This will be my version of a day off.  Message, and card.  That’s it.  See you all tomorrow, when the calendar has flipped to another day.

             I woke up hearing this:

Comfort and Joy.

             Which I took personally, and applied to as much of my day as I possibly could.  The Birth Day can be challenging  since I’m on my own with it now.  In a few weeks we’ll be marking my sister’s Death Day.  Also a tough one.

             From our Special Occasions deck we have this perfect and encouraging draw.

animal cards, oracle birthday messages

“Bowerbird  ~  31  ~  Dowry

The male Bowerbird is famous for its bower – an arbour-like mating nest constructed from interwoven grasses, twigs, bark, and rootlets.  Looking more like a garden arch than a nest when complete, the bower is decorated with found objects of beauty; odds and ends gathered with passionate intent as decoys to attract and inspire a suitable mate.  Satin Bowerbirds for example, have a particular weakness for things coloured blue: blue pen lids, blue drinking straws, pieces of blue paper, blue clothes pegs, and blue bottle tops.  Any discarded or lost items can make its way into the Satin Bowerbird’s nest, so long as it is coloured predominantly in an attractive shade of blue.  Expert pilferers, the Bowerbird raids outhouses and potting sheds, searching for its favoured plunder to take back to its bower.

Identifying acquisitiveness as its main weakness, the Bowerbird validates its behaviour by proclaiming it a necessary facet of its Dreaming.  It cleverly translates an obviously infatuated mind-set into sensible and realistic preparations for the future.  If it were to ignore its innate desire to gather and collect, the male Bowerbird would have nothing to present to its prospective mate as a dowry.  From the female Bowerbird’s perspective, the male who collects the greatest amount of objects will ultimately prove to be the most suitable mate; the beauty of his bower signifying a superior level of determination, dedication, and effort.  As with all animals, potential mates are chosen depending on their deservedness and worthiness, with a belief that affirms, ‘the stronger the mate, the stronger the offspring,’ ruling their final decision.

Accumulation and contribution are Bowerbird’s gifts to the people.

Prudent observation of what is required while employing appropriate and constructive follow-up action is the message of the Bowerbird.  It indicates that when you are readying for change of any sort, the trappings, the information, and resources required to ensure a succesful and abundant future will be available.

By appearing in your cards today, Bowerbird is making preparations for the next phase of your life; encouraging you to begin gathering together all that you need to ensure a productive future for yourself.  He is asking you to build your bower; to prepare your dowry, be it in the form of extra further study, savings, self-worth, spiritual development, or something else.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King


(Happy Birthday,

to my sister.)

6 thoughts on “My self elf.

  1. I love the bower bird. And how the male makes his love nest so attractive. I like blue, and shiny, and… .

    Me too! And yep, I’m the same way.

    10:10 p.m.

  2. Happy birthday, Julie. Well, belated, as it’s now the 5th. I hope your birthday was lovely, even though it’s a singular rather than a double now.

    We’ve been having clouds, cooler weather, and rain. And thunder and lightning — we’ve had more of that since I’ve returned than I remember getting before. It’s more like Houston storms than Seattle storms.

    And with the weather change, I’m having far more fibro pain. I guess my old, LC therapist was right: sunshine and heat do greatly diminish the effects of fibro. Lovely. As Steve just said, “hey, only 8 more months of this!”

    Thank you. On the plus side, I heard that a friend of the family delivered a new baby yesterday, so ……. circle of life.

    10:11 p.m.

  3. Belated happy birthday from me, too! ACK, this is what I get for trying to cut down my time online– I miss important events. I hope you had a great day. And also, this is a really interesting card.

    No worries. Thank you, late is perfectly good. With Dan “on vacation” I’ve missed out on quite a bit of my on-line news, too.

    Time is relative.

    10:13 p.m.

    1. and p.s. thanks for the reminder about the Golden Path (catching up from the past few days)– i read through it when you posted it, but it didn’t sink in until this time. Needed that today.

      Go get a few Post Its right now, jot down “Golden Path meditation” then stick them around. That’s what I’ve been doing, it really helps me to remember. And the more times I practice this one, the more interesting it gets!

      (Recently I used a CD I have [made for me by a special friend, with music that has no words] playing in the background. It was SUCH a fabulous journey!!!)

      10:15 p.m.

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