Yesterday (seemingly out of the blue?) I happened to (re-)read the following line, credited to Heraclitus (pronounced as Her-uh-klay-tees), that ancient philosopher:

the only constant is change.

             It’s not just valid and meaningful, this statement is also a Universal truth.  And it’s (as I texted to a friend this afternoon) the very basis of my most primary Life Lesson.  If you held a gun to my head and forced me to scribble out a mantra, it would be: RELEASE!  (And not even in an ironic way.)

             Today (with or without my consent) that concept was put into motion.  Or rather, it was reinforced.  Because something arrived on my doorstep which will insist that I let-go and move-on.

mermaid water bottles
We have our miles to keep us close, no one can ever take that away.

             Earlier last week I (somehow!) left my Mermaid Water in a grocery basket.  Realizing fairly quickly, Dan called the store.  They’d go look.  I was reassured.

             When we got home, I called.  Just because.  Talked to the same guy.  He said he’ll go look.  I was reassured.

             The next day, we went to get it.  Sadly, it was not to be located in the Customer Service booth.  But I hadn’t given up.  (I was angry and pissed off, but I had not lost all hope.)

             Later that night, I had the deputy drive me back.  Speaking with management, trying to get him to understand the significance of this particular water bottle.  To no avail.  He looked and looked and looked.

            That’s when I gave up.  She was gone.  I would never hold, nor pose, nor photograph her again.  Our last outing had been a good neighborhood wander.  And the day before that, we’d been to the Fair.  The miles we’d gathered were massive.  She’d gotten me through many challenges.  But now, it was time to say goodbye.  I was heartbroken.

blue replacement water bottles
Oh, are we taking pictures, Nana? Good, I’ll sit right here.

             This is her replacement.  (Please ignore the dog wearing a hooded sweatshirt, he’s not new.)  I won’t be able to call this one Mermaid, because that name means something else.  And besides, Replacement is a completely different color.   (Perhaps she’ll just be known as Blue.)

             When Kelly heard about my tragic loss, our beloved friend (and now Doctor) immediately jumped into action.  She even contacted the manufacturer directly.  Tragically, it was for naught.  Mermaid Water is no more.  No place, no longer, nowhere.

             Thank you, all who loved her.  And especially you, Dr who cared enough to replace her for me.  New Water and I will strive to love each other.  Not unlike an arranged marriage, fondness is sure to grow.  It may take some getting used to, but I believe we can manage it.

             When I awoke this afternoon, not actually on time, our message was there, waiting for me:

believe what feels right,

question that which does not.

             It sounds so easy, and yet, it’s not always.  For some folks (me!), letting go isn’t easy, either.  I have faith though, in all of us.

             When I reached out for the daily draw, standing in front of our card altar, the direction of my hand felt like it was being changed, to reflect further validation and support.

archangels, transition messages, oracle cards

“Career Transition  ~

Archangel Chamuel:

‘Your life purpose is triggering a blessed career change.

You’ve prayed for help with your career, and it’s now occurring.   Sometimes change is perceived as stressful, yet I’m helping to clear the old from your life to make way for the new.

Pay close attention to your repetitive ideas, dreams, and visions, as these are Divinely inspired roadmaps pointing the way along your desired path.  You may not see the entire road (or where it’s leading), but each step will be lit along the way.’

Working with Archangel Chamuel:

His ability to see clearly helps us find things, situations, and people.  He’s renowned for helping people find the career best suited to their purpose and passions.  Call upon Chamuel as your career counselor often!”

             (Yes, we ARE ignoring the illustration.  Let’s not mention it, but DO pay attention to the words.)

             Who could argue with that?  Who would question these statements?   Not me.  This message is pretty freaking clear.

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mileage:

was a quick run down to a bike shop* and to see my favorite independent bookseller, for just 4.894 miles, in 28 minutes and 03 seconds, in 10.4 MPH.

*Over the summer we seem to have lost one set of my reflective cuffs.  I can’t comfortably wear rainpants without them.  This was made glaringly evident on Thursday.  In the torrential downpours.

FLP Report:

includes an anomaly that I can’t actually explain, we saw 2 from Iowa and 2 from Florida, not repeats, different vehicles merely hours apart.  Then one from Maine.  And today, another Florida.

5 thoughts on “Adjustable Conversions, and End Of An Era.

  1. Maybe this new water bottle is more of a selkie than a mermaid… Magical and strong both in water and on land. Like you. You still swim, but you also walk and bike, and you’ve become stronger since that first mermaid bottle came to your door.

    you are so right!

    12:22 a.m.

  2. Blue looks pretty. So does Max…ah, I mean looks handsome.
    Career change, or a little help, might be good about now. : )

    It HAS to be good.

    9:31 p.m.

  3. 😦 about the Mermaid bottle. But a warm welcome to the new bottle (selkie?) dolphin?

    I did what felt right with much thought and now I’m not so sure . . . or rather, I do still think it was right but I’m worried about the repercussions and am trying to figure out if there is more I need to do. So much easier when the only person involved is me.

    If there isn’t change, then there’s stagnation which is NOT GOOD. Every time I think that I see one of those ponds that’s all choked with algae and pond weed looking totally horrible and then the change feels much better.

    In the end,
    whatever you did,
    is exactly the right thing.

    Ew! I am totally going to call up that imagery from now on.
    Blech, good choice.

    9:32 p.m.

  4. I’m sorry you lost your Mermaid bottle. I completely understand how attached you can get to a particular thing, and when it’s gone, you grieve. It’s okay to do that.

    I like the career change card. I’ve been thinking about the work I’m doing, and the work I would do if I were back in high-tech. In high-tech, the work I’ve done and probably would continue to do is not terribly meaningful in a life way. It doesn’t make other people’s life better. It doesn’t help those who need help in any way. But the organization I’m working for DOES do work that leads toward helping people all over the developing world.

    So I was thinking about what I’d REALLY like to do. I’d like to keep working for this company. But I would also like to do writing and editing for environmental or sustainable or alternative energy companies. I want to do work that matters. I want to work for companies or organizations that are making a difference. That would make working a lot better.

    So now I need to find people in those industries. Or people who know people, you know?

    You don’t need to find anything, they/it will find you. Just put that statement out in to the Universe, with all the love and light you can wrangle.
    let it go.

    9:35 p.m.

  5. feeling mournful for the mermaid water bottle. Hope the new one feels comfortable sooner rather than later. career in transition, that’s me!

    It totally is you! And today’s is, too.

    Yeah. First test run, I had to yank out the straw. Thought I might be able to leave it in this time. Not. But I’ve refilled it already, so Replacement Blue seems to be doing just fine. 😉

    9:41 p.m.

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