The progress I’ve been making, since seeking professional help, has been good and it’s been steady.  Those light bulb moments, when they come, after lots of hours of hard work and many tears, are phenomenally uplifting.  They are gratifying in a way that I almost can’t describe.

             Of course the fall-downs are painful, and the set-backs hurt.  But the healing has begun, and that’s nothing but great.  In yesterday’s appointment, *K* and I discovered (uncovered?) some issues that made so very much sense.

             Now, we’ll need to steer towards THAT direction.  Awake or asleep, we have a new goal.  A related epiphany arrived recently, via this book.  So, have a glance here:

“The unconscious mind is like a vast sea of life’s experiences, memories of the recent and distant past, possibilities for the future.  The conscious mind is nothing more than a tiny island in the middle of that vast sea.” 

             Isn’t that a fabulous image?  You know how I adore the ocean!  A bit later on, she continues:

“A dream can tell you where you are, where you have come from, where you need to go, and what you need to get there.  Dreams often show us what we have overlooked or avoided in our daily lives….”

             Since I’ve been waking up from some really not-so-pleasant dreams lately, this was most welcome news.  In fact, the message we received today brought it all full-circle for me.

Visual Joy –

seek out the Beauty in your surroundings,

or supply it.

             Pictures* of Hawaii, obviously!  And you want to know how synchronistic my life is?  The authour of that book now resides in the same small town where my grandparents lived.  The exact place that I spent all of those summers.

*Any image works, or even scents, sounds, textures; whatever brings the Happy home to you.

             On our card altar, the theme continues.   In our regular rotation we have a validation, and an illustration that’s not too offensive.  (If you remove the cartoon-y mermaid and sunken boat.)


“Watch Your Thoughts  ~

It’s important to only think about what you desire, not what you fear.

By drawing this card, you are alerted to the extra importance of monitoring your thinking.  You have no neutral thoughts, and every one of them creates an effect in your life.  So you’re being asked to be vigilant in holding only positive images.

Most of us slip into negativity occasionally, and you may be no exception.  However, you can ‘undo‘ the effects of negative thinking by recognizing them, and stating ‘I now cancel that thought, and replace it with the following positive affirmation of my true Divine desires ‘  Then list the situations and attributes that mirror your godliness and goddessliness.

During this important part of your life, you have the power to manifest your highest potential at the most rapid rate possible.”

             This is a tool we can all make use of.  No more visualizing the worst case scenarios.  We are now tasked with seeing our beautiful, tropical*, Joy-filled future, in glorious living colour.

*Right, that could just be me.

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Kitchen Adventures:

include this easy-to-make treat, and not much else.

home-made peanut-butter cups
Like home-made peanut-butter cups, only roughly square/rectangular-ly shaped.

             The first time I made these, they required more chocolate.   And they cleaned me out of pantry supplies.  Since then I’ve done a few more batches, so I’m getting the problems worked out.  HERE is the original recipe site.

Last Month’s Mileage:

was 150.385, which makes Year To Date (an alarming) 847.194 miles that I PERSONALLY PEDALED.  Holy crap.

             Once I finally got the math right (seriously, learning disabilities are a life-long, major fucking pain), and announced it to Dan, he said, “nice.  You went to San Jose.”

             But then we googled around, and found out that, really, I went far past that, to Santa Barbara.  The OTHER TOWN in which I spent my formative years!  (We moved to Oregon when I was 9, arriving in SB a little over five years before that.  It was a natural choice since my mom grew up there.)

4 thoughts on “If I believed in coincidences…

  1. I have that book upstairs waiting to be read. Have read the intro and I felt eager to learn from her.

    I spent some time at her website last night,
    and learned even MORE!

    11:00 p.m.

  2. This is a great set of messages, especially the card! I do need help with my positive vs. negative thoughts. What one learns, one can unlearn and even as I was thinking that a friend of mine could stand to reprogram some of her thinking, I was kind of thinking of some of the ways I’ve reprogrammed mine. Time to stop thinking “It will be YEARS until I can get my own house! I’ll NEVER be able to retire!” I can think “I will make enough money and be frugal and be able to buy a house I love in an area where I want to live soon, in just a few years or less, and I will also be able to retire comfortably early.” as well as other things about living the life I want. I think the negative thoughts were contributing to the depression I’ve been having.

    Thank you for the messages!

    You are entirely welcome.
    And thank YOU for sharing them around!

    11:01 p.m.

  3. Words/thoughts are really powerful. Phrasing things in the positive manner really does create the space for that to happen.

    That is a long bike ride! Mrs. Denial just downloaded “Map My Ride” and we’re gonna go riding tomorrow morning, before we go get yet more wood chips for the yard.

    Send me an e-mail link so I can share it tomorrow!
    (Ride safe.)
    (And have fun.)
    (Don’t forget water.)

    11:04 p.m.

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