Just that extra half an hour in the “morning” seems like it makes so damn much difference to my day.  Going somewhere BEFORE the pool class?  Previously unheard of.  Now?  I can manage it more days than not.

             As long as I’m careful with my events and the timing.  Nothing that takes TOO long, nothing TOO early, and nothing TOO far away.  All of which worked out perfectly this afternoon.

             Wanna know where I went?  Of course you do.  (It’s a clickable view, if you NEED to see the entirety closer-up.)

growing out hair
Me and Kelli
(with some random other customer people in the background, ignore them, we did)

             Back to see the family friend who works miracles with her scissors.  For an almost-all-one-length trim up.  Yep, those locks of mine, they’ve been growing.

             It’s been half a year since the chop-off, so another six months from now, in the cold and maybe snow, I’ll head back over.

             Earlier though, before leaving the house, I sat with this today’s channeled message.  It took some listening to get it right.

The subtle differences we notice,

when looking back,

are the moments we need to appreciate now.

             Which really tied in nicely to what our daily draw messenger wanted us to know.

animal cards

“Eagle  ~

Create your vision.

Magical, majestic Eagle soars and swoops through the air before diving to grasp the fruits of the earth.  Her vision senses a rabbit moving a mile in the distance, but to you, she gives vision that unveils the past, encompasses the present, and reveals the future.

Events will move swiftly from now on, so use the power of Eagle wisely to develop your spirituality and consciously create your dream or your vision of the future.  Consider too the power of karma, which is implicit in your every action or inaction.”

             Super cool.  We are given the gift of Eagle vision, and reminded to watch for those small signs, practicing our current mindfulness.   Yep, I love when this shit just falls in to place!

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s  Mileage:

was downtown and back, for the hair appointment, 8.667 in 47 minutes 10 seconds, with an average speed of 11 MPH.  Notice that I went fairly quickly  but, it was definitely the farthest of our usual errands.

Tonight’s Sharing:

is by request from Kelly, who inquired (in yesterday’s comments) about the tea I’ve been drinking.

detox tea
The combo.

             I was going to wait a few more days, to see what my results were.  But when you guys ask me something, I can’t help but answer.  (One bag each, from Yogi and Pukka, in a jar, like the one featured last night.  I drink it throughout the day.  It sits on the counter, when I walk past, I have some. )

             My therapy (and nutrition changes) aren’t, so far, providing any relief* from this unconformable (and sometimes painful) edema.  Some googling around was in order.  I know of quite a few herbs which can be generally helpful, but I couldn’t recall every single one that might be beneficial in this circumstance.  (There are a lot.)

*Another remedy in the works, more on that after Friday.

             Here’s my guilty admission: I went the lazy route, and just bought two boxes of pre-made tea bags.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  So far, I actually have noticed a slight easing up of the swelling.

7 thoughts on “Perception as Wisdom.

  1. I’ll be eager to hear your results as I get foot edema sometimes, too. I just looked it up this weekend to make sure it wasn’t a symptom of something and it isn’t. It isn’t painful either. Just inconvenient and it makes me feel old.

    I don’t remember NOT having it.
    It is now the duration and intensity which is becoming so obnoxious.

    10:21 p.m.

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! And thank you for sharing about the tea. I hope you keep getting good results from it.

    Probably drinking a huge jar of ANY tea would be a good idea, but this herbal combo seems to have even more benefits.

    10:24 p.m.

  3. I have joined the foot edema club, courtesy of the taxetere I got in chemo. It worsens in the summer. My high-tech relief is to lie on the couch with my knees forming a 90 degree angle and my feet slightly higher than my knees. Work boots don’t help much.

    Again, great combo of message and card.

    Feet-over-your-head stance is the best, but just getting them off the floor as often as possible is good too. See if you can find compression socks to wear with your boots. The bike shops sell them, but we also picked up one pair (for “walking”) on-line. Also? HYDRATE!

    10:29 p.m.

    1. Ally: I left you info on white tea in yesterday’s message.

      And I replied to one as well. 😉

      10:31 p.m.

  4. The messages I keep seeing in what I’ve been reading and in your messages and cards is to envision my life and my future so I can make it be what I want. At least, that’s what I’m interpreting it all as. So I guess that’s where I need to go.

    Your hair looks great! It’s so pretty.

    Your interpretation is right on.
    And, thanks.

    10:32 p.m.

  5. Your hair looks great! It grows very quickly! The card was very encouraging as I’ve had a burst of creative energy this week. I think it’s because I’m on vacation, away from “real life,” although the kids are with me so it’s still pretty real. 🙂

    I hope you find a remedy for the damn edema, because you’re doing so many good things for your body it seems rude that it wouldn’t wholly reciprocate the love. I remember sharing about my abdominal/gallbladder pain and one of the readers (Judy maybe?) told me how that particular part of my body was a repository for anger. What does foot pain signify? Maybe we need to approach this from a different angle…hmmm.

    From Louise Hay:
    What or who won’t you let go of?
    Being stuck in thinking. Clogged, painful ideas.
    What are you afraid of losing

    Yeah. It’s kind of all about the RELEASE!
    Not shocking,
    nor surprising.

    10:35 p.m.

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