Remember that “be adaptable” message we got recently?  Yeah.  It hit me full on the other night.  Which spilled over into yesterday and today.  I had to rush around, fret a bunch, scramble some, creatively rearrange, and basically just be very adaptable.

             I also had to fall apart for a minute.  What we’ve noticed, in all of this Change Your Brain work and the New Improved Me projects, is that the break-down time has diminished.  Dramatically!  I still have to process the change, and I still seem unable to just bounce on out with the new plan.  But I get there.

             And I get there in a quicker, more efficient way.  Which, to us, is major.  And supremely encouraging.  Plus, it comes with presents.  I was given a gift this afternoon, for being a good student.

herons in the amazon canal
I had to stick my camera through some chain-link security fencing, to get an unobstructed shot.

             This gorgeous creature was less than two miles from my house.  I’d barely pedaled onto the bike path, and there it was.  S/he posed nicely while I made sure the safety strap was secure on my wrist while I climbed up on to the cement edge to get a good view.  Doing our homework pays off, I’m here to tell ya!

             Because of some mandatory overtime on The Deputy’s schedule, waking up for me today was not how it usually goes.  I stood in my window and heard no message.  So I just went about the beginning part of my afternoon, knowing it would show up.  And it did.

Yes, you CAN do this.

             To me, this made much more sense when I flipped over the card for our daily draw.  The two go together perfectly.  And quite helpfully, as well.

robin wood tarot, page of wands
Page of Wands (r)

             As she tilted sideways on the stack, I understood what was being said.  Not an upside-down definition, but one with a tweak, to be sure.

            Even when our energy feels drained, here’s the thing, we HAVE that Wand.  We HAVE that inner strength.  We HAVE that spark of brilliance.

             Sometimes it is simply so difficult to reach, like barely/almost/just-a-teensy-bit-beyond our fingertips.  But we CAN get there.  We absolutely DO have the power to push on past whatever limits we THINK are insurmountable.

             For one thing, here’s the Page, showing us that by her very presence, we have all it takes to get where we want (or need) to be.  Additionally, it’s what we came here to do, so we must do it.  All of those barriers are really lessons, not blockades at all.

             The shine from our Wand is breathtakingly bright and powerful, it’s the light coming from within us.  So, obviously, if we stumble from time to time that’s not going to dim our brilliance, it’s merely going to slow us down temporarily.

             What we always need to remember is that we are capable of nearly anything.  We are stronger than we even realize.  We can totally get to where we need to go.  Even if it takes us a while.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

was to the acupuncture clinic, and home again, 4.880  miles, in 29 minutes 21 seconds, with a surprisingly slow average pace of 9.9 MPH (it didn’t SEEM that pokey).

Today’s Sharing:

is a local place.  For you who live close by, please check it out.  For those who are far away, I’ll take you there when you come visit me.

Noble Cafe in Eugene
Right downtown!
(Actually, on the ground floor of J.D.’s historic apartment building. )

             It’s called Noble Cafe and Espresso, and was recently purchased by a young woman named April.  No, I haven’t met her yet, but I will.  Dan got his lunch there this afternoon, and Jade grabs his pre-shift coffee there often.  The food, from what I’ve heard and tasted so far, is extremely good.

6 thoughts on “The Art of Achievement.

  1. Noble was one of my regular spots to get a to-go lunch for work since my friend Katie and her husband Christian opened it… last year? Almost two years ago? One of those. Anyway, I was sad when I heard that they were selling it, right up until I met the new owner, April. And now I’m there *almost every day* because she’s just awesome. Everyone should go there.

    Your draw today was weirdly tied in, too, because April signed the final papers to complete the sale after she closed for the day. It was all about the trepidation of a major change, and the “trust your decision” faith one must have in such a time.

    Seriously, though, go have some coffee and a sammich at Noble. I highly recommend the breakfast roll, which comes with either meat or (shudder) un-meat options. Aria, the kitchen girl, is a whiz at fixing really good, really simple food, and the drinks are just right. I cannot endorse this place strongly enough.

    Totally trying to figure out when I can get down there…….

    So glad the messages were helpful! 😛

    (And of course they tied in.)

    11:32 p.m.

  2. I keep getting the message “persevere” from my cards. Trying to just practice that, and pull out everything I’ve learned this year to help me.

    That’s all we can do, stick with it, have patience, and learn as we go.

    11:33 p.m.

  3. Think I’m gonna have to wander down and try Noble. My other “home away from home” is Eugene Coffee Co. which JUST reopened on 17th High to Pearl. Too much good coffee! Not a bad thing at all.

    Go! And bring us back some food a review.

    11:35 p.m.

  4. Love the photo of the bird taking a not so private bath. I also like our card and message. Sometimes we get so inundated with “stuff” we can feel overwhelmed and forget our capabilities. I’m gonna go shine my wand. ; )

    One of my favorite sayings:
    it IS that simple.

    But only if we work at it.

    11:36 p.m.

  5. Man how I needed this message. I woke up in a total panic attack and had to talk myself through it before I could even get up to grab a xanax! I’ve been feeling very anxious, growing through the week, partly because I am between projects and partly because I didn’t accomplish a task that my housemate asked me to do before she came home — and she threw a full-out temper fit, which totally spiked my anxiety. So I’ll be spending the weekend talking to myself about how strong and brave and capable I am and doing things to prove it. Sigh.

    The next fit she throws? Turn your back and walk away, with your head held high, and your inner strength glowing.

    Remember, other people can bother us, only if we let them.

    11:37 p.m.

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