On a Sunday, when we aren’t otherwise obligated, our heading-out can be quite delayed.  Seasons don’t really matter, but in the summer it’s nice to go in the daylight.  This afternoon’s departure was nearing 4:30.  Clearly, we weren’t in a rush.

            Turned out to be a good thing.  I had a mild bout of head-and-middle discomfort.  But it subsided enough for us to get on the bikes and pedal off for a few supplies.

             This malaise was unwelcome and unexpected.  Leaving the bed earlier gave no warning.  In fact, when I got up, my messages were nicely clear and I felt fine.

Family – friends – relationships:

immeasurable value, always worth the risk and work.

             Which then led to me standing in front of our card altar, hearing that, “the faeries have something to say,” so we are listening to them.

oracle cards, faerie messages

“Honoring Your True Feelings  ~

By drawing this card, you are urged to listen to, and follow, your true feelings.  Do not betray yourself, or rationalize that it’s acceptable to deny your inner voice of truth.

You have an inner counselor who is very wise.  This source of wisdom speaks to you in both physical and emotional ways.  Perhaps you have gut feelings that are speaking loudly to you, or physical reactions to situations, such as a tightened jaw or nervous stomach.  Your heart may be drawing you toward a particular geographical location, a specific career, or a certain type of relationship.  You  may feel compelled to leave a particular situation that is unacceptable.

The fairies know the importance of heeding their own feelings, and they ask you to do the same.  They say, ‘please don’t discount what you know to be true in your heart.  Follow your emotions, as they are your inner compass that will steer you home and keep you warm, safe, supported, and joyous.’

If you are unclear about which emotions you’re experiencing, write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal to gain clarity and understanding.


I listen to, honor, and follow my true feelings, knowing that they are answers to my prayers.”

             This is the extended version of my own “genuine living” idea, and it’s well done.  We need to understand HOW our individual messages arrive, because we are all so different, it makes sense that our information shows up in different ways.

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mileage:

was a relaxed (and quick) ride down to the grocery store, with no side trips, 3.580 in 22 minutes 9 seconds, with a leisurely pace of 9.7 MPH.   I loaded Dan’s new back-of-bike rack, and it worked nicely.  His map is HERE.

Continuing Kitchen Adventures:

of tea.  I’m going with a boxed duo, one of which comes with tagged guidance.

detox tea
I drink it all day, often with added ice.

              This one was an affirmation, that said:

I am beautiful

I am bountiful

I am blissful

6 thoughts on “Hearing, Heeding.

  1. Beautiful affirmation.
    I want to hear more about the tea that you drink all day. 🙂

    Deets in tonight’s post.
    Just for you! 😛

    9:47 p.m.

  2. I want to hear more about your tea, and where you get it. In that vein, do you know where I can get any Pennyroyal? Our friend Fletcher makes a delightful iced tea that is sweetened and has Pennyroyal in it. Even Mrs. Denial likes it!

    Book the next two Sundays at Washburn park. The Tuba Ensemble plays next Sunday, the Springfield Community Concert Band plays the week after that.

    The Fairies bring good information this week…as does your channeled message. Relationships require work, just like gardens. It can be a pleasure or a chore at different times, and the bounty is what you’ve put into it.

    Buy any and all herbs at Sundance, Kiva, Capella, or if you must, PC-Market of Choice. Bulk is super cheap. But there’s also the teabag option, which is where I ended up going. Same store suggestions.

    See Kelly’s reply, specifics up on an hour. Just for YOU, too.

    Okay, jotting down band info. Saturdays aren’t really an option, good thing you play on Sunday. (SOME people won’t be getting the vacation time they thought they were!
    Or ANY, at this point) 😕

    9:51 p.m.

    1. As long as that has to do with you, and not those with lower numbers…

      It does not have to do with us.
      He’ll explain in person Wednesday.

      10:20 p.m.

  3. Sometimes it feels like some of my relationship people put less work into them than I do: I have to make the plans, I have to do the asking, etc. But I still get great pleasure from getting together with them, from being with them, etc.

    I tend to like my tea either black (mornings, with milk) or white (later in the day, evening, although I often forget to drink it). And in the summer, iced black tea, although I’ve heard that you can ice white or green teas and they taste good too. I used to drink a lot more herbal teas than I’ve done the past few years.

    In fact, I probably don’t drink much TEA, exactly. Green tea leaves, sometimes when we go out, or Jasmine tea. But usually it’s an herbal brew, not really “tea” at all. 😉

    9:56 p.m.

    1. Skye, green tea really needs help as ice tea; mint and / some sort of sweetener are really helpful, as it has a bitter edge to it. I am not as familiar with white tea.

      1. Ally, white tea is completely unfermented tea and it has all the plusses of green tea multiplied by a lot. It’s very lightly flavored and very low in caffeine, so low I can drink it at night. A lot of tea makers these days are mixing white teas with fruits and herbs and selling it in bags, but you can also buy just plain white tea in bulk. I like it a lot, in either form.

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