It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of Dan Savage and Matt Kailey.  Nor do I hide the fact that I believe in “human” rights when it comes to LGBTQ topics.  So, with that in mind, I’m recommending a book.   A really damn good book.

             It’s written by Kate Bornstein.  Who is fascinating, true to herself, and multi-talented besides.  (Also, she might have more tattoos than I do.  Maybe.)  It’s a memoir.  (Judy is also talking about memoirs this week.  I love when we do things together!)

             This is not Kate’s first book.  But it’s the first one that I’ve come across.  I suggest everyone go find a copy, of any books with her name on the spine.  I’ll be requesting all the rest at my library.

             Now, let’s talk spirituality.  And the dream I woke up from today.  An hour before the (earlier) alarm was set to go off.  (I went back to sleep, obviously.)  The entire story being told became our message.

Be VERY careful asking for/manifesting/ creating what it is you THINK you want.

             Because, you’ll get it!  In my dream, it was mostly about a house.  But the issue was larger than that one item.  And it was meant for all of us.

             Then, as I was being directed to leave our regular rotation on the card altar, we were reminded of yesterday’s holiday, and Dreaming Animal.  This IS where we all begin anew.

angels, gods, and goddesses oracle cards

             “Angel Of New Life  ~  

An exciting new chapter of your life is about to unfold.

The Angel of New Life is here to announce that a new chapter of your life is about to unfold.  Over the coming days and weeks you will begin to feel a sense of renewed clarity, purpose, and direction.

New, magical, and exciting things begin to happen as you are intuitively guided to explore new avenues and possibilities for your life.  Through this process you will uncover aspects of yourself that you didn’t know you had.

Embrace this new and exciting period of your life and know that the past is now behind you.  Your life is forever changing and you are forever evolving to ever greater spheres of light and love through the wondrous spirit of creation.  

Enjoy the journey and all the blessings coming your way.”

             Nice, huh?  I was very happy to read this one.  Not necessarily SEE this one though, as you may have noticed, we got a cover-up.  One that I thought was very fitting for the message.

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Mileage:

is not a ride, but a walk, for nearly 2 miles.  My gym appointment was canceled, so I grabbed the Deputy and the Grand Dog, and we took a neighborhood wander instead.

              HERE is the map.  Go see it.  Because, oh yeah, we absolutely DID leave the sidewalk this time, peering into windows and yards.  (Only the vacant For Sale houses!)  Also, if at one point it looks like we’re going backwards, that’s because I dropped my water.  On a hill.  It rolled WAY far.

Today’s Sharing:

is a shot from yesterday, this is the back part of the house where *A* now has her office.


             To park my bike, I go through that gate, and make a sharp right.  There’s a parking lot for cars right behind where I’m standing to take this photo.  My area smells better.

FLP Report:

Hawaii, and First In Flight.  Only two, but both far, far away from here.

5 thoughts on “On The Up Spiral.

  1. I love Auntie Kate! She’s had such a fascinating life. She’s struggled with suicide at various points, and she wrote a book to help kids struggling with it, too. I can’t find the exact quote, but basically, she gives everyone permission to do anything they have to in that moment to stay alive- as long as it’s not mean. I love that.

    There is just so damn much to LOVE about her! I am super happy that I found her, and her books.

    10:05 p.m.

  2. Love the jasmine. Mary has a planting that includes jasmine, clematis and lavender all sharing the same space, and right now, it smells wonderful. Good advice to be careful about the intent you put in the world, too.

    Oh wait a fab combo planting!

    10:06 p.m.

  3. Is that honey suckle. It is beautiful. I need take a pic of my daughters roses. So beautiful.

    NO! It’s your previous incarnation’s namesake. Look at the caption underneath that picture. 😛

    10:08 p.m.

  4. Do you mean to tell me that you read that book out of order? I mean, I knew you were making progress, but I had no idea. 😉

    1. I totally did!

      Oh yeah, baby. I am SO on the road to sane….. um, wait. Right, what you said, “making progress,” that’s it.

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