I’ve been thinking about our challenges and our Life Maps, our lessons and our chosen paths lately.  Well, I do that quite a bit, but in the past few days, these ideas have been more on my mind than usual.  Partly because of a Twitter conversation Megan and I had (and Sarah, too).

             The concept was summed up perfectly in this response from The Lone Woman, “it’s hard when you’re in the thick of it to stop the mood from infecting everything…. ”  Which is exactly correct.  Because when we ARE right there dealing with our shit, it’s the hardest time to step away from it.  However, it’s exactly when we need to the most.

             Here’s a great example.   Of how I did it, and how I’m not entirely sure I did it correctly.  Leaving a parking lot last night (in a car, sadly), I had to wait for cross-traffic before entering the roadway.  An idiot of a woman stopped RIGHT in front of me (and the other people beside and behind us).

             Obviously this caused me to become enraged.  Yelling at her about how stupid she was, how illegal it is to block driveways, and proclaiming that she should not be allowed out with the rest of humanity.

             She couldn’t hear me.  Everyone’s windows were rolled up.  She was talking on her hand’s free phone.  (Which I believe is NOT a better option, just sayin’.)  As it turned out, *I* could hear me.  And that’s all it took to remind my angry self elf to stop acting out, and start acting mindfully.

             So, I took a few deep, calming breaths, turned on some excellent musicpointed my eyes directly at her, and began to animatedly shout:  LOVINGKINDNESS LOVINGKINDNESS LOVINGKINDNESS!!! in her direction.  No, not one of my most zen moments.  But, did I change my attitude and stop being so frustrated and stressed?  Yes, I absolutely did.

             Maybe I will be able to say it more peacefully next time, or maybe not.  Either way, I learned something.  And that’s the point.

             Waking up earlier today, the Universe’s point was made by this message, which I received as I stood at the sliding glass door upstairs, after leaving The Deputy to sleep more, in our bedroom downstairs.   (Working almost 18 hours straight makes a person need his rest.)

….. continued patience,

where we are right now is the most important moment.

             And then, as our card indicates below, we are being reminded to  celebrate this exact point in time.  Wanting forward, or regretfully peering behind, neither serves our highest good.  Also, it just makes us miserable.

oracle cards, fairie messages

“Kick Up Your Heels  ~

Your soul longs to celebrate and have fun…..

There is always something to celebrate, and this card asks you to do so now.  Your soul longs for an exciting adventure……

Sometimes we procrastinate when it comes to personal time-outs, believing that such activities cost too much time and money.  Yet the benefits of celebrating are many: getting a fresh perspective and new ideas, rekindling old friendships, and the sheer joy of entertaining yourself.

The fairies hold celebrations regularly, sometimes on a nightly basis.  They know the importance of singing and dancing as part of developing a community spirit.  Although you may wish that someone else would take the initiative to suggest an evening out, maybe it’s time for you to take the lead and plan a special event.


I am spirited, playful, and fun to be with.  I create ways to celebrate with my friends.”

             Disregarding the datedness of this illustration, let’s just accept that this is the correct message we need to hear right now.  Be happy, be mindful, be aware of the party we’re standing in at this moment.

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS site that I happened upon last night.  There are no instructions, sadly.  But it’s still fun to look at.

LateNight Update:

wait!  I found a video, go HERE and see him talk about this.  And, there IS a book with instructions.   (whew)

5 thoughts on “In the moment, gracefully or not.

  1. Fun card! I did just that yesterday evening, actually, so having the universe confirm it is nice.

    Great message from you, too. I’m disgruntled with certain things in my life right now, so I’m often wishing time forward, or straining toward a future point in time. It doesn’t really serve any purpose, because I’m in the here and now, and can’t rush time. I also can’t actually change what’s making me unhappy, I just have to live with it. Thanks for the reminder to be patient and in the moment.

    Of course,
    you are more than welcome.

    Sending Love and Light and
    LOVINGKINDNESS! for whatever you’re dealing with that is not happy.

    10:02 p.m.

  2. Interesting thoughts about being here now. After all, it is where we are, and while where we were might have been fun, and where we’re going looks like fun, right now is where we are. Sometimes fun, sometimes not fun, and it is where we need to be. Make the best of it.

    I like your rendition of the completely situationally unaware lady. I used to attribute intent to a lot of drivers who drew my attention because of their somewhat inexplicable actions (nicer way to say idiot drivers, I think); careful observation and the opportunity to professionally discuss their driving with them occasionally (a bonus that numbered people get to deal with) led me to believe that it is, more often than not, complete inattention and not malicious intent that causes the somewhat unusual driving behavior. Not always, but a lot.

    Those 18 hour work days kick ass. And you don’t recover from them as quickly on that side of a half century. DAMHIK.

    So true, their ignorance is often quite genuine.

    10:03 p.m.

  3. Your channeled message is a good one for me; I am always having to remind myself to Be Here Now. And that I can make my present more enjoyable and pleasant than it currently is. I have more power than I often allow myself to think.

    And I like the exhortation to play and have fun. I really need to do this. And remember to do it.

    Love the origami dollar bill art!

    I left a LateNight voice mail with my guy, so now the origami book is on order.
    Shhhh, don’t tell the kids…..

    10:05 p.m.

  4. OMFG, perfect!

    I read your post last night, after getting to Tod’s house (yes, we’re back together… it is good 🙂 ). Shortly after leaving my own house I was making my way through the roundabouts that lay between my apartment and the freeway. As I went through the second (with the legal right-of-way, as I was already in the roundabout) a lady about to enter the roundabout (who was legally required to yield to me) wasn’t slowing down at all… her trajectory was an unquestionable collision course with mine, so I stopped (duh, a car crash was not on my agenda for the night!). She slammed on her brakes at the very last second, and stopped as well, right on the line, then looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and held her hands palm-up, and mouthed “What?” I returned the gesture, more emphatically, yelled “WHAT THE FUCK???” then put my right arm out, palm toward her, and yelled “STOP!!!” I cursed her & called her names to myself for about a mile. I was angry & irritated with her fucking idiocy/arrogance for about 5 miles.

    Julie, you did it totally fucking perfectly!!! I laughed so hard when I read your post a couple hours later!!! Oh, the irony!!! The next time I get angry with some driver who draws “my attention because of their somewhat inexplicable actions” (perfect wording, Ally!), I will shout at them, in whatever fucking tone of voice happens to come out of my mouth, LOVINGKINDNESS LOVINGKINDNESS LOVINGKINDNESS!!! Seriously, PERFECT!!! And just the irony of it will crack me the fuck up, and completely dispel my angriness!

    Ahhh, thank you!!!

    And the messages were great, too!

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    Our synchronicity continues to be phenomenal!

    (Glad to “see” you here. Be Well, and take care of YOU!)

    10:06 p.m.

  5. What an awesome origami website. Thanks for sharing that.

    I spent some time poking around after this post went up last night, and I like the guy even more now that I know about him and his story.

    10:09 p.m.

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