Right this very second, dearest JulieLanders, I’m having a terribly difficult time keeping my tiny, already-scattered, swiss cheese brain focused in a metaphysical direction.

             And I’ll tell you why.  We’re having guests*!  Here at The Burrow! In just two damn days!  I’m not ready!

*Hanny, and her friend Keith, and another bonus pal, are all staying here.  For the improved convenience of this trio to attend a weekend wedding that’s being held locally.

             Sure, I’ve known about the blessed and festive event for months, but still….. shit can really creep up on a witch.  Especially one who has such a complicated relationship with time.  Oh, speaking of that.  Here’s our other new August calendar page.

             (Sharing this will help me to stay calm and tune back in.  Ahhh, feeling less stressed already.)

rainbows and whales

             Photographed near Glacier Bay National Park, in Alaska.  Yeah, that’s a view I could gaze upon for endless hours.  Sadly, its NOT what I see out my window when I get up.  Happily though, what I do see is certainly quite pleasant.  And with that vista, comes messages.  Like this one.

Walk boldly through your day.

             It goes very nicely with where we are on our card altar.  The definition of which, we’ll be ignoring.  Because I was directed not to type it.

self-care, oracle cards

             Our message, my intention (observation), and this illustration have come together to make a point.  One that the Universe recommends we attend to.

             It is suggested that we heartily grab a hold of our own dynamic individuality and inner strength (wrapping it around us like that character’s cloak), while at the same time remembering to be adaptable, playful, and most importantly: Joyous.

             Our power is not in showing how “good” we are, but in simply and lovingly living our lives.  When we walk our paths in a genuine way, upright and honest, always making room for love, we are beyond good, we are GREAT.

Today’s Deck:

image from Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson.  Words, channeled through me.

Today’s Mileage:

was to the gym, with a few stops along the way, for a total of 11.237 miles, in 1 hour 10 minutes 48 seconds, averaging 9.5 MPH.  Go see Dan’s map HERE, and pay close attention to that elevation range, because yeah, there were hills.

Today’s Family Greetings:

are the Happiest of Happy Happy Birthday wishes.  For today, our nephew Bradley, and for tomorrow, our niece Madalynn.  We love  you both!  SO so very much!!!

4 thoughts on “Fun and Strong and True.

  1. Yay for guests! Even if it requires cleaning/tidying/preparing. 🙂

    I like the look of the card and I am greatly intrigued by the definition that you didn’t give us. LOL! I’m trying to incorporate more fun and daydreaming and visualization into my life.

    I hope you get everything ready in time without undue stress. And I like your new picture up there in the corner! Julie at the beach: you look very happy.

    You know me so well, any time I’m at the beach
    I’m happy!

    12:27 a.m.

  2. Guests are such a good motivator for cleaning. Happy Birthday to the birthday folks. Now I think I’ll take my gkids by the lake somewhere with a deck of cards and some junior mints. That sounds like the makings of fun.

    It sounds like GREAT fun!!!

    12:31 a.m.

  3. nice message, and sending you extra getting-ready FGBVs.

    Thanks, I appreciate the help.
    Not quite done yet, but I’m also not too worried about it.

    12:33 a.m.

  4. Have fun. Having young ones in the house is always good. Don’t fuss too much in advance, they’ll never notice. ; )

    Good advice,
    I’m counting on the fact that they DON’T notice.

    12:34 a.m.

    (Look at what time I wrote this reply, in exactly 12 hours, on the other side of the clock, my alarm will be going off.)

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