Did everyone see (and make use of, if needed) the outstandingly helpful links that Hanna included in her comment to yesterday’s post?  If not.  Go now.  We’ll wait.  Also?  Share around.  Help doesn’t help if we keep it to ourselves.

             Back now?  Good deal, let’s get going.  As always, I’ve got shit to say this afternoon.  It was an “early” day out.  I went HERE and it was delightful.  Many years ago I had this sort of treatment, with exceptionally positive results.   What I went in for today is my painful edema and (super fucking annoying) carpal tunnel wrist numbness.  (Plus weight-gain issues, that’s just on-going .)

             I go back next Friday and will keep you posted.  Although, as I noticed with the detox tea combo, I may not be your best source of info.  I was thinking that my jar drinking method would be more effective yesterday if I had done it before ten p.m.

             What WAS entirely successful though, was our channeled message.  When I got up today (only a few minutes later than I’d aimed for, way to go, me!) it was loud and clear.

Community – Neighborhood;

be involved, make a difference.

             The key word here is: interaction.  Whatever area you are drawn to, don’t hesitate.  Then, be PART of it.   The message from our card altar is totally connected to this.

oracle cards, angel messages

     “Angel of Communication  ~

Communicate clearly;

don’t be afraid to tell it like it is.

One of your major lessons in this lifetime is to learn to communicate what you want clearly.  You assume that those around you know what you want or how you feel.  Yet the truth is that they do not.  Because of your failure to communicate honestly and clearly, those around you often end up confused or, at best, having to guess what it is you want, feel, and expect.

Do not be afraid to say it like it is.  You cannot lose anything by simply stating your truth.  You do not need to blame or accuse others in order to speak your truth, just state your case clearly.

Underlying this whole issue is a fear of not being accepted or not gaining the approval of others, and therefore you are often afraid to speak up.  Know that it is an act of love unto yourself and others to communicate clearly, lovingly, and honestly.

The Angel of Communication is here to help you work through this issue.  Through this process you will honour and empower yourself and gain much respect and love from others.”

             My Favorite line here is:  You cannot lose anything by simply stating your truth.   Because I believe in this SO strongly, also because it’s a Universal law.  And as we are reminded, it’s an act of love to live in a genuine and truthful way.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

included only one destination, my appointment, which wasn’t even as far as downtown, a mere 4.825 miles round-trip, in 28 minutes 19 seconds, with a surprisingly zippy pace, considering the damn wind and heat, of 10.2 MPH.

Tonight’s Kitchen Adventures:

may or may not be some type of cookies.  I had wanted to pick up a few (really, I love this place so damn much) yesterday, or even earlier this afternoon.  But it never worked out that I was right there.  So now I might need to just heat the upstairs even more and bake too many of our own.

4 thoughts on “Honestly, and Healthfully.

  1. I used to go to the acupuncture college clinic in San Diego. It was fabulous. Acupuncture has a lot of really good uses. Good luck with that!

    The guy I used to see has moved offices, and at the same time, this place was recommended to me. So clearly, a sign!

    9:59 p.m.

  2. also – thanks Hanna – I put the healthy is the new skinny blog in my blogroll so I can follow it.

    Aren’t those some great resources?!
    I agree, thanks Han!!!

    10:01 p.m.

  3. Since moving in with my housemates, I’ve eaten more salads than I’ve probably eaten in the past year. Good ones. I’ve been enjoying them, too. We don’t always eat that healthy, but I am getting more healthy meals, more home-cooked meals. Of course, I haven’t been the one doing the cooking (I do help with the salads), so I don’t know how well this will translate to when I’m living alone again. As long as I can keep to my (new) intention of eating ice cream only once a week (instead of three times), I should be back on the weight loss movement. As soon as I actually begin exercising in some way, I’ll begin losing weight, too, and building up muscle, which I need.

    Good for you for getting a treatment you like! I went thru a series of acupuncture treatments years ago. They helped some with pain, but not the whole problem. Sometimes people say they can treat everything with acupuncture, but nothing treats everything.

    The belief behind Intuitive Eating is that if you want/need/desire ice cream 7 days a week, then have it. Just don’t eat it INSTEAD of all those salads. 😉

    10:08 p.m.

  4. Two weeks ago I wrote an email to my brother telling how his behavior makes me feel and I still haven’t sent it. Time to go back, make sure it says what I want it to say without blame or accusation and send it.

    Oooooo baby! Wait until I tell you the story of a letter I sent to MY brother. It was a doozy. And ya know, it made an enormous difference. He truly never knew that I felt like that.

    Fingers crossed that this will improve your relationship and heal on all sides.

    10:11 p.m.

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