Weather report du jour: still hot.  However, I am happy (although still incredibly sweaty) to report that it didn’t get above 90.  So, quite tolerable.  Unlike the murderous temperatures some of my far-way friends are dealing with.

             I’d say to come here and cool off, but tomorrow it’s predicted to get worse (or better, depending on your preference).  Personally, my plan is to seek out some commercially conditioned air.  Inside a building which shows movies and sells overpriced (not necessarily nutritionally sound) snacks.

             Right now though, we focus on the messages.  Because, wow.  We got some.  Like what I heard when I woke up (on time!) and stood in front of my glass door, appreciating the view.

Reach further;

extend past the usual limits.

             And when I flipped over the daily draw there was an obvious resonance between these two.

selenite, oracle cards

“Selenite  ~

telepathy, soul connection, peace, tranquility

It is possible for you to connect with others energetically on a soul level and infuse them with love and healing.  This is telepathic communication in its highest form.

Through the formless light of love it is possible to both send and receive information provided the information is sought and sent with love.  Remember that on a soul level, time and space do not really exist, because all is interconnected and ultimately one.

The peace and tranquility you seek can be found by connecting to that ultimate oneness.  Go within, for in doing so, you will realise that all is eternal; nothing is ever lost, and that all is eternally present.”

             Since I don’t think I’ve ever seen this stone in real life, I can’t say how accurate our card image is.  But I will note that I adore the neutral tone and shade in these colors.  It just emits serenity to me.

             Taken together, these messages are enormously powerful.  We are being reminded of much truth and much possibility, which is always welcome.

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

was to the library and back (with a treat stop along the way) before the Deputy had to leave for work.   My miles show 8.262, in 49 minutes 45 seconds, with an average speed of 9.9 MPH.  His numbers are HERE, with another fun map.  (Have you used the Fly Over feature yet?  It’s delightful, albeit somewhat dizzying.)

Today’s Sharing:

is a small, shiny gift bead from the Universe.

Tiger's Eye
On top of the micro-fabric bag my sunglasses came in, on top of my wallet, on top of the open flap of the panniers.

             The other day I spotted three feathers, none of which I could photograph.  Last night, I asked for a sign that I could get a picture of.  Tiger’s Eye for the win!

LateNight Surprise:

will probably shock no one except me, but it seems that I’m a huge fan of THIS GIRL, and I didn’t even know it.

7 thoughts on “Beyond Achieving.

  1. I think that you should continue to reach out and take a picnic lunch to Washburn Park tonight, and listen to some good music…

    We totally would have, if WE HAD KNOWN about it!
    Lol, any chance we could have some sort of schedule of these events ahead of time?

    See you tomorrow!

    9:53 p.m.

  2. When it’s really, really hot, I find the one thing that cools me to the core is swimming. There’s nothing else that does that, not even air conditioning. : )
    I love the card and the message. Very calming.

    Or, as we did when we were kids,
    playing in the sprinklers!

    9:54 p.m.

  3. Good messages, both of them.

    I think Xenatuba’s idea of an evening picnic in the park with music sounds like a very good idea, especially if it cools down in the evening. Parks tend to be cooler than streets because of the grass and the trees, so it could be nice.

    We will be attending some of her musical events, as soon as we know when they will be, with a wee bit more advance notice. 😛

    9:55 p.m.

    1. Um, it didn’t cool down and was miserably hot. Good call. I will be more timely in my reporting of events…

  4. I can remember while in a hot apartment in Boston doing graduate work, sitting with my feet in a dishpan full of water with ice, a fan blowing on me, reading away and taking notes. It’s been hot and sticky here although nothing like the west is having – my SIL in Tucson is getting up to do her morning run at 4:15!! :O

    Just about when I’m going to bed! 😆

    9:57 p.m.

    (An icy foot bucket sounds mighty nice right about now, my swollen feet/ankles are killing me.)

  5. Finally doing some catch-up reading…

    Sorry you are uncomfortably hot 😦 This is such an un-California part of California, that even now it’s not hot here. Not really even warm. Although I did actually wear shorts last Saturday, so that makes it much warmer than usual. Still probably didn’t top 73°.

    I LOVE our messages, and Selenite is one of my very favorites! Toni’s picture really does it a grave injustice, as pure Selenite is about 5000 times more beautiful than that muddy crap he shows there (as you see in the picture I texted you).

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