Earlier today, here in The Burrow, some tidying occurred.  There was cleaning in evidence.  Well, okay, not like CLEANING cleaning.  Just my version of it.

             I performed a wee bit of fling-the-dust-around activity.  Then I vacuumed haphazardly.  A chair got moved.  Plus I took a few things out to the recycle bin.  (Which, we all know by now, is a big damn deal for me.)  So, the preparing-for-guests portion of my day has been full.

             But, I’m not done yet.  The bedding is all still in the dryer* and needs rescuing (like, the second I’m done typing).  Plus, I ate the last of those Krispie Treats (yeah, they’re better a day later).  So now we need to make more.

*It rained today, because of fucking course I needed to use my outdoor clothes line.

             Fortunately, my intention is awesome in its foresight:  Serenity.   Such a good way to go.  Our message was nice, too.

What we SEE may not always be what truly IS.

             They went together well, and I remembered to take a step back every time I felt overly stressed.  Because ya know, appearances are so fleeting and inconsequential.  Also, no one died.

             On our card altar we have a new one from Denise’s stack.  It made for a Trifecta Of Terrific in my afternoon.

oracle cards

“Exceeding Expectations  ~

I soar into excellence!

Card Meaning:

This is the time to dream big and stretch yourself.  Exceed your own expectations . . . . and definitely exceed the expectations that others have for you.  Envisage that in the days ahead, you will be stepping beyond what others anticipate for you, and so it shall be.

The Universe wants you to know:

You may have been playing small, but now is your chance to dream big.  Expect miracles.  Believe that the best will occur for you, and it will.  Make plans – big plans – for the future.  

Do not act as if you are inadequate in order to make others feel secure.  In the months ahead, you will be exceeding inner and outer expectations.  Get ready to fly!

Questions to ask yourself:

Have I been playing small so that others would not feel insecure?  Am I ready to exceed my own expectations?   What are my true expectations in my life, and am I satisfied with them?


I soar into excellence!”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Kitchen Adventure:

is one of my all time favorites.  I made Daniel drive me to the fish market before he had to leave for work.

Dungeness Crab fried rice.
Dungeness Crab fried rice.

             We have some of the best specialized seafood on the planet,  right close by.  And I could eat it every single day, if that was an option.  This particular recipe is one that Dan has just figured out on his own.

             Stay tuned, we MIGHT be ready for our guests, by the time they arrive tomorrow night.

4 thoughts on “To Ascend.

  1. Mmm, Dungeness crab! (Pardon me whilst I drool a bit.)

    I LOVE this card! I’m going to repeat “I soar into excellence” over and over today! I especially need it because I’ve been lacking in confidence a bit about being able to do the work at my freelance job, about being able to get a job, and about being able to have the life I want — saving for retirement and all the things I’ll need along my life, and buying a house here in the housing market from hell. 🙂 So back to dreaming big and knowing that I can and will have it all!

    Have fun with your visitors and don’t wear yourself out.

    I think once you’ve had fresh dungeness, you are ruined for any other type of crab. Nothing will ever be that good again.

    9:24 p.m.

    (Also? Why can’t you head down the hill and get some right off the dock for you and the house-mates?! We could only afford a little, but it was enough to do something like this.)

  2. The Burrow will be as ready as it is, and the guests will be delighted to see you there. Great card, and yeah, I ended up grilling in the rain, too.

    I was thinking that exact thing,
    all of it will be as ready as it is!

    9:29 p.m.

  3. ok, ok, I’m soaring, I’m soaring. ha 😉 and “also, no one died.” made me snort. have fun with your guests. PellMel’s boyfriend arrives on the midnight flight tonight, so cleaning needs to occur here, too.

    Midnight? I’d be up to make an airport run for you……
    if we were closer. 😛

    9:31 p.m.

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