Twice the Turn.

             Reporting in on the baked corn method that I told you about yesterday.  Yes.  I’m doing it this way from now on.  No more boiling for me us.  Did it come out WAY better?  Not necessarily.  However, it was SUPER easy.  I just need to adjust for cooking times.

             (Apparently the new oven is as low and slow as the past seventeen we’ve owned.  Fine.  Whatever.  No one died.)

baked corn-on-the-cob

There was another, but it was a funny color.
(Also, even-numbered things kind of annoy me.)
(Yes, I know. I’m insane. No one is questioning that.)

             Do I recommend it?  Absolutely!  And we’re going to get more in a few days to try again.  (Dan said, when I mentioned there might be too much,  “there is no such thing as TOO MUCH corn-on-the-cob!”)  I’ll let  you know how the next batch goes.

             On the metaphysical front, our channeled message today is fascinating.    In the way it came out, word-wise, and the way it felt when I was seeing pictures to represent it before I got out of bed.

Stock up/ Double up.

If you can afford to/Have the space,

get twice as many/do twice as much.

              See?  It’s clearly got a place to go, and a meaning to it.  We simply have to apply it there.  Wherever there is.  In my case, I know right where it goes.

             On our card altar, the news is a wee bit more exacting.  But it kind of goes along nicely with the above statement.

The Wheel of Fortune  ~  10

Wheel of Fortune ~ 10

             Not only are we beginning a new and wonderful cycle, but we’re doing it during Mercury’s, Saturn’s, Neptune’s, and Pluto’s retrograde phases.  So it’s bound to be exciting!  As well as thought-provoking.

             One of my favorite images is the top woman in this illustration.  Her face is so exuberant, while being calm at the same time; her happiness is apparent and contagious.   She has worked hard and is realizing her reward.  It’s a beautiful thing to behold.  And be a part of.

             Looking back to yesterday’s Challenge, this one brings terrific hope.  We CAN get there!  We CAN figure shit out!  We, without a doubt, CAN walk this path with Love and Integrity.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Mileage:

was just to see *K* and come back home, a quick trip, literally.  7.488 miles, in 40 minutes 40 seconds, with an average speed of 11 MPH.

Today’s Sharing:

is Toast Art.  Not even kidding.  Go see it HERE.  I really really want to do this!  (On further investigation, I’ve found that THIS is the talented young woman’s personal website.  From Oslo!  Look at both links, though.  Worth it.  I promise. )

5 thoughts on “Twice the Turn.

  1. wow, very interesting and unusual message today. I’ll have to think about that one. We are also of the “no such thing as too much corn” persuasion. I like the idea of baking it since boiling is always such a pain. Will try. And love the food art!! thanks for the links!

    I do tend to add corn to pretty much EVERYthing, so I understand the mindset. 😛

    10:40 p.m.

  2. To me these days corn is too sweet – tastes like not very good candy. I love the food art. What a fun link.

    You are clearly not adding enough salt and pepper and seasoned butter! 😉

    10:41 p.m.

  3. I generally steam my corn on the cob. I put it in a big pot and put a small amount of water at the bottom and steam the corn for about 8 minutes, often turning them over once. Very sweet and still crisp. Easy-peasy.

    Toast art — interesting, but what a pain to do so much art to something that is meant to be eaten. Still, it is clever.

    Therapist and I figured out yesterday that I am depressed. Working on that.

    Baking it is even easier:
    put corn, in husks, on oven rack, and heat.
    Walk away. Come back in half an hour, and eat.

    10:42 p.m.

  4. Love the card. I just got a contract for book #4 so I’m taking that message literally. : )
    I love corn!

    Congratulations !!!! 😀

    10:43 p.m.

  5. I really enjoy grilling the corn. I don’t steam it much any more.

    Grilling or baking, no other way for us.
    Ever again.

    10:44 p.m.

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