There are still a few more Coast shots, with links, to share.  But they’ll have to wait.  Today my brother turned 50.  Plus, it’s a festive Pagan holiday.

             If you go HERE (thanks to The Celtic Connection), you can read about Lughnasadh (changed later to Lammas).  What it is, how we celebrate, and why.  When you’ve come back, have a look at this.  Me and Bryan, at my wedding.

family wedding photo
Yes, this IS a picture of a picture.

             He wore that hat, or some version of it, for many years.  Putting it on MY head was only part of why we were laughing.  I’ve already texted him a greeting, and teased him about his pie-over-cake preference.  But still, I hope his day was filled with Joy and Love and many gifts.

             One of the things I’m beginning to work on (as suggested yesterday by *A*) is a Daily Intention.  This first one (Patience) popped into my head the minute I was vertical, along with our message.

We can always afford to be patient,

because there truly IS enough time.

             I like that this reminder is such a gentle lesson, not harsh or difficult.  It brings with it exquisite Grace and Serenity.  Similar to what the Queen of Pentacles brought us yesterday.

             And on our card altar, we’ve gone with the Special Occasion stack.  Because, it is.

animal dreaming cards

“Raven  ~  36  ~  Magick

As a messenger of the Void, Raven guides us to a place of healing, wholeness, and connection to Spirit by reminding us of the sacredness of prayer.

Prayer sustains and enriches us.  It is to converse with the divine energies of the Universe with the understanding that, in order to realise our wants and needs, all we need do is harness these divine energies in honour and remembrance of our innate connection to Spirit.

Magick is the ability to communicate our needs and to channel our purpose by sitting within the silence, ceasing the inner chatter and reconnecting with the Universe.  It is to seek the assistance of Great Mystery and to delve into the Void for answers – to call to Spirit and to ask for help.

Magick and prayer are similar.  Prayer offers us the chance to talk to Spirit, while Magick represents the results that come when we demonstrate perpetual faith in the power of prayer.

If Raven has paid you a visit from the Void today, you are being asked to honour your innate ability to create Magick by participating in the sacred act of prayer.  When you pray you must do so with a reverent appreciation of Spirit, in gratitude for the very life given to you at the time of your birth.

Our prayers must be made in honour of the Earth Mother and in recognition of all the living creatures, and they must be made with the firm belief that all people shall someday look to Spirit and find the courage to walk as one.  When you  pray, you should ask for the best way to personally honour the ways of Spirit, and to seek blessings for those close to your heart .  When you finish, spend a little time in silence to honour the Void, for the silence is sacred and no words are necessary.

By embracing the Dreaming of Raven, you not only strengthen your line of communication with Spirit through prayer, you also better understand the deep wisdom that comes with knowing your purpose and the Magick that comes with learning how to administer it.

Raven offers inner peace that will eventually lead to a deepening of your soul essence and a balancing of the self.  Your self-perception will begin to strengthen when you open your heart to the wisdom of the Raven.”

             Today’s illustration is done in some of my favorite colours, and the definition is so immensely soothing.  Also, this:

“. . . . to seek blessings for those close to your heart .”  A delightful present on a delightful day.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Mileage: 

was to the acupuncturist, running one errand, and back before Dan left for work; all very close to home, just 5.229 miles in 29 minutes 22 seconds, with my average pace ending up the same as yesterday, 10.6 MPH.

5 thoughts on “Levels of Special.

  1. Raven is Mrs. Denial’s alternate totem, and that seems to be fitting. Good Lammas to you and Happy Birthday to your little brother.

    Thanks! See you both tomorrow, we hope.

    11:01 p.m.

  2. I love the picture of you and your brother; you look like kids (well, because you were!). Happy birthday to your brother!

    I like the reminder to be patient. Even when I am running behind, I try to remember to just be patient because I left when I left and I’ll arrive when I arrive. And you’re right: Patience naturally brings along its sisters, Grace and Serenity.

    Good card. My therapist and I discussed the idea of my returning to meditation and using my imagination/visualization abilities to go back to using a kind of focused imagination/visualization to get to my inner wisdom and knowledge for help. To me, that is similar to the Raven’s magick.

    VERY similar,
    I love this new therapist!

    11:03 p.m.

  3. Happy Birthday Bryan!
    Patience is a funny subject for me. I used to be filled with it. Waiting in line – no sweat. Waiting for an appointment – no sweat. Traffic jam – I got it. Slow computer – no big deal.
    The older I get the more impatient I get. You’d think it would be the other way around – but now. LInes, waits, traffic jams, slow computers – they all drive me crazy now.
    My son-in-laws both threaten to get me a nascar to drive cause when I get in the car I just want to get where I’m going NOW.

    That DOES seem a wee bit backwards, lol. But then, when things like this come up, we know it’s a lesson that needs looking at.

    11:04 p.m.

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