Baby Steps.

             Well, well, well.  Aren’t our old pals in the Spirit Realm laughing now!  Doesn’t the Universe just LOVE to be oh so funny?  The irony, boys and girls, the hilarious, ridiculous, ironic irony.  Where to begin?  As the saying goes, at the beginning.

             Today, I woke up.  As I often do.  Today though, it was not because of that annoyingly beeping clock, oh no.   But more urgently due to my annoying stomach.  Digestion was happening at an alarming rate, so I needed to NOT be in bed.  Turns out, all bark and no bite.  Nothing was amiss.

             But by then, the crabbiness had already taken root.  I was no longer blissful, nor warm in the water-y water-ness of our cozy bed.  So, I did my “morning” stretches and check-ins.  Neither went well.  The only thing I heard (repeatedly, on an echoing loop) was:


             Not much of a message.  So I hrmphed up to the card altar room, and received this:

clarity brings grace.

             Which, to me, feels like we need to be clear thinking, clear, seeing, clear hearing, in order to reach that peaceful place.  (But ya know, I could be totally wrong.  Keep reading.)

             So far, so good average.  On to the daily draw.  I was directed to continue selecting from outside of our regular rotation.  We got this.

fairie messages, oracle cards

“Creative Expression  ~

Your heart needs an outlet to express powerful emotions.  By drawing this card, you are urged to engage in an artistic or creative endeavor.

The fairies sing, dance, and make beautiful decorations as a way of expressing their heart’s joyful energy.  You, too, are urged to create an outlet for creative expression.   Anything artistic or creative will make your heart sing with joy, and will allow you to get in touch with  your true inner feelings and divine guidance.  Painting, flower arranging, photography, sand or snow sculpting, writing, or composing songs are wonderful examples.

Your creative expression doesn’t need to be skillful or perfect.  In fact, the most therapeutic types of creative activities allow you to ‘paint outside the lines.’  In other words, don’t worry whether your creative project is perfect or marketable.

Let go of all goals and judgements, and instead, create with childlike exuberance.  Enjoy!”

             Great, right?  Yep, all nice and positive.  With Clarity, and Grace.  But wait, there’s more.

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Huge-ass Update:

is possibly more than I can even describe, that’s how life-changing it is.

             We went to an *A* appointment.  And that was difficult.  But progress was made.  Plus it’s always wonderful when Dan can join me.  It was raining, and massively fucking humid.  So he drove, I passenged.   And grumbled about not being on my bike.

downtown construction

There was gobs of this.

             Then, THEN!  We went to the mall.  (Found several On Sale dresses, and got him some great bargains, too.)  And, as if out of no-where, we landed at the cellular device kiosk.  Two hours later . . . . .

the wee (and much beloved, stickered, and cherished) flip phone was gone.  A smarty-pants product has taken its place.

phone upgrades

Wow. So so so much to learn.
(It still has buttons, though.)

             Probably by the fall I’ll be able to use it efficiently.  Right now?  It’s just

a lot.




3 thoughts on “Baby Steps.

  1. No turning back now…the “smarty pants” phone will make a huge difference. Happy learning curve.

    I had an interesting thing happen yesterday. I had just finished playing my tuba (in our downstairs bedroom that is set up as half studio, half study) and noted a neighbor kitty, about a 8 month old muted calico girl, curled up on the deck, surrounded by plants, actively watching/listening to me. I didn’t think to get a photo, but the big tuba didn’t scare her at all!

    She is obviously a music fan.

    11:19 p.m.

  2. New phone — cool! You are brilliant; even with your learning issues, I’m sure you will learn to use it much more quickly than you expect. And it will be fun, you’ll see.

    Glad you made progress with *A*, even if it was difficult. I’m having difficulties seeing any progress right now, but Michele seems to see some. But it’s small … baby steps.

    And the fairies are nagging me to get back to my novel and to haul out the sketch book and just start drawing and coloring. And to crochet some damned dishcloths. 🙂 Instead of spending the evenings surfing the net for no good reason.

    How do you do with audio books? They are not for me, but lots of others love them. You could listen, and craft at the same time.

    11:21 p.m.

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