Any day that begins with a runaway dog* and pet puke** HAS to get better.  Right?!  Hoobaby and did it ever!  With gusto and style.

*Maxx bolted out that (wind-blown) open gate the second I cracked our front door.  (But it didn’t take too much calling for him to come right back.  And he only went next door.)

**Grand Dog barfed not ten steps from where my head was resting in the bed.  There was evidence of whole almonds contained within, that I unfortunately (GACK!) noticed as I cleaned up the mess.  Where the fuck did he get ALMONDS?!  And why wouldn’t the idiot CHEW them?!

              Meanwhile, back to my outstandingly fabulous day.  The young people that I met this afternoon are the promise and grace of this country.  (How’s that for patriotism?)  I am no longer concerned for our future, it’s gonna be in damn good hands!

             Nearly without exception, everyone who helped me this afternoon were about the ages of my kids.  You all know how much I adore my babies, so this was already an auspicious omen.

signs from the Universe and the holy spirit
And then I found that penny as I was heading home.
Here’s yer sign.

             I’m pre-writing because in a few short hours I’ll be joining Dan in his patrol car (with air conditioning!) for an evening of holiday guardianship.  And some fireworks too.  What I needed was something to wear.  For tonight and for my dad’s up-coming birthday.

             (A plan come together last night via approximately ten gazillion text messages.  My son and my brother and my sister-in-law burnt up the cellular minutes for hours nailing this idea down.)

             After dealing with the household basics (blech) and the spiritual (card altar, channeled message notations), I took my sweaty self elf to the mall (yes, in the car, it was an emergency).  Where I carried a list of specific ideas and a couple of not-too-overly extended credit cards.

              The first place that I went did not have any of the items I needed.  It did, however, have a pair of the most helpful, adorable, and engaging young woman on the planet.

             Hanna (with the appropriate number of H’s in her name) and Molly (with a Y), thank you both, for getting my afternoon off on the right foot.  We all learned so much today!  Hope to see you again, some place.  (Perhaps here?)

             Then I met Manetta.  Who found the exact right garment for me to build upon.  (She was thoroughly helpful and kind, a brilliant combination.)  Thank you, for understanding my situation so generously.

             Last stop, a department store which had exactly the right people in exactly the right place.  Jace and Sarah (Wallan, lest you confuse her with any other Sarahs) accessorized me with humour and patience and joy.  Thank you both, for more than you know.

             Remember what our messages were about yesterday?  Well, they were so dead on!  And they continue to sparkle brightly into today.  Being complimented by what I woke up with:

challenging our brains;

expanding our thinking; 

broadening our consciousness.

             Sarah told me that her mom has (what she calls) Shower Epiphanies.   I know that we ALL have that ability, we simply need to realize it, accept it, believe in it.  Once we honour this knowledge, we are handed gifts beyond our wildest imaginings.  Like today, every one of these gorgeous souls that I connected with were like that shiny penny: presents/gifts/blessings given right to me.

angel cards

“Blessings of Abundance  ~

Guardian Angel

Your prayers have been heard and answered.  Your daily bread and other needs are being provided for, now and in the future.  Give  your fears and worries to the Universe and the angels, and have faith that they are taking care of you and your loved ones.

Let go of worrying about how  your needs will be met, because there is infinite creative wisdom taking care of the details.  Be open to receiving gifts and help from people, as this is one way in which the Divine answers your prayers.  There is an infinite supply . . . .

Have faith, Dear One.  Blessings of abundance are gifted to you in all ways.

You deserve only the best, and to receive Heaven’s help because you are a holy child of the Universe.  You are much loved, so trust that your material needs will be met.  Follow your inner Divine guidance to take action when necessary, and the angels will do the rest.”

             This time I went ahead and tweaked Doreen’s wording a smidge, because it just seemed to need it.  Otherwise, this message couldn’t BE any more terrific!

Today’s Deck:

Saint’s & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Gratitude:

Molly, Hanna, Manetta, Jace, and Sarah Wallan, you guys rock!  It was my pleasure to meet you all.

Everyone else?  Thank you, for having faith in me and continuing to show up here.

4 thoughts on “Gifted Gifty-ness.

  1. Glad you had a good shopping experience. I tried yesterday and the day before to add a couple of things to my wardrobe for the upcoming conference, and luck. : ( We don’t have a ton of choices in my little town. Might need to venture to the big city.

    I don’t love shopping for clothes, never have. But I do enjoy connecting with folks like I did yesterday, so that makes a no-fun task much more pleasant.

    10:10 p.m.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderfully full day! Yay!

    Yesterday, while I was watering plants in the yard (now my regular task), a hummingbird spent significant time checking me out. It just hovered next to me, moved to the other side and hovered, came back, several times while I watered plants in one area. Not aggressively (and they can be aggressive). Just curious, or waiting. It was so cool!

    Then we saw lots and lots of fireworks from the living room, including one major show. I love fireworks! They didn’t disturb the non-dog; he was just put out that things were different. Non-dogs don’t like change.

    From this site (which is conveniently located, in the center column, as a clickable link, under IMPORTANT PLACES)

    “By observing the hummingbird, we see they are seemingly tireless. Always actively seeking the sweetest nectar, they remind us to forever seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day.”

    She has lots more, I’m going back to read the rest, but I had to share that part with you.

    10:16 p.m.

  3. Yay for helpful people!

    A dog and almond story: Once upon a time, several years ago when our Barley, yellow lab, was still with us, although elderly, Mom and Dad came to visit. In the course of their visit, Mom bought a 2 pound bag of almonds and somehow left them where the dog could get them. So we came home to a shredded and empty almond bag. Not knowing if they would kill the already decrepit dog, I called the vet who told us to come down. So down we went with the dog. Our lovely vet took him in the back and returned about 10 or so minutes later to announce, “Yup, that looked just like 2 pounds of almonds.” She paused. “And a paper towel.”

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