My day began before I had even left the bed.  Dreams of help, and aid, and living within a community spilled over into waking time.  I wasn’t sure what they all meant until I flipped the card, jotted down our message, and then talked to people later in the afternoon.

             The whole takes-a-village concept?  Yeah, that’s what has been in my head.  And what needs to be shared.

Be aware of opportunities for compassion.

             We won’t even have to look for them, though.  These chances to make a difference, lend a hand, render Grace?  They’ll just BE THERE for us to grab.

             On our card altar, I did a double-take, because this is what I saw, as I got ready to photograph today’s selection on the reading table.

             (If you don’t recall, the animal decks are stacked on top of each other, and I alternate when we come around to them.  The last rotation was the Medicine Cards‘ turn……. )

card altar

             Now, once you’ve looked at what we drew (Otter), you’ll see why this is such a big damn deal (Otter, revisited).  And why I turned around, realizing that we had to have TWO pictures.

animal cards, druid healing

“Otter  ~  Dobhran (pronounced as Doran, with a thing over the ‘o’)  ~

Joy, Play, Helpfulness

The illustration shows an otter looking for salmon.  A member of the weasel family, and a relative of the beaver, the otter is equally at home in water or on land.  It is able to stay underwater for up to four minutes, and for safety the entrance of its riverbank home lies below the waterline.  The otter uses its tapered, powerful tail as a rudder and as a tool when building, while its webbed feet make it a strong swimmer.  Living mainly on fish, it is noted for its playfulness and sense of fun.

Dobhran invites us to play, to ‘go with the flow’ of life and experience – to become a child again.  Allow yourself the freedom and pleasure of relaxing and letting go of all your daily concerns.

 Dobhran could be prompting you to take a day or a weekend out of your usual routine – to do something purely for fun.  Your practical self may tell you that you cannot afford the time, but deep down you know that you need to take care of yourself to be of real value to others.

Someone may even be coming into your life who will show you how to play again – something you may have forgotten as you accepted the responsibilities of growing up.  Dobhran shows us that being playful can even lead us to catch the salmon – the fish prized by the Druids as the totem of wisdom.  Drawing this card also confirms in us the sense that we are truly protected.”

             I really enjoyed holding this one in my hand earlier, and looking at all of the tiny details the image had to offer, as well as simply BEING with it quietly.  As it turns out, we’ll be doing exactly as recommended.

Today’s Deck: 

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

Today’s Mileage:

was one quick errand, almost downtown, which shows in my average pace of 10.5 MPH, of which I have no explanation; it was a total of 7.443 miles roundtrip, in 42 minutes 11 seconds.

Today’s White Vehicles Of Woesome Ignorance:

includes not one, not two, but THREE individuals who disobeyed traffic laws in front of me.  Actually IN FRONT of the bike as I was riding AT THEM.  One, I glared down.  The second, I educated.  The third, noticed her error, so I thanked her when she got the fuck out of the bike lane and off of the sidewalk.

             Mr Washington driver, in a blue (not white) BMW, however, got a stern Pointy Mom Finger in his face*, and a loud lecture about what all of those confusing lines painted on the street mean.  He’ll be safer, from now on.

             ALL of them were sacred.  All of them are now smarter.

*I love how close I can get to them, and they can’t move away, but I can.

5 thoughts on “Layers and Levels.

  1. Ah, play. I used to be the most playful, whimsical, childlike person I knew. As well as responsible and able to take good care of myself and my life. Depression stole ALL that away. I wouldn’t mind some help relearning how to play better.

    Glad you were able to educate those drivers. I love the idea of you riding up beside them and giving them a lesson or two!

    Hope your day is fabulous!

    And in Real Life,
    you know how tall I’m NOT!

    (It’s obviously my menacing attitude.)

    10:33 p.m.

  2. I think I’ve mentioned that Otter is my sister’s totem animal. I just love them, and will try and learn from them. And good on you for doing what the cards say to do!

    You have, and I absolutely thought of her (and you) when I was standing there, mouth hanging open, looking back and forth between these two.

    10:34 p.m.

  3. sorry about all the clueless drivers. We have tomorrow afternoon off, so maybe we can find something fun to do then!

    You can, and when you do, report back. Make it as FUN (and silly) as possible!

    10:37 p.m.

    (Which reminds me, when was the last time any of us played miniature golf, or went bowling? Who thinks this sounds like a good idea? Now I really want to go.)

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