Did you all have a delightful Equinox?  Mine was peaceful.  Mostly.  With the added bonus of being able to purchase some groceries.  It’s a gift that we should never take for granted.  Also, the baseball playoffs* are now going to begin.  It’s truly Fall.

*The possibility that Dan and I will be cheering for opposing teams is highly likely.  It could be a Hovel Divided, come World Series season.

             What seemed like a spiritual conflict appeared when I jotted down our message and flipped over today’s daily draw.

Reflection and Contemplation,

both exceptionally useful tools.

             While true, this almost felt like it was opposing the selection we have below, with our return to the regular rotation.

oracle cards, dolphin and mermaid messages

“Play Time!

The dolphins know the importance of playing, as joy creates miracles and manifestation.

This card indicates that you have been straining and working too hard, and that you’ve lost your original focus.  You are striving more of out of habit than out of a clear direction.  The dolphins ask you to stop, and divert your attention through silliness and non-competitive play.  Any kind of playfulness will shake up your ruts and routines, and allow you to regain perspective on what is important and what is not.

Playing is a magical form of meditation, as it opens your heart chakra and allows your creative spirit to tap in to Divine wisdom.  If  your playfulness involves outdoor physical activity, the extra oxygen will also spark new ideas for you.”

             Exactly as the fairies (and their unfortunately illustrated unicorn friend) said yesterday, the dolphins and mermaids recommend we let go and have fun.  Even though it might seem as though the channeled message doesn’t belong here, we know that it absolutely does.

             Because really, what punctuates and refreshes Play Time/Kick Up Your Heels events better than a contemplative moment of Quiet Reflection?  Oh yes, these blend extremely well.

             Rest, but also Frolic.  Putting these suggestions together sounds like the perfect combination to me.

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaid and Dolphin Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

arrived on my doorstep this week.

water bottles, blue ocean shades
Colours of the Sea.

             I’ve been a two-bottle person for ages now, the “other” being a disposable one* that I trade in when the situation arises, or when it’s convenient   Now, I don’t have to use ANY hydration container but my own.

*Because I like the tops that EartH2o 20 ounce containers come with.

             Thank you, parents of my Beloved, for the awesome birthday gift card, which enabled me to purchase some way fun presents.  This is one of three.

6 thoughts on “All Equally Autumnal.

  1. You are going to love your camelbacks. They really don’t spill (much) even if you lay them on their sides inadvertently (I have had a couple of operator error leaks in my music bag, but that is what happens when you don’t quite screw the lid down.) I had one in the jeep for my last 2 years as a numbered person, and had one for my music bag. Keep an eye out for some photos.

    I’ve had this brand for over two years, that’s what the Mermaid Water was, so yeah….. definitely sturdy! (But also yes, leaky, more often than I’d like.)

    Got the pics, will share tomorrow. Thanks!

    1:10 a.m.

  2. I love my Camelbak (it’s purple), which I bought the day before making the trek from Houston to Seattle. It was very useful during all the desert areas we drove through. We had a five-gallon jug of water in the back seat and used that to continually fill our bottles. (During my previous trip east, I discovered that using tap water in various different places along the way left me with almost constant stomach upset and associated symptoms due to every place having differing flora and fauna that make it through the water processing.)

    Ah, more exhortations to have fun. Guess that’s what I need to do then. I’m going to bake today, and that’s fun. I have some other ideas and plans as well, some fun and some ot so fun.

    I bring my own water simply because I don’t always like the TASTE of someone else’s! 😕

    Yay baking!

    1:12 a.m.

  3. catching up (again) and this is exactly what I needed to go do something I wanted to do today but thought, no I don’t have the time…. so off I go to have fun. *squeee* Also, did I miss your birthday??? sometimes I am the worst friend.

    It was the 4th. You are an excellent friend! Don’t worry about it. We both missed Delia’s, which was a few days ago. (Unless you caught her on Facebook, then only *I’M* the terrible friend.)

    1:13 a.m.

    1. and p.s. I am SO shouting LOVINGKINDNESS at the top of my lungs the next time I get pissed while driving. That is perfect.

      It really is.

      1:15 a.m.

  4. Well, good grief, I not only missed it, I missed it by WEEKS. It has been really healthy for me to not be online so much, but then shit like this happens. Hope it was a happy one!

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