Tonight I’d like to begin with a quote from Dr Anita Johnston’s book Eating in the Light of the Moon.  (Because that’s what I was reading today, when I came in for a rest after some sweaty yard work.)

              She’s talking about mentally getting to a place where we’re not judging or criticizing ourselves for honouring our emotions, even the ones that society calls negative.

Allow yourself the space to experience  your feelings fully so you can learn from them…..  This means following your intuition rather than blindly accepting others’ perceptions or automatically doing what others want you to do in order to please them.  It requires a certain vigilance so that you are constantly checking in with yourself and asking, ‘how does this feel?  Do I really want to do this?'”

             Most days, I am fairly strong and sure.  But it seems that I have trouble asking those questions.  How do I feel?  Very often, the answer is not evident, I have to go searching for it.

             When I woke up today, that wasn’t the first thing I was aware of, but I stood at the door, and asked the question anyway.  I want to be vigilant, and check in regularly

             Our message arrived via the tail end of a dream, again.  I saw one of those suitcases with wheels on them, being pulled down a massive tiled hallway.  (No, this isn’t a song, or a poem, it’s simply the way these words showed up.)


roll along,

roll with the flow,

roll on through to the other side.

              For me, it meant some maneuvering within the family, dynamic emotions, hashing crap out in person.  Re-arranging of events and activities.  The image of those wheels, coasting over smooth clean surfaces, was very helpful.  I hope all of you find comfort here, and this is beneficial as well.

             But on our card altar, there’s some mixed feelings to discuss.  Within the regular rotation, we’ve come to the end of this stack.

animal cards, mountain goat messages

  “Mountain Goat  ~

Fighting for love or ardent declarations may hide unfaithfulness.

Deep in his body, mystical Goat fashions beozar, considered a remedy for disease.  As Goat holds these cures within, so you hold the remedies for your life’s ills.  Goat, intensely sexual, maintains a harem and fights fiercely for his consorts and counsels that even those who strive ardently for your love may not be true.  

However, defend your present love passionately and thoughtfully, celebrate it with the gift of wild rose, the full Moon seen on a wild night, and it will remain yours forever.”

              To begin with, I had no clue what the hell a beozar was, and finding it was not easy, nor fast.  It is spelled several different ways, once that was established, I could move on.

             My complaint is not with the definition, exactly, but more with the line on the card’s face.  It’s repeated at the end of the first paragraph, but since those are the only negative notations, I am choosing to ignore the reference all together.  Again, moving on.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

is yesterday’s mail.  Which I also posted on the Facebook page.  (Not that anyone sees shit there. )

(Edited To Add:  I stand corrected, more than 11 people viewed this picture.  To those of you who did, and Liked, and Shared, I love you the most.)

O'hana Organics
Happiness in a small round tin.
(Evoking memories to sustain the joy.)

             Since I’ve been riding with no shoes, my feet are in slightly worse shape than usual (disregard the painful edema, that seems to be an unsolvable issue,  dammit), so I thought I’d try some of Tara and Matt’s extra-heavy-duty healing salve.

              What I didn’t know, until reading her literature (that comes in the package, and is also on the website, I just now realized) is that their Shea Butter has naturally occurring sunscreen properties.  Now I’ll be saving up to buy THAT one!

4 thoughts on “Standing, and not.

  1. One thing I have noticed in my life as a numbered person is that the first person accusing the other of infidelity is often the one engaging in it. Leastwise, when numbered people get invited to their argument. Same holds true for drug use, but I digress.

    Cool stuff from Hawaii, too.

    Digression or no, good points.

    10:17 p.m.

  2. Good channeled message. Very odd part of the card message, about infidelity, but the rest sounded good.

    Your stuff from the mail looks great. Glad it made you happy. You definitely deserve happiness. 🙂

    Feeling tired and off this morning. And I rested all yesterday after I got home and even took a nap and went to bed by 12:30, so I don’t know why I feel all fuzzy. Oh well, hoping it passes quickly.

    Best cure for the fuzzies:
    quick neighborhood walk. Your eyes will want to open and look around!

    10:19 p.m.

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