How the hell did I run out of day, AGAIN?!  (See amount of activity at the bottom of this post, that might have something to do with it.)  This one will probably be going up late.  Oh well.  At least it’ll also be full of fun photos.  Are you ready?

             Here’s a brief over-view of our Fair Day.  To begin with, I missed my out-of-town-girl.  That’s always so difficult for me.  However, we forged ahead and a good time was had by all in attendance.

             First of all, we have to drive for over an hour, oh wait.  Before that, we need to leave town.  When the aim is “noon-ish” and we enter the freeway after 1:45, that’s LIKE twelve o’clock.  Right?

Nicholas at the Captain's Fish & Chips
We always start with something fried.

             This is Nicholas, he’s the assistant manager of Captain’s Fish & Chips in the food area.  He and a delightful young woman (who, sadly  you can’t see in this view) were exceptionally sweet, kind, and helpful.  I can be a challenging and bizarre customer, so when I find folks who are this fabulous, I take note.  Thank you, both!

fair food
Here’s the first batch.

             We followed this up with fudge (duh), and ravioli (the deep fried type), and donuts on a stick (proceeded by olives on a stick), plus a milkshake and ice cream cone.  Oh, and there was old-fashioned candies in a nostalgic toy display arena.

goats at the fair
Hard to get a shot without some stranger’s knees or other body parts in-frame.

             We saw plenty of animals.  Llamas and goats and pigs and cows, mostly (also a few random dogs).  The horse building now charges admission.  We did not go in.

Paintings on greeting cards.
Paintings on greeting cards.

             In the artisans courtyard, I saw these, amongst many other gorgeously done framed pieces.  Unfortunately, I failed to write this man’s name down (although I did hand him one of my business cards).  I will attempt to read his signature and include my version of it as a tag.  (I hope he finds us here and chimes in with a comment!)

             We also purchased a pillow.  From a delightful man with the words “Pastor Darrall” printed on this shirt (in the left chest/heart region).  I need to make a case for it, then I’ll take a picture for you.  Also, right now it’s on my bed, which means it’s too far away from this chair for easy and timely retrieval.

             There were musicians on a stage, right before we entered the commercial booth building, so we stayed to listen.  Their name is the How Long Jug Band.  They had a CD for sale, so we bought one.  And listened to it enjoyed it greatly all the way home.

             And then, my son found me a hat.  After the sun had gone down.  And it wasn’t hot out any more.

hats at the fair
I am more in love with it than this expression on my face suggests.

             The next idea we had was that maybe this year, for our yearly card, we’ll all wear fun headgear.  Be prepared to see this chapeau again, I’ll be donning it regularly from now on.

cone shaped hats
It pretty much looks good on anyone.

             There are a couple of more views, but we need to see about our daily messages, so let’s get to those.

             I woke up with a sort of bothersome dream, and these words in my head:

embrace your discomfort,

it probably won’t kill you.

             Which caused me to feel very conflicted.   Because, on the one hand, that’s funny.  On the other, my sleeping visions weren’t humorous at all.  After I flipped over the next one on our card altar though, I took my own advice and sat with the Golden Path meditation.  Then, everything was fantastically clear.

robin wood tarot
8 of Cups

             This is one of the vision quest cards, and I love to see it.  The shades of color, the contrast of dark and light, the figure heading out into her/his destiny, they all speak to us of being empowered.  And look at all of the emotional backing we have, in the form of those chalices.

             Cups are the emotional suit, where we feel it all.  Like the channeled phrase above, discomfort as well as joy,  uneasiness and satisfaction, we need to experience it all.

             When we climb off to seek our destiny, we are walking our path proudly.  And we are able to do it because we know that we are being supported.  We know that the emotions we’ll encounter will be lessons, and we will be strengthened by them.

             Another thing, that moon is so very reminiscent to the phase we are in this week.  Our journey is being watched over, we are not questing alone.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

was downtown and back, for 9.087 miles, in 58 minutes 18 seconds, with the same pace as our last trip, 9.3 MPH (no doubt due to elevation again).  No accompanying map from the Deputy this time, his phone died.

             When we went out later, with Maxx, we downloaded the app onto my new device, so you can see that trip HERE.  (Yes, we biked, worked out at the gym, and then walked for our grocery gathering.  One would think we’d be in better shape.  However, one would be wrong.)

7 thoughts on “Tardy, once more.

  1. Time can be a pita. That’s the way it is for me on Saturdays. I go in to work at 430pm instead of 8pm and the day gets away from me every time.

    Hours just seem to disappear when I’m not looking…..

    10:31 p.m.

  2. I, too, run out of time because I’m not paying attention. This is why I’m behind in my work. But I’m working on catching up.

    I love the hat and it looks wonderful on you! On JD, well, I had to laugh. He just looks either really solemn or kind of constipated. 😀

    Glad you had fun and a ton of fun food at the fair.

    The card reminded me that when I decided to move back to Seattle, I was “walking [my] path proudly.” I felt I knew what I was doing and I had energy. Then I lost my energy and my confidence and my drive and have been struggling to get it back. Without all of that, it is so much harder to succeed.

    That’s his, “I’m being patient for Mom” look, thought you’d recognize it by now. 😉

    10:32 p.m.

  3. Your channeled message is obviously for me and that weird pain in my calf that of course my panicky little brain decides is a deep vein thrombosis which will cause a pulmonary embolism and kill me while I’m driving so as to cause the maximum amount of mayhem. I swear I need a leash on my brain like I have for Kady when she starts heading for a rabbit or deer. Yank! Redirect!

    Happy birthday to a wonderful woman who brings light and joy and comfort to so many! Blessings be upon you!

    Your worrisome mind’s raving-of-doom was hilarious (because we KNOW it’s not true), and guess what….
    today’s message is some of those exact words you just gifted on to me.

    10:33 p.m.

    Thank you.

  4. Happy happy happy birthday!!! I hope you’re having a wonderful day!!! And coinciding with the New Moon, even!

    I’m still here everyday, just lurking…

    Love your positive take on the 8 of Cups!


      Woo hoo, I actually got smarty-pants phone to copy a URL, that was a feat, lol! It’s sooo smart it wants to do other stuff that it *thinks* I want it to do…

      It ALMOST worked!
      HERE, let’s try this.

      And thank you, so glad to know you’re near, in case we need you.

      10:54 p.m.

      1. Dang!

        I do always check-in, via phone, but typing on its screen takes sooo much longer than on a keyboard, and I do so love to be able to write long-winded replies, lol! Guess I need to get used to it & adapt!

        1. I’m not getting much faster with my new fancy-pants phone keyboard, buttons or not. I could text like a 12 year old girl, but now, I’m showing my age……. can totally relate.

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