The line I WANTED to open this paragraph with was “oops, I did it again” but then I thought, jeez, who does that?  So I’m not.  However, it appears that I’ve repeated yesterday’s performance.

             Which means I’m rushed.  There was more day than we had hours for.  This post will probably be showing up late.

             On the plus side, our messages are uplifting, with a touch of fascination thrown in to spice the place up.  Here is what I heard, even before I left the waterbed:

tiny, thoughtful details.

             Pay close attention?  Be mindful?  Absolutely!  And then, on our card altar, we’ve come around to that gorgeous new stack we all love.  (The entire thing continues to make me happy.)

oracle cards

“Opening to Love  ~

My heart is open

Card Meaning:

Love is on its way.  The more you open to love, the more its sweet nectar can surge through your soul.   From the love of others, to the love of self, to love from the Creator, love flows to and through you.  You are indeed a sacred vessel for love to flow through.

The Universes wants you to know:

There is nothing you need to do to deserve love, it is already waiting for you.  It’s like the sun . . . . there for everyone.  It is simply a matter of stepping out to bask in that warm and glowing light.

Who you are is enough.  This is true.  In matters of romance, love is flowing, wounds are healing, and hearts are opening.  If only you could see yourself as those in spirit see you, you would know how very loved you truly are.

Questions to ask yourself:

What is my true pathway to love?  How can I open myself to love even more?  What is blocking me from welcoming love?


My heart is open.”

             While this does include romantic love, don’t forget that in the grand scheme of things, and without sounding too over the top, Love really is where we all begin and end.  No one type of love is superior to any other.  It is all where, and what, we return to.

             Also?  My favorite line from the guidebook definition is, “it is simply a matter of stepping out to bask in that warm and glowing light.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

FLP Report:

is really a left-over from yesterday.

foreign license plates
(With both Dan and I reflected in the shine off of this vehicle.)

             Since we were out socializing so late into our evening tonight, there is nothing adventuresome in the kitchen.  On our counter is just part of my meal that we brought home.

             And there is no mileage to declare since we drove to the pool.  The yearly maintenance closure* is beginning this weekend, and we had to haul our gear home.

*Next class is on my birthday, next month.  We’ll have to do additional dry-land moving around town.

2 thoughts on “Emotions and Timing.

  1. In a way, I think it is a good thing to have more to do than there is day, as long as it is stuff you want to do and aren’t stressed about it. Otherwise, it is a not so good thing.

    I have tons to do in all aspects of my life. Yet I’m not getting in enough hours at work to keep to the deadline because other things end up taking up my time, such as distractions and naps and talking to the housemates (and now Steve wants me to do things today). Then there is that long to-do list I created when I first moved back, the one where I’ve done almost nothing on. Plus the other to-dos that get added simply because of Life.

    I need to focus more, get up earlier (and go to bed earlier; I fell asleep over my laptop last night), obey my schedule as closely as possible, and keep doing stuff long into the evening.

    Being open to love? It’s another to-do, right? 🙂 I know I have barriers and I do want to be open to all kinds of love, so “My heart is open to love!”

    Make that your mantra for the next week. And put it on a Post It, too.

    10:47 p.m.

  2. Yeah – I been outside basking in a warm and glowing light – the sun. I left the stimulight behind and started working out in the real world. Can I just say – the real world is even sweatier. I made myself do it, though.

    There is SUCH a difference,
    that real outside,
    there’s just nothing else like it.

    10:49 p.m.

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