Right.  So now the Universe is just mocking me, full-on.  The message that I woke up with today was purely blatant in its ridicule.  In its pushpushpush of the never-ending challenge.  (Okay, perhaps not that malicious, but you know what I mean.)

             It’s like, here we are, stumbling along, when… BOOM! …. something to trip over is just THERE.  New obstacles appear.  In front of us these blockages arrive, all shady and cloaked in old, tattered rememberings.  As if our path weren’t hazardous enough already!

Memories are the Treasures of this journey,

to be shared freely,

as well as dearly held close.

             And yet, we gain such solace, such comfort, once we’re past that pain.  Then, this guy shows up.

oracle cards, god messages

“God Of The Underworld  ~

Something which no longer serves you is about to end.

Hades, God of Death and the Underworld, has appeared in your reading today to mirror an impending death.  Yet this is not a physical death, rather it is the death of outmoded ways of thinking, belief systems, or emotional patterns that restrict or prevent you from moving towards a more positive and inspiring future.

On a subconscious level you have yearned to rid yourself of these traits which, deep in your heart, you know keep you from being and experiencing all you can.   It is difficult to let go of something so familiar to you, yet know that in this instance, it is essential that a part of you die in order for you to experience the endless possibilities.  Surrender.  Let go gracefully.

Hades is often brutal in his ways, so you may feel unsettled or out of balance in the coming days.  However, remember that this is all a natural part of the healing process.

This card is not a curse; rather, it is a blessing which has the power to transform your life.  Remember, death and rebirth are two sides of the same coin, you cannot have one occur without the other.  Let go of the old and make way for something new!”

             On a subconscious level?  Shit, on EVERY level possible, I’ve worked damn hard to rid my disordered self elf of these negative and broken patterns; hoping nonstop that each new change-my-brain project and book I found would be The One.  Today’s message?  It’s  GREAT news!  Welcome, God Of The Underworld.  Pull up a fucking chair and stay a while.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Travel Announcement:

has everything to do with the next post you read here.  The Deputy and I are going to the coast tomorrow.  To meet up with this friend and this one.  We’ll be staying over and then heading to Portland on Wednesday.  I’ll be blogging from afar.  With pictures!

Today’s Sharing:

includes a link and a photo.  Go HERE to see what the people in this picture were looking at.

Capitol Hill Block Party
My Hurricane on the far right. Her friend Keith, in the middle. No clue who the guy on the left is.

             Hanna spent her weekend “working” (it’s what she does), so that the rest of us can know what’s happening in the world.  (Or, in one Seattle neighborhood, in this case.)

Yesterday’s Dog Pose:

is also an update on my lettuce crop (still going strong).  And just because you don’t see Maxx every day, doesn’t mean he’s not here.  He is.

dogs and gardens, deck salads
Just saying hello.
And guarding the greenery.

             That’s enough mixed plant matter to make two very large salads.  And we now add basil to everything, since it’s growing so well out there on the deck.

7 thoughts on “Learning Discomforts.

  1. I can hear you about travelling to the beach and be happy for you with no envy – cause in December I’m going too! To San Diego, that is. Yay.
    So here’s the quote for us: “The cure for anything is salt water; sweat, tears or the sea.” Isak Dinesen
    Can’t wait to get me some of that free beach therapy.

    Yay for your own beach therapy!
    Great quote, especially since my pool is salt water too.

    12:07 a.m.

  2. The dang deer keep eating our lettuce. So much for having a salad garden. That death card is rough, but in this case I think I welcome it. Not an easy task if the thing that’s dying is what I think it is, but a necessary one for me. and HEY!! see you tomorrow!!!

    Not enough time together today, but wow,
    super glad we got to visit again!!!

    12:09 a.m.

  3. Have a great trip, and visit. Nice card, I hope Hades stays a while.

    I really did NOT think we could pull this off, what with the time limitations now that Dan has to work without you……

    12:10 a.m.

  4. Oh man, I am so envious that you get to meet with Barb and Karen! And at the beach!!!! I haven’t been down to the coast in almost a year and I really really want to meet those two. Have fun, all of you!

    “Welcome, God Of The Underworld. Pull up a fucking chair and stay a while.” LOL! Love this! I am pretty sure that what needs to die in my life is my slothfulness. Sigh.

    Um, it’s worse than you think.
    We’re in Lincoln City.
    Sadly, without you.

    12:13 a.m.

  5. Ditto the love for tonight’s quotable Julie line – “Welcome, God Of The Underworld. Pull up a fucking chair and stay a while.” – that is fucking brilliant. It’d make a great cross stitch design. 🙂
    Have a wonderful time on your travels!
    And Judy, I love the salt quote. Thank you for sharing that.

    Hee hee,
    thanks. 😛

    12:14 a.m.

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