This evening I was distracted.  A lot.  Again.  But not by getting lost in a book.  It was art and beauty and music and connections that I didn’t even realize we had.  That Universal ripple effect we hear so much about?  Yeah, it’s real.  And it’s phenomenally cool.

             There will be more about my discoveries, but for now, go check THIS out.  It’s Amanda’s place; she is a brilliant, talented, delightful, and crafty young woman who Dan and I have gotten to know at the pool.  More of her abilities and gifts can be heard HERE.

             First start to finish, my entire day has been . . . . different, not what we planned, slightly off.  When I woke up (with some difficulty) earlier, our message was exactly this:

repeat yesterday’s suggestion,

there are still people you need to reach out to.

             So it seems like we’re continuing to be helpful, whether we wanted to or not.  (Or course, we all wanted to!)  And then I was directed to leave our rotation on the card altar.

             For this guy.  Who got some cover-up treatment, the better for us to enjoy his words, and not get distracted by his unattractiveness.

gods messages

“God of Indulgence  ~

It’s alright!  Stop beating yourself up; 

A little indulgence, in balance, is healing.

It is wonderful to indulge in the things we love every once in a while; everything is fine in good measure, just don’t overdo it.  Whether it is food, drink, or substances of any kind, relationships or material possessions, remember, excess of anything leads to some form of imbalance.

Yet at the same time, remember that all is valid and all is love.  A little indulgence in some form or another is natural and even healthy, so don’t beat yourself up when you do indulge in those things you love, just be mindful.

Don’t deny yourself, just keep it in balance and when you do indulge try to do it in ways that nurture and nourish your spirit rather than cloud or suppress it.”

            My mother is a firm believer in reasonableness.  And that there is nothing forbidden, because as a (now retired) professional Nanny, she knows human nature.   This message is saying what she’s always told us: moderation.

            One of the major points that jumped out at me though, when I flipped this one over initially, was the “don’t beat yourself up” part.  We can all afford to be much more kind, to ourselves.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

could not have been a more difficult ride if both my tires were completely flat (okay, probably that’s an exaggeration).  There was SUCH a horrible wind.  I only went up to class and back, 3.837 miles, in 23 minutes 54 seconds, at a slightly quicker pace than yesterday (but barely) 9.6 MPH.

Tonight’s Kitchen Adventure:

ended up being a super fast batch of instant pudding.  For a kid that I wasn’t expecting to take care of today.

instant pudding, sick day treats, home from work, mumps
Hard to argue with
done in five minutes.”

             Our Empress arrived mid-way through her work shift, and headed for the guest bed.  (Which was still not re-made, after the guests left, oops.)  Right now she’s up there napping and getting well.  We hope it’s not the mumps.

Wedding Weekend Sharing:

wedding centerpieces
Pretend this looks very purple and white, because it is.

             We helped clean up after the festive occasion on Sunday night.  And were sent home with the main centerpiece.  Honeymoon plans did not include large vases full of cut flowers.  Paige and Ryan will be hiking, not sitting around hotel rooms.  It’s a gorgeous (and VERY large) arrangement, we are enjoying it immensely.

5 thoughts on “Allowances.

  1. Hope Emma is okay! Those flowers are beautiful. I was distracted or rather not present mostly yesterday, too. Not sure why. It wasn’t really unpleasant, though. Maybe I just needed some distance.

    Sometimes distance is exactly what we need!

    10:28 p.m.

  2. For some odd reason I typed in Betty Verse this morning (after the site being down for months) and what do you know…it’s back! Yay! Sometimes I sink deeply into my own world and forget to check in on blogs and I’ve always loved the blog roll at BV. So glad it’s back. : )
    I feel like I’m back too after a really strange July. Hope Emma is okay. The floral arrangement is lovely.

    We are EXTREMELY glad you’re back.

    10:29 p.m.

  3. Wow, hope Emma is okay and that it’s not the mumps! Mumps for adults are so much worse than for kids (you get sicker and more miserable).

    Beautiful flowers! I love having cut flowers in the house. My housemates are not so keen on them and there’s no place in my bedroom that’s realistically a good place for them, so I’ll enjoy the outside ones as I can.

    I like the card message for today. I got no paid work done yesterday, due to all the other things I had scheduled, plus a nap. And I indulged myself by buying and eating a couple of candy bars. Yes, a couple, not just one. 🙂

    Cut flowers are not my fave (and I don’t ever pay for them), but when they show up, for whatever reason, I definitely appreciate them.

    10:30 p.m.

  4. oh, those flowers are gorgeous. It is so hot here, I can’t think. I am so ready for fall. I just want to sit with a cold drink in my hand and not do a thing. Maybe that is my self-indulgence for today. 🙂

    Oooo it’s warm here too, but I’m NEVER ready for Fall.
    Not my best time of year.

    Eat cold food, that cools me off nicely.

    10:31 p.m.

  5. I ended up with a real, live (or, in this case dead) flat tire on my ride this morning. Fortunately, Mrs. Denial was able to finish her ride, get the truck, and come and get me.

    Hope Emma’s OK. You’re a good Mom.

    Oh hell, I knew the minute I typed in “flat tire” that someone would get one. I’m so sorry!
    What a great Mrs you have, to rescue you.

    She’s not a bunch better,
    and thank you.
    Very much.

    10:34 p.m.

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