You know how I’m über suggestible, right?  Well last week we were watching Chopped (as we do) and they had a basket ingredient that was called “woven wheat crackers” but was really a Triscuit.

             I wanted Triscuits for HOURS after that!  It was painful, this want.  Which sort of just made both Dan and I laugh.  But then I was thinking about it later, and I wondered if this aspect of my psyche weird-inner-workings disordered personality, regarding food obsessions, will diminish once I’ve moved past these four-decades-old issues.

             Wouldn’t it be so fucking cool to be like OTHER people, and able to withstand ads, marketing, mere mentions of edible items?  What must that be like?  And could I ever get there?

             We covered a few new-ish topics (and one WAY old one) today, *A* and I, in our afternoon appointment.  And made some plans for upcoming events.  I’m really pinning my hopes on getting “better” and dealing with the grief, the traumas, the down-right wrongness of my former thinking.

             A similarly uplifting feeling began even before I became horizontal earlier today though.  Our channeled message was a lovingkindness type of gift, not just aimed at me, but to all of us.

Compassion for all,

beginning with our selves.

             Not to be left out, our daily draw just jumped right on to that same bandwagon.  Very validating,this teamwork.

goddess of beauty, oracle cards

“Goddess of Beauty  ~

You are a wondrous being of light;

there is nothing to change or fix.

You are a wondrously beautiful being of light, yet you cannot see it because you are comparing yourself to others instead of looking honestly and lovingly at yourself.

Meditate upon the image on this card and allow your light and natural beauty to shine through.  You are beautiful just as you are.  There is nothing to change or fix; just love and accept yourself as you are.

As you honour the beautiful person that you are, others will feel the light and warmth radiating from you.  As a result, you will attract wonderful and generous people into your life that will love and appreciate you for all you truly are.

Just be yourself – that is where your beauty lies!”

             Have you all heard the song by P!nk (Alecia Beth Moore Hart) called Fucking Perfect?  (I’d link to it but the video is way triggery and the lyrics-only site has a misspelling that irks me too much to recommend it.)  As soon as I’m done typing, I’ll cue up my CD, grab this card, and tune in for the suggested meditation.

             If you can do something similar for yourself, please do.  Please, please do.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

was a ride to downtown and back, with one detour (cookies!), 8.498, in 49 minutes 30 seconds, with a better pace of 10.2 MPH, because, no break-downs.  (Thank you, Daniel, for fixing my chain.)

Today’s Kitchen Adventure:

has no photo.  But it was good!  Hot lemon ginger tea, dumped into a jar, over candied ginger bits, and ice cubes.

FLP Report:

Kansas, Missouri (times 2), and a Michigan, it seems that, yes, most of the faraway students have gone home.

5 thoughts on “Mindful, more and more. And more.

  1. I didn’t realize that made me not normal. I read Welcome To Temptation and I ate Dove bars. The Rock Chick book with Jet and Eddie made me want chicken fried steak. I watch The Little Paris Kitchen and I want pastry or eclairs. I thought everyone did that.

    Dove bars!
    Chicken Fried Steak!

    10:25 p.m.

  2. Oh my days, books are especially influential on me. Even if I’m reading about poor people, I crave bread and soup!

    By the way, I sympathize with this getting up earlier that you seem to be doing? All my work shifts are 9-5:30, so on weekends I only sleep til about 10 or 11. But as you can still my brain still wakes up in the middle of the night and says, come on! Let’s have fun! Let’s do something!

    Bread and soup!

    10:26 p.m.

  3. I, too, want stuff to eat that I read about. Only sometimes am i affected by TV ads that way because I’ve developed such an antipathy toward TV advertising that I am partially immune. 🙂

    Your channeled message and the card were just what I needed this morning. I woke from a dream where all kinds of things went terribly wrong and it was a dreadful day and my parents called me stupid. (In real life, my parents never called me stupid.) It was dreadful. This morning’s messages were a balm for my soul.

    I am so not immune…….

    10:27 p.m.

  4. Oh, love this card, although I have to confess for some reason I read “You are a ridiculous being of light” at first, which suits my snarky self better than the real thing. But it is a message I can use right now, thank you. 🙂 I also am entirely too suggestible. I remember when I was a kid there was a commercial where the background was all black and someone was peeling a big, juicy orange. I would *hound* my mother for oranges every time i saw it.


    10:28 p.m.

  5. Honey, if visual stimulation wasn’t effective, we wouldn’t have a billion-dollar advertising culture. Seeing food makes you want food; it’s normal, and that’s why commercials work so well. I want coffee when I see a Starbucks, even if I had not been thinking about wanting one before.

    @ BarbN – I love the “ridiculous being of light” comment! 🙂

    Okay, not Starbucks, they are Satan. But……
    hot chocolate/chai!

    10:30 p.m.

    Lol, yes Barb’s mis-reading. Perfect!
    We ARE ridiculous beings of light.

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