My dreams lately have been like going to the movies every night.  But without the fabulously excessive snacking.  So vibrant,  more often than not directly connected to our channeled message.

              Today’s was this way.  With the background (hidden somewhere in my sleeping head) knowledge that we’d be going to the gym first thing out the door.  In over 90 degree heat.  Apparently only when less-than-conscious can I consider two thoughts at once.

Concentrate on safety and protection, 

be cautious;

as we travel along,

there is no need for recklessness, nor fear.

             Although our daily draw doesn’t seem to be as in sync this time, both bits of wisdom do focus on our basic needs, while addressing different levels of living in a genuine way.

             (A quick note about this illustration.  It’s the back view of that deck.  And the light seemed to do a strange thing.  I’m taking it as validation.)

angel messages

“Angel of Joyfulness  ~

Something wondrous and magical is about to happen.

This is a time to be joyful; celebrate and appreciate all that  you have achieved to date.  Look back on your life and give thanks for all your experiences.  Even the setbacks that you have experienced in recent times have served you in some way.

Something wonderful and magical is about to emerge as a result of a recent contact or experience that seemed rather meaningless at the time.

The Angel of Joyfulness is here to tell you that you deserve to be and have all that your heart truly desires, and that your life is on the verge of a wondrous transformation.

You deserve joy and happiness for you are a blessed child of the universe.  Joyfulness is a state of appreciation and love for the self and for all of life, yet so often we are conditioned not to accept joy in our lives.

Close your eyes right now and tell yourself that you deserve to be joyful and that you accept joy into your life from this moment on, regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.”

             Let’s put together a specific and individually crafted affirmation, by combining what we’re hearing right now.

I open my arms to accept joy and safety and ALL the good, because no matter what the circumstances, I deserve it!

             Now, say this with me.  And then keep saying it, whenever it pops into your mind.  (I need to write mine down, you do what works best.)

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

was downtown, then a cool rest (with a treat) and back home, for what felt like at least twice as many miles as it really was, 11.258 in just over an hour of pedal time.  Average speed of 10.0 MPH, but Dan’s (HERE) will be different because we didn’t leave together, he caught up with me about halfway there.

Today’s Sharing:

came from a shot the deputy took yesterday with his smarty-pants phone.  In our not-yet-reclaimed backyard.

baby deer
Summer baby!

             Right where that wee fawn is standing will be our new planter, running the length of that old fence.  The light-and-bright piece you can see is one newly constructed panel, slowly created by the rocket scientist next door, a few weeks ago.

4 thoughts on “Happy Care-taking.

  1. I am definitely ready for something magical to happen. Your deer remind me – yesterday I was about to barge out the back door and I stopped just in time to keep from scaring away a deer that was eating by the mailbox.
    She looked so happy to be eating without anything bothering her that I just couldn’t bear to interrupt her. I was leaving the house early anyway so I pulled a chair over to the door and watched her eat for fifteen minutes until she drifted away.
    Sitting watching her gave me time to also see hummingbirds eating out of the tiger lilies.

    With a hummingbird BONUS!

    11:17 p.m.

  2. Ah, Judy, you’re funny. I do that with the bunnies. They see me in the kitchen window at the sink, and sit up straight afraid to move. I duck down and creep away from the window to watch from afar. My neighbors think I’m nuts. : )

    And we think you’re awesome.

    11:18 p.m.

  3. I will happily watch animals in the garden and try to not disturb them. I think it just shows respect, right? Not craziness at all. 🙂

    Love the card. I can use something wonderful and magical. Money, a job, love, whatever. I’m open!

    Yep, respect!
    (Not even close to crazy.)

    11:19 p.m.

  4. We always stop the car for all the animals in our neighborhood and then we yell “Bunny bunny bunny!” or “spotted baby!” like we’ve never seen one before. Maybe that’s part of being joyful?

    It totally is,
    and we do the same thing.

    11:20 p.m.

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