Don’t we all just face something that challenges us, every stinkin’ day?  It can be difficult, sometimes, to continue smiling.  And the odd part is, bringing back the happy WITH happy is the best way to make it happen.

             I’ve been thinking about Joy lately, and living in it.  We owe it to ourselves to be genuine.  We deserve nothing less.  And yet, our paths are peppered with rough patches.  As you all know, some of the smoothing tools that work for me are guided meditation CDs.

             And more recently, really, really focusing on being mindful.  Eating with consciousness, and being as fully aware as I possibly can.  In as many moments as I am able.  (Zeroing in on what we DO have, not what we DON’T.)

             Today, before leaving for the pool, I was given a gift.  From Mother Nature, herself.

On the front deck.

              This afternoon I harvested that crop of lavender, and twined some honeysuckle.  My small amount of outside time was just so rejuvenating.  (I also hung up a load of laundry on our awesomely trashy clothes line.)

             Would I like to (someday travel and) go on an actual vacation?  You bet.  Was I exceptionally satisfied with acknowledging my blessings here at home?  Without a doubt.

             Even the message I woke up with (which wasn’t all that prophetic.   Sometimes, they just aren’t) was certainly not unpleasant.  Quite often the information we’re guided to is merely a helpful reminder.

Continue staying alert to the minutiae.

             Then, within our regular rotation, I was validated.  And that’s never bad.


     “Pleasure  ~

Do something just for fun.

Pleasure is one of life’s essential nutrients.”

              Yep.  The key to keeping that Happy is by making sure WE are well taken care of.  And doing what brings Joy to our lives.  Even if it’s only a few calm minutes spent in a small messy yard.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is a new project from an old friend.  Go see The Lyrical Geek blog, and then keep checking back.  She’s gonna have terrificness there.

FLP Report:

starts with this plate from Sunday (which I completely forgot about).

foreign license plates

             And continues with all of these singles, nearly every one spotted on our alley wander, after dinner tonight; Wisconsin, Montana, Wyoming, plus a Dakota.

dakota plates
Summer school folks?

             No mapping or mileage this time, we just took a slow-moving constitutional to walk off some of our meal.  Because, as Dan said, “it’s what we do.”

5 thoughts on “Keeping.

  1. Oh what a psychic connection we have, my friend. I just finished a blogpost of 3 funnies that made me laugh. My gdaughter loves to laugh and she reminds me of how good it feels.

    We absolutely are!

    10:59 p.m.

  2. Love the lavender, and the being happy reminder.

    Thanks, I didn’t realize how much we had growing out there!

    11:00 p.m.

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I wasn’t feeling well so I’ve been cranky. I love my garden, so maybe later when the sun sets and it gets below 90 degrees I’ll go out and pick some flowers. They make me really happy!

    I WISH I had a clothesline!

    The very simple act of stepping out there, being where YOU planted, YOU tended, YOU belong…… it’s amazing. And we simply don’t acknowledge it enough. (Well, *I* don’t.)

    Make one of those boys string you up a line. Then buy some clothes pins. I planned for mine when we re-built the back deck, and I adore it.
    (We also have an indoor one, full credit to my girls for that idea.)

    11:01 p.m.

  4. My housemates have been cranky, and I tend to feel that when people are unhappy, they are unhappy about ME. So I’ve been uncomfortable. They aren’t unhappy with me, as far as I know in reality. But it’s still uncomfortable.

    I did go out and water the berry plants last night, and that was pleasant. Just me and the water and the garden.

    Today I meet with a new therapist/psych: I hope we click so I don’t have to keep looking!

    Fingers crossed for EXACTLY the right person!

    11:02 p.m.

  5. Lavender and honeysuckle sounds wonderful. It’s so hot here that I don’t want to do anything but sit and read. Which unfortunately means that nothing is getting done. I haven’t even finished unpacking my suitcase yet. But at least I have “do something just for fun” covered! Nailed it!

    Score! You have done the most right and perfect thing for you, good work.

    11:06 p.m.

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