Oh what fun this is.  The beach!  A finely mediocre hotel.  The beach!  Friends to chat with and share food.  The beach!  Did I mention we are near the beach?  Oregon Coast, to be exact.  Oh yeah, the waves and seagulls and mist and fog and patchy sunshine.

oregon coast

             Truly, I love coming here, to any of the towns along the coast.  Everything, to me, is entertaining and delightful.  Even the crappy (albeit complimentary) breakfast.  (Especially since now I actually EAT breakfast.)

             What was not great was how I slept.  No message this morning, due to dead people.  Yeah, our room/this space is haunted.  A woman who lost her life somewhere near by kept sitting on my side of the bed.  (Which then jettisoned me over to Daniel’s side, thus interrupting HIS sleep as well.)

             What you will be getting though, is some inspiring words from these guys.  I listened to the latest post before we turned off all the lights last night (okay, after midnight, but whatever).  Somehow I just knew we’d not be receiving anything else.

Choose to engage lovingly.

             And from my own working deck (the only one that I brought along on this trip) we see how our theme, begun with Hades, is continuing.

The Tower  ~  16
The Tower ~ 16

             Wanna know what the first thing was that popped into my head when I saw this?  “Oops, here we go.”  So yeah, hang on, JulieLanders, we are going for a ride.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is going to be me sending you over to visit Sarah HERE, because you know how I feel about Mother Moon and Mercury.

             (Right now, I need to deal with this, as pictured below.  Check-out is in 5 minutes.  No, in answer to Hanny’s tweet of earlier, my shoe bag is NOT even packed.)

hotels at the coast
Of course that’s all mine.

             Next stop: some more bits of the coast, and then on to Portland.

3 thoughts on “Out-of-town, plus continuing themes.

  1. Waves, seagulls, mist, fog, patchy sunshine AND A GHOST – you did have a vacation!
    Have I mentioned Jana Deleon and the Mudbug series to you? Funniest ghost I have ever read!

    The name does not sound familiar, I’ll have to search the library website for it. Entertaining ghosts? Hell, yeah!

    12:05 a.m.

  2. Sounds like some interesting travels. Too bad that lady had to come and visit you, however. Hope you rested better last night.

    I did rest well,thanks.
    And (eventually) I’m really going to miss my waterbed ………

    12:29 a.m.

  3. How very rude of that ghost! Do they lose all their manners once they die? Can’t you tell them to go away? Hmph.

    So glad you are at the beach! I want to be at the beach, but for right now I’m happy that I’m actually going to an actual office to begin some actual work today! As some friends told me last night, it’s nice I have this part-time thing to help me ease into the working thing. After all, it’s been years since I had an actual full-time job!

    It wasn’t her being rude, just that, as in so many cases, they contact the ones who can hear/see/acknowledge them. It’s also not uncommon for folks in this situation to be unstable, that’s WHY they ended up dead under these circumstances. So it’s more difficult to convince them that it’s safe to move along.
    (Her death was a suicide.)

    And wow! Yeah for the work; I have to agree, part-time right now is ideal!

    12:32 a.m.

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