It has been 365 days since our beautiful and beloved Karen Tompkins Anderson left us.  Not sure where I’ll be today or what I’ll be doing (other than crying a lot).  But she’ll be on my mind.  As will her husband and children and mother and sister and niece.

             I woke up with today’s message, as I’m sharing it.  There is no suggestion or recommendation, or even anything else to it.  Merely a statement.  Maybe that’s all what we needed to hear.



dedicated situation…..

             We’ve drawn from our Special Occasion deck.  Because.  Sadly, it is.  (Side note, this might be the only one of these cards that I have some issues with.  But again, it’s what came up, and it’s probably what will help us the most.)

animal messages, Cuscus

“Cuscus  ~  13  ~  Calmness

Classified as one of the seven principal sins (according to Christian belief), ‘sloth’ denotes opposition to labour or physical exertion of any sort.  Some see it as being nothing more than a lack of caring.  In everyday terms, the description may be attributed to those within the community who decide not to participate in making society a better place for all, exhibiting the attitude of ‘why should I?’ followed by the comment, ‘they have never done anything for me.’  They fail to see any advantage in trying, instead opting to divert their energy into other things.

Unlike the South American Sloth, whose Dreaming is superficially described above, Cuscus imparts a sense of calm rather than lethargy.  It endorses approaching life at a pace that suits, and not rushing unnecessarily into making decisions that could later seem rash.

Cuscus says that to take slow, purposeful steps is a sure-fire way of ensuring a long, safe, bountiful trip.  He advocates embarking optimistically on life’s journey with a clear view of your destination.

It is the way of Cuscus to tackle all tasks with a sense of calmness, even if it takes all day.  To do something constructive, even though it may take a while, is far better than doing nothing, or worse still, expecting someone else to do it for you; a tactic endorsed by the lazy Sloth.

Cuscus rejects idleness and believes that everything in life is worth considering – and if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.  Although Cuscus outwardly rebuffs the notion of physical exertion, he does apply solid effort when tackling new projects.  Although his eagerness and enthusiasm may appear wanting to the incidental onlooker, the truth is he never jumps on board immediately or pushes anything away without first pondering the pros and cons.

He takes his time and contemplates the best plan of attack.  And then he commits – sooner or later.  Cuscus suggests approaching all tasks little by little – like moving a mountain one grain of sand at a time.  Being a Sloth gets you nowhere – fast.  Putting effort into doing nothing takes just as much energy as initiating the first steps forward.

Cuscus Dreaming affirms that there is an excellent distinction between laziness and carefulness, or sloth and calmness, with neither to be mistaken for the other.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

6 thoughts on “One Year Ago.

  1. Sending you good, loving thoughts on this difficult day for you.

    Sloth is a Buddhist “mind state” that equates to shying away from effort. And Buddhism offers tactics and guidelines for overcoming it. Sloth happens to be my typical mind state these days and I have to work hard to overcome it.

    As for being cautious like the Cuscus, well, I think that it’s definitely good to look before you leap.

  2. Love and good thoughts to you.
    That is one extraordinarily unappealing animal. Freaked me out a bit to tell the truth.

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