This one is going to be partially pre-written, because I don’t know how long we’ll be at the wedding.  Also, I have a chance right now to sit down, before dressing preparations take place.

             And, the best part?  Keith is playing my piano.  In this room.  For me (and also for himself).  My antique, and much beloved musical instrument, came to us before the girls were born.  (Or shortly after Han was.)  And it arrived in a way that only WE could have managed.

             At the time, I’d been in search of a used, not-anywhere-near-top-of-the-line, piano for Dan, because it seemed like the perfect gift.  Then I realized how expensive they were, even the shabby ones.  I’d almost given up hope when my dad came by for lunch.  (He frequently stopped in and joined J.D. for snacks and conversation in the middle of the day.)

             In his heyday, my father was quite the busy guy.  Jobs of remodel and construction were his main focus, but he did nearly anything someone needed doing (barns, landscaping, horse training).  That particular day he had just come from bidding on a small bathroom upgrade.  The woman of the house owned an oak rolltop desk she had offered him in trade.  Or, ya know, that aged upright over there.

             Obviously, he said, none of us wanted an old piano.  He thought I might want the desk.  Coincidence?  No such thing.  That birthday present for Daniel was as good as mine.

             I gave Dad all of the cash that I had saved, and pretty soon he had finished the nice lady’s (very easy and quick) remodel.  Then came the hard part.  We had to go get our payment.  It ended up not being much of a surprise for Daniel, he needed some (more) help moving it.  But still.  Piano!

             Right this minute, its slightly-off-key-but-tremendously-uplifting sound is wafting over me.  Healing and soothing.  Pleasing and joyous…… I wish these young people lived closer, or my limited/faulty brain would allow me to finish the lessons I started a decade ago.

             Earlier today, when I got out of bed, the inevitable happened.  Our channeled message combined itself with my intention.  I totally had a feeling this would happen.

Beauty –

you won’t need to look too hard,

it will be evident,


             Which is so perfect for what’s happening now.  My hope is that, even if anyone reading this is NOT going to a wedding (or listening to exquisite music made at home), they will be able to understand the depth of this reminder.

             On our card altar I was directed to leave the rotation   The minute I flipped this one over, I saw why.

fairie oracle cards, happily ever after

“Happily Ever After  ~

A happy outcome is assured.  Release any anxiety, and feel secure that everything is resolved in the end.

This is a reassuring card signaling that the ‘movie’ you are currently starring in has a very happy ending.  Situations that appear sticky are miraculously resolved.  Misunderstandings are forgiven.  Mistakes are forgotten.

You are urged to stop worrying about the future, as your fears could be self-fulfilling in a negative way.  You could literally sabotage heaven’s plan for you if your worries are excessive.  So, go outside in nature, ask the fairies to help you rejoice in the perfection of Creation.

Your joy renews your faith, and ensures the happy outcome that is in store for you.


Everything is in Divine and perfect order, right now.”

             As I sit here, listening to imperfect but genuinely harmonic sounds, just minutes away from attending a gloriously festive and loving event, I have to agree.  With all of this.

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

go HERE and listen to who I am spending time with.

             (Just made it home in time to add a mediocre photo.  The entire celebration was wonderful, and yes, there was Beauty everywhere I looked.)

At the wedding.
At the wedding.

4 thoughts on “Festively Joyful.

  1. Dammit, word press ate my comment! Okay, here’s the re-cap: Your tweet posted right before mine as I was posting my link to my sporadically written blog! So I scooched over here and read the awesome card which totally applies to my life. I’m sorry to have missed so much of what’s happening to all my friends (not reading any blogs lately due to good, and trying, events) but know that I love you! Trying now to post this sucker. Fingers crossed.

    This one worked! And we’re glad to have you around any time you can manage it.

    10:56 p.m.

  2. Walking in beauty, with beauty all around you. Awesome!!

    If only we could get that to happen more often. 😕

    (I guess that’s why we have goals.)

    10:58 p.m.

  3. Oh, you look so gorgeous! I love the hairstyle. But smile, love, because you have a brilliant smile!

    I love the message of the card, but the picture of it, especially in the small version, makes it look like the unicorn is on back two legs and leaning against the tree in a casual, “hey, baby” sort of way. It’s disconcerting, to say the least! 🙂

    I spent yesterday wandering Pike Place Market with my nephew until we were spent. It was perfect. He’s a terrific companion and I’m very fond of him.

    Aw, thanks so much.

    And how wonderful to think of you both being there, near the water, amongst the fabulous produce and products!

    11:01 p.m.

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