet outside today, torrential rains, so we kind of dripped our way into the place.  Dan went with the daily special and I invented a sandwich from all of the terrific choices from the Create-Your-Own option.

Noble Cafe in Eugene
Plus a cookie, of course!

             Seriously, local folks, go see this beautiful young woman and eat in her cafe.  Beyond good!  Hopefully we’ll be able to not just get a quick lunch, but next visit try the smoothies and take our time.  Those of you from far away?  Just fly here and I’ll loan you a bike.

             For now, let’s get to what the Universe wants us to focus on today.  What I woke up with (after a very animated dream of traveling, visiting, and a panel truck from approximately the 1940s) this just keep circling around in my head:

timing, timing, timing,

perception and placement.

             For me, it definitely felt like an idea of paying attention, and being aware of how all things have a time of their own.  We have placement and perception when we know that the time is right for something.

             On our card altar, I was directed to leave the regular rotation and flip from this stack.  No cover-ups needed.

angel messages, oracle cards, support

“Angel of Support  ~

The Universe has heard your silent call for help.

The universe has heard your plea and has sent an angel to support and guide you through the current circumstances.  Your financial and emotional wellbeing is about to take a turn for better through an unexpected blessing or sudden change in fortune that is soon to come your way.

Surrender all fear and anxiety.  Trust!  The universe is conspiring to help you.  Emotional, spiritual, and material support come through a seemingly chance encounter with someone new, or through an unexpected offer. 

Stop worrying!”

             This has to be one of my favorites, even the illustration is growing on me.  (Love those golden spirals!).  Who are we to question?  Let’s simply let go of the terror and allow the gifts to appear on our doorstep.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

was, as mentioned above, a slow (only 9.2 average MPH) super soaking ride downtown and back, 8.618 miles, in 55 minutes and 46 seconds.  (The map is HERE.)  Our exquisite bonus?  Spotting this gorgeous creature on our way home.

great blue herons on the bike path
The same great blue heron from Friday? Very likely.

             The Deputy had to use his smarty-pants phone because by the time I’d climbed off my bike, dug around in the overly-loaded, let’s-not-get-everything-wet panniers, and found the camera, our cover would have been blown and we might have lost the shot.

Today’s Belated Greetings:

go out to Dan’s younger sister, Michelle, and her beloved, Bruce.  On the 23rd of September, 30 years ago, we stood with them in my in-laws’ backyard, as witness to their love and devotion.  This anniversary is a special one, as is this married couple.  We love you, both!

3 thoughts on “Being Fully Able.

  1. We have a lot of GBH’s here. It’s amazing how different they look hunkered down than when they are fully upright.
    That cafe looks like a great place to eat.
    It rained here today, too. One of those rains that we used to run around in bathing suits in. Unfortunately it started when I was on my way to work so no rain-bathing opportunity.

    They DO look so different. I was struck by that exact thing. But, just as cool, only less long.

    11:49 p.m.

  2. We get an occasional GBH here at the lake, but mostly the small painted herons. I love watching them.

    I don’t know what a painted heron looks like,
    must go google.

    11:50 p.m.

    (Twenty minutes later, I still don’t. But I do know why I like these big birds, they are extremely reptile-like in their eating and hunting. [She says, after watching far too many YouTube videos.])

  3. The Angel of Support sounds veddy, veddy good to me right now. (I just got back from therapy. It was good, but I’m wrung out.)

    Love the heron! I do miss the plethora of herons and a variety of different egrets and turkey vultures and scarlet tanagers and all the other birds that live in and migrate through Houston. And the Great Blue Herons and Great White Egrets that live down on the Oregon Coast. But I saw another hummingbird yesterday, and a rabbit in the back yard. So while I don’t have the same wealth of bird life here, there is still some wild life.

    Oh you totally have ’em there, too. Get down closer to the water, or near the lake. You’ll see loads.

    12:12 a.m.

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