Is there such a word as sadhappy?  No?  Then let’s invent it.  And say that’s the feeling of funerals.  Cleansing, but painful, then there’s this sensation of relief.  Of course, it probably helped that the service was six years after her physical death.

             We met at my sister’s memorial bench.  We all (4 of us) rode there (some of us coming farther than others).  I had done my homework.  We followed a loose outline, there was a service and there was remembering;  we grieved.  It was truly sadhappy.  Thanks to all of you who were with me today, in your hearts, in spirit, in prayer, and especially, in person.

             Tomorrow, on the actual day, I feel as though it can be acknowledged and released, and that we’ll all be ready to move on.   Because now, it’s time.

             Just like, here on the blog, now that I’m home and in my cozy pants, it’s time for our channeled message and daily draw.  Both of which came to me/got flipped over after we’d driven home from our wedding weekend.

Remember, it’s the journey.

             This goes with the title, and it’s all about going as we go.  Walking our path, in the best way we can.  And, as the card validates.

animal messages

“Orang-utan  ~

Working to live joyously, not living to work.

Orang-utan, utterly content in his lush rain forest, sees no pressing need to swing on agile limbs from his soft arboreal bed at dawn.  He rises when refreshed, stretches great arms before breakfasting unhurriedly on ripe fruits, and only then carrying on with the business of his day.  For Orang-utan understands the true value of time and counsels that you use it wisely.

Are you working to live, or living merely to work?  Adjust your priorities lest time slips silently away, taking pleasure with it.”

             Doesn’t this go nicely with yesterday’s message?  And our entire current theme?  Seriously, I love when that happens.

             Primates are not my favorite creatures, in real life, but in the symbolism here, I can’t argue with any of the wisdom.  Besides, waking up late, in trees!

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Mileage:

on two wheels, was 17.341 miles (or not, according to Dan’s MAP), in 1 hour 40 minutes 59 seconds, with a nicely zippy average pace of 10.2 MPH (better than I thought it might be, considering all of the detours we hit, all of them evident in our route home).

More Wedding Sharing:

includes all of our girls, the bride from last month, is on the far left, those yet unmarried, Tara and Hanna, on the other side of the current bride.

columbia gorge and river
Behind (and below) them is the Columbia Gorge (and river).

             Of course there was food, a complete vegetarian meal.  Which I forgot to photograph because, not only were our clothes missing, but I couldn’t find my camera.

vegetarian wedding meals
Trust me, it was all super good.

             How can you go wrong with tamales?  Well, you can’t, that’s how.  Plus, on the grounds of this vineyard, is a pear orchard, hence the core.

Two kinds of wedding cake.
Two kinds of wedding cake.

             The stacked rounds were made up of red velvet and pink champagne (with some sort of lemon-type filling as well as the icing).

vineyard weddings
An enchanting venue.
(Even with all of the adventures.)

             I’m beyond glad that we got there, and it was phenomenally wonderful to be with all of the kids who were such a treasured part of our lives for so many years.

6 thoughts on “As we travel along….

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I’m glad.
    We had a little celebration of our own that we traveled to on Sunday. A 50th anniversary of a family member and at the end, a little surprise 75th birthday thing for my mama. I shouldn’t have been surprised because I wondered why her sisters were being so quiet about her being in close proximity so close to her birthday (it’s Thursday) but I was. And so was mom. It was lovely. And they gave her mad money for our trip to California in December.
    Plus cake – good food – fun company.
    Life is good, huh? Now if my muscles would just stop screaming at me after I completed my new and improved after burn workout. Do your muscles yell at you after you ride 17 miles?

    Yipee for celebrations, happy surprises, mad money, good food, and good visiting!

    I don’t have sore muscles so much as a slower get-going-time, and sometimes a slightly uncomfortable gluteus maximus. 😉

    10:31 p.m.

  2. I’ll go with sadhappy. Thanks for letting me be there. That venue looks great, as do the girls. How awesome. And yes, while some of us rode shorter distances to get there, some of us had already ridden 9+ miles for the first time in two weeks.

    I’d like waking up in trees…

    Not disparaging who came from where or how far, merely mentioning that we all arrived via bike, from varying distances.

    Me, too. If the trees were in sight of the ocean. 😀

    10:35 p.m.

  3. I’m so glad you had a sadhappy memorial for your sister! I hope it makes the actual day easier for you. Grief is a tough one and we never know how long it will last and what forms it will take, but I think that a ritual releasing of sorts can help.

    I’m definitely working on the “work to live” concept. I don’t want to get just another high tech job that will pay a lot but will oppress my spirit. I’m looking for something more, something better. So while I, too, am not a fan of primates (except little cute ones), I definitely like Orang-utan’s message. And yours.

    We need to make sadhappy a real thing, it would come in so handy!

    10:37 p.m.

  4. What lovely thing to do for your sister. Such a nice memorial.
    And that wedding looks like it was a ton of fun. I love weddings at vineyards. Most of my family have weddings at our local vineyards in Australia. : )

    Making wine is a pretty big deal around here, Oregon is becoming very well known amongst that community, and we’ve got several places much nearer, but Dan and I have never been to any of them. This place was simply so gorgeous! The pears ended up being an unexpected bonus.

    10:39 p.m.

  5. I had a moment with her, too — I still have a bunch of the letters she wrote me in college though, predictably, they are grammatically problematic, as that was her way 😀

    Also…that word already exists — it’s bittersweet. That’s exactly what it means. Or, also, ambivalence, which most people misuse but actually means the state of having mixed feelings.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that you also shared some time with her for this anniversary. She was beyond proud of you guys, and how you all did so well….. ha, she still is. 😉

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