Let’s catch up, shall we?  To be perfectly honest, the fudge got eaten, not photographed.  Because it’s always SO damn good.  We stop at the same (excellent) place, year after year.  This time?  She recognized and remembered me.  It was way cool.

             While in Portland, we had time to see THIS EXHIBIT.  Mentioned by my son, as we were texting while his father and I drove out of town.  It was amazing.  Touching.  Strange.  Educational.  And fabulously human.

             Afterwards, we poked around in the gift shop briefly, coming home with only one item.

touch stones
Sometimes it will be there, on our card altar, and sometimes it will be in my pocket.

             It’s a rose quartz, shaped like a heart, that says LOVE, with a smooth indentation in the back.  It is, literally, a touchstone.

             Waking up today, I thought of that new sacred purchase, as I stood at the sliding glass door and KNEW my ghost from last night had gone Home.  Gay and Karen were there helping her find her way, and find her Team.  Then I heard this message:

when we mourn “actively,”

it helps release toxins from our bodies so that we heal faster.

             Then, our daily draw turns out to be one of the most healing and compassionate cards.  Just looking at her image creates a sense of calm.

Queen of Pentacles

             Even though she is of the Earth, she brings with her emotions and feelings.  Tenderness and caring.  Mothering and health.

             She does designate material wealth, but also blessings of a different kind.  Those we gain when we reach out and share ourselves with people we care about.  The type of physicality that is natural in our relationships with loved ones.

             This Queen lives in a lush and pleasant place.  She brings with her abundance and an ample bounty.  Prosperity that she shares freely.

             We have a tactile history in our treasured moments, those times when we gather with our tribes, our clans, our families.  As we’ve been reminded lately, keep those memories close, but also, allow them out, graciously spreading the riches of our hearts, our souls, and our selves.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

 was downtown and back, for an appointment and an errand, in the sprinkling muggy rain, for 8.964 miles in 50 minutes 24 seconds, at a not-too-bad pace of 10.6 MPH

Today’s Sharing:

is really a view from yesterday morning (yes, actual before-noon-morning).

water birds, great blue heron
Great Blue Heron

             RIGHT out my window.  Later, as we drove up the coast a few miles, I saw another one.  Then I saw the sign (with the bird’s symbolic image), marking a viewing area for them, and other wildlife.  Presents from the Universe, each and every one.

FLP Report:

includes some from today and some from the last part of our driving, New Mexico, a new style of Alaska, Iowa, super colorful one from Maine, two very strange Washingtons, an Ohio, and two more from B.C.

5 thoughts on “Physically Caring.

  1. I am glad your team helped your visitor from last night find her way home. And what a wonderful card message today. I hope you soaked up lots of ocean vibes…

    I was so glad to “hear” that my being in that room helped her! And yeah, IS there ever enough time at the coast? We’re thinking a day-trip to Florence needs to happen within the next few weeks.

    12:38 a.m.

  2. When I was a massage therapist I often had clients who worked grief out of their systems through bodywork. It felt like a good method.

    Well,there ya go!
    How perfect.

    10:14 p.m.

  3. Lets hope this works -so hard to comment by phone.

    Yummy fudge!! Thanks for bringing it and so so much for driving and taking time off to see us.

    More commenting when I reunite with my computer.

    Any time.
    It was SO much fun!!!

    10:15 p.m.

  4. Glad your presence helped the ghost move on. It would be sad for her to remain stuck. I wouldn’t be surprised if she died in the hotel: that thing happens a fair amount, unfortunately.

    Mmm, fudge. I’ve never been there. I usually bought my fudge at one of two places in LC, but that stuff on their web site looks superior!

    It’s probably nice to come home, to your own bed and your own space. As much as I like going places for vacation, I like coming home to my own space. Although, living in my friends’ house isn’t like having my own space. I’m really looking forward to being able to afford my own place! Soon, please.

    I love the Queen of Pentacles. She just seems to represent a comfortable life in all ways.

    There are lots of reason why suicides happen in hotels, but the main one is that in their sad and disordered brain, the people doing it want to save their own families from finding them. Instead, they are found by someone else’s family member.

    Her fudge is absolutely the best I’ve ever had. And you know me, I eat fudge wherever I can find it. (Okay, the guy here in town who only sells at Saturday/Holiday Market might be SLIGHTLY better, but not by much.)
    For exceptionally wonderful “coast” fudge, go to Seal Rock.

    10:19 p.m.

  5. I’m still hear, listening and learning. Is it possible that I saw you at the corner of 24th and Agate WITHOUT a helmet? The deputy was not there, but I recognized the bike bags, even if unsure about you. We all care too much about the fine, creative brain of yours to let it ride unprotected. Or it was just your evil twin.

    It IS possible; that’s right where I am quite often. And what a lovingly kind thing to say about my brain.

    Not an evil twin, sadly. Just all me.
    No helmet, no shoes, barely any clothes. 😕

    10:23 p.m.

    (So nice to know you’re tuning in here regularly, and that I might see you in town some time.)

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