Me and my great ideas.  Jeez.  We have SO much useless crap  valuable heirlooms random shit here in The Burrow that I’m always convinced that we have what it takes to make my brilliant schemes come together.  And then Dan (after much calm explaining which I completely disregard) proves me dead-ass wrong.

             Like today.  I was sure that one cargo accessory would fit someplace that it (eventually) didn’t.  Turns out, we had to buy a new one.

bike racks
You might also see somebody you know in the background.

             On our kitchen table is a rack (plus all of the required hardware, along with the packaging it came with) that affixes over a back bike tire.  And you bungee cargo to it.  The deputy now has one.  Of his very own.  I am no longer the lone pack mule.

             Before we headed out though, I jotted down our channeled message.  It was beyond ironic.  Once the afternoon progressed.

Be alert to,

and stay aware of,

the tiniest details today.

             Then, the cards laughed in my face.  No, not really.  The Universe is not a malicious place.  It is, however, one with a fabulous sense of humour.

all is well

“All Is Well  ~

Archangel Jeremiel:

‘Everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to, with hidden blessings you will soon understand.’

Additional Message:

‘Sometimes, what appears to be a problem is actually an unanswered prayer in disguise.  When we ask for help, Heaven may dismantle the old to make room for the new.  

During this time of change, practice relaxation methods such as yoga, deep breathing, exercise, and mediation.  Ask me to make your transition smooth and harmonious for everyone involved.  And know that this change is for the better.’

Working with Archangel Jeremiel:

Each archangel has a specific aura color, Jeremiel’s is deep eggplant purple.  When  you see sparkly dark purple light, this is one way to know that Jeremiel is with  you.

Each archangel has a specific type of crystal aligned with their energy, and for Jeremiel, that crystal is the amethyst.   When you wear an amethyst, you may feel even closer to Jeremiel’s kind and loving energy.” 

             This is a most welcome reminder, especially after all of the heartbreakingly terrible stories that have been in the news lately.  When we have that faith, and we keep that hope in our hearts, we know that All (truly) Is Well.

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mileage:

was a ride out to gather supplies for dinner (and the right sized bike rack), 5.298 miles, in 33 minutes 31 seconds, with an even slower pace than yesterday, of 9.4 MPH.  Be sure to look at Daniel’s map HERE (you can see how our search for ingredients went inside the store, and where I made us stop [several times] while I figured shit out in my scary, wee head).

Tonight’s Kitchen Adventure:

is, as mentioned above, all about our new recipe.

Salty Thai Pork
Salty Thai Pork

             Go see THIS POST of Alana’s for the directions, and better food pictures.  Our assessment: we are definitely going to make this again (I am already looking forward to the left-overs).

             Also, (since I’m always thinking about my pescetarian girls) it could be done super easy as a vegetarian dish.  Sub out the pork for any of the available non-meat, wok-able proteins on the market, and it would be just as tasty.

6 thoughts on “No really, it’s fine.

  1. Mrs. Denial is universally blessed with awesome spacial abilities. When I have a difficult load (such as a tuba, a sousaphone, snare and bass marching drums, percussion equipment, music stands and folders, I ask her to organize the load, and it works. No bell collar into the bass drum head, for instance (that would be a Very Bad Thing). Or hanging pictures. Or loading suitcases. But not in estimating the volume of things to be moved. Like wood chips for the back lot. “One truck load should do it” is not accurate. Four was almost enough. Names of objects or finishing her fishing for the right word is my forte. A sentence yesterday “we should go over to home depot at get…” hand gestures led me to fill in “roll down bamboo screen for the kitchen window” (enthusiastic nod) followed with an “also, one of those…” and another gesture led me to “a new string head for the weed eater”. “YES!” And so it goes. Her other famous misestimate was when she thought we could just make a small pile of dirt to one side when we excavated for the hot tub. That was 3 cubic yards of dirt that made a hell of a berm.

    I can’t figure out yet how to share Map my Ride. But we rode. Our intended 6 mile loop ended up as a 9.5 mile ride when someone missed the Owosso Bike Bridge and we ended up at Delta Highway…

    “Names of objects or finishing her fishing for the right word…”
    We just had this happen at dinner. In many scenarios, he is you, I am her. (But then, we knew that.)

    What Dan does with the mapping system app is e-mail me the link, from the Share feature, and then I add it here. Give it a try.
    (Because, wow. I would LOVE to see that ride.)

    10:36 p.m.

  2. Recipe printed. Will be used if a cucumber shows up in the CSA box today.

    Can’t talk yet. Still on emotional overload from the family beach week. Much drama.

    Recover from the drama, breathe deeply, enjoy being home. Then, report back with the recipe review.

    10:38 p.m.

  3. Glad you and Dan will now be sharing the road. All that weight in your panniers probably added a lot of extra oomph to your rides back from places. (And I, too, often think that I “must” have the pieces to create something that I’m sure I need, even now that I’ve pared down so much!)

    I see we are still in a “all will be well, trust in the Universe” sort of place. Difficult for me. But I haven’t been active, nor have I been trusting the Universe, so I might as well change both things. 🙂

    Faith can be a difficult one for many folks, and clearly, it’s a lesson that you set out to learn the hard way. Keep at it!

    10:42 p.m.

    1. *sharing the LOAD, not sharing the ROAD. Sheesh. I didn’t get enough sleep.

      Sleep is important!!!

      10:43 p.m.

  4. Looks delish! I love the blog you linked to, too. Your cooking and biking impress the hell out of me. 🙂

    That cooking wasn’t mine. It was Dan. I’m the idea and supplies person, he takes what I think up (or find on-line), along with the ingredients I gather, and then turns it into food.

    The biking, okay. I am doing that.
    (And some baking.) 😉

    10:44 p.m

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