Another day of mixing it up.  This afternoon I’m going to begin, not end, with our Today’s Sharing.  Because you must all click over and read Sarah’s recent post.   Go!  We’ll wait for you…….

             All done?  Good.  Here is what grabbed me immediately, “the repressed always returns for a reason and it’s never to hurt and wound, only to be heard and healed, experienced and acknowledged.”  This has SO much to do with the work I’m involved in during my sessions with *A* as well as what *K* and I discuss.

             My struggle, so often,  is with the timing.  I’m fairly damn old to be making these sorts of realizations.  But then I remember, we all do what we need to at the exact right moment that it needs doing.

             Which brings me to our message and our daily draw.  They are linked in a special way today.  And I “heard” about it even before I was fully vertical.

Remember fondly,

go forward strongly.

             On the card altar, we’ve returned to our regular rotation.  Coming around to my working deck.  And this one came up a tiny bit sideways.

robin wood tarot, 3 of wands
3 of Wands

                          Notice the tweak?  It has a purpose.  We need to recognize that when we look into our future, we keep our feet planted firmly in the present.  (Mindfulness, anyone?)

             This suit of Wands is all about energy.  Fire and inspiration are the key words.  And as we’ve discussed here, so many times before, Threes are the Holy Trinity.   On many levels, and in several directions.

             They can also be a wee bit unstable if we aren’t careful.  Sure, it will hold us up, but we won’t be able to build a house on it.  (A hut or cabin, probably.  But not an entire huge house.)

             The other message this group brings us is one of movement, reminiscent of yesterday’s Motion and New Location.  Look at the illustration, you can practically FEEL the growth and power of that momentum.  The vining greenery, up one Wand, down that right side, tells us of possibilities, potential, discovery.

             Remember that suggestion of the Golden Path meditation?  See what colour our water image is here?  Yeah, keep that in your thoughts, because it’s an OBVIOUS soul message.  Along the lines of a very valuable lesson.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

was a short and leisurely evening wander around our neighborhood, with the Grand Dog.

neighborhood walks, walks with dogs, amazon jogging path
Why, yes. We are all standing in the middle of that road.

             The Deputy even shared his fancy-ass phone map app, for all to see, go HERE.  There were several feathers spotted (but not photographed, it was getting too dusky/dark), plus one far-away visitor.

FLP Report:

as mentioned above, Nebraska.

Mental Health Update:

is a positive one.  Thank you all for your healing energy, it helps, so much more than you realize.  Also?  Thanks, Dan.

6 thoughts on “Ahead, Here, and Then.

  1. Glad you’re doing better today! (Well, yesterday now.) And Dan and the granddog look wonderful, as usual.

    At first when I read Sarah’s post, I really didn’t see how it applied to me. I’ve been in therapy for decades. I’ve examined my psyche inside and out. But y’know what? Something came to mind. My extreme issue toward other people’s anger and conflict in general. Why do I want to hide, run when people get angry (I mean, really angry: ranting, cursing, throwing their anger about)? Then I remembered the one memory I have that appears to date to when I was 9 months old (I know, seems impossible). I was being babysat for a long time my my Aunt Nita. My Uncle Jack was a drunk, not just an alcoholic. I remember waking up in a dim room and knowing I shouldn’t cry or make a fuss. I think that there was a lot of tension in that house and wouldn’t be surprised if there was a lot of spewed anger. And I knew not to be a bother, even at that young age. So, maybe ….

    Anyway, off to breakfast with ‘the girls’!

    …… oh course it applied. 😉

    10:42 p.m.

  2. Dropping in to say smooches and love and healing vibes, always.

    Yay! So happy to see you!!! 😀

    Thank you, my friend, thank you.

    10:43 p.m.

  3. Timing. It can be a bugger. I think my issues with timing are more along the lines of – I’m still following my heart instead of convention – when most people @ 56 years old have caved and conformed.
    Too old to be a rebel. No one says it directly but it is certainly implied.
    Too damn bad. I don’t know how to be anything else and I don’t want to know.

    And we wouldn’t want you to be any other way.

    10:44 p.m.

  4. Loved what Sarah wrote – so powerful!

    You’ve been very much on my mind tonight. For whatever you need, I’m sending you thoughts of strength and healing and light.

    I was thinking of you, too.

    Thank you!

    10:45 p.m.

  5. I forgot about threes, and the Holy Trinity. Ever since I got home from NYC and my mother in laws funeral, I’ve noticed that I wake up many times at 3:33 am. I’ve also noticed that I make a cup of tea in the afternoon and see the clock on the microwave at 3:33pm. I had wondered what nine meant. : )

    Hee hee, it was the 3s,
    and Olga,
    coming to call.

    10:47 p.m.

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