The other day (whatever the hell day it was) when we wandered with the dog, and tried out my new fancy-pants phone mapping program, we spotted something.  A something that had not been in that part of our neighborhood the last time we went past.

             The picture below doesn’t quite capture all of the details but you get the basics, even if this isn’t the best angle.

trojan goat
You’d notice it, too.

             I said it looked like a Trojan Goat, because, come on!  What else could it be?  It’s a wooden goat (there are horns up there in the leaves, I promise), with wheels, and it’s empty.  Just waiting for a small army to pile in, then wait patiently for the attack notice.

             I’d like to go by again soon, and see if they’ve moved it.  Or maybe just to get a better picture.  (Seriously, I love my town.)

             Today our waking-up process was slightly different.  The Deputy had an endodontic procedure.  His appointment was earlier than  mine, so I stayed in bed, while he and Maxx got up.  (That part’s not different, that part happens EVERY day.)

             Right as he was leaving the house, our Empress arrived.  But I didn’t know it.  All I heard was massive thunder and torrential rains.  Neither of which caused me to arise early.  When I finally DID get out of bed, this is what I heard:

wear your Patience close.

             To me, this meant that it would be a trying sort of moment, at some point, in my day.  So, I was being instructed to have my Patience at the ready.  Interpret as  you see fit though, in your own circumstances.

             Within our regular rotation still, on the card altar, we’ve arrived somewhere that always makes me feel wonderful.

oracle cards, dolphin and mermaid messages, positive energy

“Positive Energy  ~

Surround yourself with positive people and situations, and avoid negativity.

Your manifestation work is going wonderfully well.  By drawing this card, you are encouraged to take the process to an even higher level by going on a ‘negativity’ diet.  This means avoiding negative influences as much as possible.  Avoid  negative discussions with yourself and others.  

Turn off television and radio programs with negative themes, and stay away from violent movies.  Don’t read pessimistic headlines, and steer clear of gossip-based magazines.  This negativity diet will cleanse you of any hidden blocks that could slow down the manifestation of your dreams – or prevent them from coming true at all.

Another thing you can do is to apply Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, to your physical environs, which will help enhance the positive energy in all of your surroundings.

You’re also asked to donate or sell items that are cluttering your home.  This helps you bring in new energy and opportunity, and will also establish an environment that promotes creativity, health, and abundance.”

             That illustration is slightly abstract, but it has dolphins in it, so I’m good.

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mileage:

was, as I said, just down to see *K* and back, for 7.532 miles, in 43 minutes 39 seconds, with a pretty impressive pace (considering the weather) of 10.3 MPH.

Tonight’s (First) Sharing:

is this last view from our Fair Day.   (Photo credit goes to Emmy.)

oregon state fair
We are posed near wine, but I’m not having any.

             Can you see that adorable purple bag?  It’s my new purse, which was one of the items I selected from the Vivan Gifts kiosk when I was at the mall last weekend.  It went exquisitely well with my comfy dress.

Tonight’s (Second) Sharing:

ended up being added at the last minute.  Go see what my Hurricane is up to, HERE.

10 thoughts on “Calm and Kind.

  1. It’s the freakin’ Trojan Rabbit from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” you philistine!

    Oh, and happy deplorably-tardy birthday, BTW.

  2. IT SAYS “GOT SPAM” ON THE SIDE. It could not be MORE obviously a Python reference, and therefore the Trojan Rabbit from Holy Grail.

    Jeez, woman. If there’s ONE thing I’m confident of, it’s recognizing Python references.

    1. I just looked up some images of it. You’re right.

      To be fair, if one WAS a philistine, and didn’t have THAT exact reference in her skull-full-of-memories, those ears might look more antler-like.

      Tomorrow, better picture. For sure.

  3. LOL LOL! Trojan goat that’s a Trojan rabbit. Monty Python references. And your son calls you a philistine. What a day!

    I liked Hanna’s post. I tried to comment, but the blog wanted me to register and really, I’m registered in too damned many places already. Her shell is very pretty. I still miss my first shell, which was oversized (long enough to reach halfway down my thighs) and neon green. I used to tell people “this way, no one will hit me in the dark … on accident.” Can’t find rain shells that long anymore, although I did find a spring green one. Nice, but not quite the same. 🙂

    Oh, and you look gorgeous in that dress and that photo! What a handsome couple you and Dan make.

    He was wearing a new outfit too!

    10:50 p.m.

  4. Lovely pic of the happy couple. Oh, and the Trojan Rabbit. Now I can’t get the opening scene of THG out of my mind. : )

    You’re welcome. 😉

    10:51 p.m.

  5. The Trojan Rabbit!! Awesome! The husband recognized it immediately.

    Such a beautiful card and a good message; I worry far too much about things I can’t do anything about.

    And I’m getting funky new glasses. Pictures will be sent when they come in.

    New spectacles, very exciting!

    (Waiting patiently for pictures . . . . .
    are they here yet?)

    10:52 p.m.

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