Because I wasn’t sad, raw, and emotional enough, I had to make it worse this weekend.  Apparently!  Did you know that we have lots of POS vehicles parked up and down our block, in and about town?  Well we do.

             Care to guess what we don’t need?  More cars than we can drive (I don’t drive ANY of them any more!), so we’re trying to sell one/some.  To shovel through it and clean it and be bombarded with memories was just fucking excruciating.  Why would I think THIS was the perfect time?  Really, Jul?!  Pile on more pain, sure, sounds peachy.

             Maybe it WAS right, and this IS what I need to learn.  Have I mentioned lately how gawdammed difficult these lessons are?!  Well.   They are.  Difficult.  Damn difficult.

             What I woke up hearing, earlier, was crystal clear, as well as connected to yesterday’s statement of ambiguity.  I’m going to transcribe the words exactly as I heard them.

“Your message today is about companionship,

because the focus is still on interactions with others.”

             Apply that as needed.  Fortunately, on our card altar, back within the regular rotation, we have a nicely uplifting, and straightforward definition.  Terrific illustration, too.

alternative tarot decks

“We Are The World  ~  10  ~  Rainbows: The Physical

When thousands and thousands of people around the earth are celebrating, singing, dancing, ecstatic, drunk with the divine, there is no possibility of any global suicide.  With such festivity, and with such laughter, and with such sanity and health, with such naturalness and spontaneity, how can there be war?

Humanity is depicted here as a rainbow of beings, dancing around the mandala of the earth with their hands joined together in joy and gratitude for the gift of life.  This card represents a time of communication, of sharing the riches that each of us brings to the whole.  

There is no clinging here, no grasping.  It is a circle without fear of feelings of inferiority and superiority.

When we recognize the common source of our humanity, the common origins of our dreams and longings, our hopes and fears, we are able to see that we are all joined together in the great miracle of existence.   

When we can combine our tremendous inner wealth to create a treasure of love and wisdom that is available to all, we are linked together in the exquisite pattern of eternal creation.”

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

was the above remarked upon journey to drop off a car, in hopes of removing it from our lives (and monthly insurance bill), out to Teresa’s house, which is 16.777 miles from The Burrow.  We did it in 1 hour 31 minutes 55 seconds, with a nicely zippy average pace of 10.9 MPH (because we had the wind to our back for a lot of it, and there’s not many hills between here and there).  Make sure you look at Dan’s map HERE, to get the full effect of this adventure.

4 thoughts on “Getting By, and Making it Work.

  1. I know it’s difficult to go through things during an emotional time, and it’s difficult to go through things that hold so many memories while planning to get rid of said things. You are strong and brave to have done so. I hope you are feeling better today. Take care.

    I love this card! If only we could get something like that happening, I think it would make a huge difference. Once you make a personal connection with someone, you can’t go back to thinking of them as the Other, as Them. They become part of Us.

    There are lots of community movements like that, especially where you are now. I think a group like this would be GREAT for you to check out, and spend some time with! (After you’re done holding those babies at your volunteer place.) Start with the Unitarians, they are very organized.

    9:37 p.m.

  2. I’m sorry you had more sadness. I’m confused though. I read your miles thing and I pictured you and Dan in front of the car on bikes with tow ropes. That’s not the way it was, right? (My silliness is not meant to hurt you but to bring a smile – hope it does.)

    Lol, thanks J3! That absolutely did make me smile. But no, I was thinking that the one-way map would be self-explanatory. We drove the car, with our bikes in the back (it’s a station wagon), dropping it off and leaving it. Then pedaled home.

    9:41 p.m.

  3. Sending love, baby. Sometimes there’s no way out but through. I’m glad you found the strength to get through what you had to do today. You are stronger than you know.

    Thank you,
    all of you.

    I gain strength from the support you give me. I always know that I’m not doing any of it alone.

    9:43 p.m.

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