Several factors conspired against us last night, on the sleep front.  One of which was Maxx.  Yeah, he ain’t exactly a fan of eXtreme weather.  And we’ve been having a bit of that around here.

             Also, there was the prospect of what today would bring.  I wasn’t so much stressed as it just kept being on my mind.  We went to find my sister’s memorial bench.  It’s on a bike path, and I’ve never been to it.

             Remember when I said that much of the work I’ve been doing, in my Better Me Project, was about grief?  Well, this is part of an assignment.   We pedaled nearly 20 miles today.  But it was worth it.  And I actually feel pretty good, on all levels.

             It’s funny how our messages chime right in, too.  Upon one of the (far too) many unsettling wake-ups/blasts out of my slumber last night, I heard this word:


             Which just sort of hung around in the back of my head until I had finally dragged my tired self elf vertical.  It made even more sense when I was directed away from the regular rotation, for our daily draw.

             These compliment each other so well, and really even go together with our suggestions from the last post.  (Notice specifically that dove in this card’s illustration.)

angel, gods, goddesses, oracle cards

“Angel of Union  ~

A partnership is blessed and destined for great success.

A merger, partnership, or relationship of some kind is being formed which holds long-term benefits for your life.  This relationship, partnership, or merger which is with someone you already know or deal with, is blessed and destined for great success of some kind.

Many great and wonderful things are birthed as a result of this union, which will continue to grow and strengthen for the rest of your life.

Thank the universe for this wonderful blessing!”

             As I work towards letting go of the pain and loss, this is such a beautiful message to see.  We all know how the act of release leads directly to the blessings of abundance.  So  yes, I’ll certainly be making my gratitude known.  Loudly.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

was to one appointment, then on to our quest (with two more stops on our way home), for 17.101 miles (our longest ride yet), in 1 hour 41 minutes 4 seconds of ass-on-the-seat time, averaging a nice pace of 10.1 MPH.  Go see Dan’s map HERE; it tells the tale, in graphic detail.

Yesterday’s Kitchen Adventure:

that I totally forgot to mention, and did not take any pictures of, was a baked French Toast (or Pain Perdu) that the Deputy put in our oven before he left to see the Endodontist (which both of us assembled the night before).  We ate it sort of in bits and pieces all day.  But it turned out very well.  Especially since it was another invented recipe.

FLP Report:

includes two (TWO dammit!) that got past me before I could identify them (and that he apparently didn’t even notice), also one Ohio, and a Wisconsin (which actually could be a re-run from the neighborhood).

4 thoughts on “Anti-Alone.

  1. That’s a nice card. It’s meaningful for me because I’ve begun to sense the development of a friendship that was once purely professional, and I see it continuing into the future. Beneficial for both of us. : )

    And if this helps with your writing, beneficial for ALL of us!

    10:29 p.m.

  2. All I can think of for a new or changing relationship is the freelance job. Maybe it will lead to more medical science work. Who knows?

    I understand your dealing with grief over your sister. I’m already dealing with the grief over my mom, which I didn’t do last year. It’s a bitch. Sending you a virtual hug and you know I’m here for you! Sending love and good vibes!

    Love and good vibes right backattcha!

    10:30 p.m.

  3. Okay I hope the partnership thing pans out, though I can’t see how. But first I have to tell you about a failed partnership because it was long enough ago that I can be self-deprecating and that always makes me happy.
    My third husband was a gifted artist. (Actually he may still be a gifted artist but I wouldn’t know since all I have left of him now is his name. Why oh why did I keep his name when I divorced his sorry ass?)
    While I was married to him, I was writing a lot of poetry. I wanted to write a poetry chapbook which he would illustrate. Ah, how naive I was. I thought it would be fun to work together. Not so. We wanted to kill each other before it was through. Of course, we did produce a nice chapbook but I have since lost all track of it as it had such bad memories associated with it.

    Wow, you must have learned so much from that, though! Not necessarily naive, just in a place where you needed to figure out that particular lesson.

    10:31 p.m.

  4. THERE you are! I miss you in the morning!

    20 miles is a very long way! I hope the bench brought a sense of healing to your grief. Just remember not to suppress it; let it flow through when it comes and then feel the love that remains.

    I am totally puzzled by the development of a new relationship or partnership. Maybe it will come clear . . .

    Oh I’m there in the your morning, WordPress just isn’t letting you know it. I’ve sent a firmly worded query. So ya know, should be solved any second now.

    And yes,that is EXACTLY what I need to be doing with my grief, thank you.

    10:36 p.m.

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