Guess what?!  I outran ’em.  My pedaling swiftness outpaced the stormclouds this afternoon.  I am blissfully happy!  The raingear stayed stowed in my panniers.

             On the last leg of my journey though, this caused a wee bit of stress.  Not to me, but on the seams of my adorable saddlebags.  Once more, I (somehow!) excessively-shopped, forgetting that I had to get all of this shit home.  On the bike.

             It wasn’t a LOT of things, just LARGE things.  Shoved into the already-partially-loaded carriers.  Even though waterproof garments are very light, they DO still take up space.  Precious space that I don’t have much of.

The side you can’t see is just as “distended” from over-packing.

             On days like this I wish more than anything for someone to take my picture as I putter along.  It has GOT to be amusing to see that view on the street.

             Turned out fine though, my crap and I arrived safely back at The Burrow, totally beating those rainclouds.  Not like it was a race, because I’m the opposite of competitive.  I just prefer to avoid the outdoor showers, any time I can.

             Those sunshiny pockets today were perfect for the holiday.   It’s Solstice, Happy Summer!  Unless you are not in my time zone, then it could be tomorrow.  Here’s the backstory, in case you haven’t read every post I’ve ever written in the past gazillion years.  From this site, she says,

“Summer Solstice falls at the precise moment when the Sun’s power is at its zenith.  It is the time of year when the noon sun appears to be farthest north from the celestial equator.  ‘Solstice’ is Latin for ‘sun stands still.’  Summer Solstice is so named because to the naked eye the sun appears stationary in its northern and southern progression.  The sun is directly over the tropic of Cancer at the summer solstice.  The sun travels 23.5 degrees to reach its maximum distance from the celestial equator during both the summer and winter solstice.

It is the longest day and shortest night of the year.  From the moment of Summer Solstice, the Sun immediately begins to wane.  The journey into the harvest season has begun.”

             And when it falls near midnight (8 minutes to 10 this year*), over here on the Westerly side, we get the designation a day earlier than those in other regions.  It’s simply a matter of numbered calendar markers and hand-drawn lines on a map.

*As shown in the box, right   <——-   0ver there.

             To celebrate this most auspicious of events, our message arrived with some irony.  At the risk of sounding like Doreen, take a gander at what we were given.

 Blessings, Gifts, and Treasures, found or provided by Nature.

             As I’ve mentioned before, the first thing I do every “morning” is to stand at my sliding glass door and take in the view.  My vantage point of a gorgeously picturesque ridgeline is only slightly marred by the broken, falling down fence, at the end of our small, scruffy yard.  The blessings part, for me, is that it’s OUR broken, falling down fence, and OUR small, scruffy yard.

             The scenic vista belongs to everyone, and that’s the strength of this message.  There is a lovely place to rest our eyes, something Mother Earth has provided, no matter who we are or where we live.

             For the daily draw, I went with our Special Occasion cards, due to the sacredness of the day.  (And wow, could it have BEEN more appropriate?!)

animal dreaming

“Eagle  ~  0  ~  Spirit

Zero rests at the very core of our numerical system – suspended somewhere between the positive and the negative.  While suspended in the womb, we sit at the heart of our own personal universe; barren like the number zero with seemingly nothing physical to offer, but innately imbued with a desire to go forth and learn.  We sit as if perched on a precipice, waiting for the best opportunity to take the leap of faith that will initiate the rest of our lives.

The concept of Spirit is very much like the number zero.  Spirit sits between the worlds – it is neither here nor there.  Spirit may be intangible but it is not inaccessible.   People often say that they cannot believe in something they cannot see.  Air is not visible to the naked eye but we trust that it is there.  We experience it every time we inhale, when a baby takes its first breath, and every time we see a flower swaying in the breeze.  We have no tangible proof of its existence  but based on trust and experience we have faith in the fact that it will always be there.  The concept of Spirit is exactly the same.  We have to trust that it is there and that when we are in need, our calls will be heard.

The Eagle is revered as a symbol of the Creator Spirit because of its ability to soar to breath-taking heights.  Its piercing eyesight is said to bare witness to the fears we keep locked deep within our consciousness; our vulnerabilities, discomforts, and inabilities.  And it has the sacred capacity to know our heart of hearts, our sincere and purest intent, and our true essence.

If Eagle has soared into your cards today, be comforted in the knowledge that Spirit is guiding and protecting you while you make decisions and grapple with the obstacles you are inevitably going to face as  you journey through life.  Eagle comes as a reminder that in order to achieve anything in this life, educated leaps of faith must be taken, trust in one’s inherent capabilities must be recognized and brought to the fore.  Without these qualities life is full of possibility but devoid of movement or purpose.

Not until we identify our strengths and the opportunities they afford can we realise the potency and promise within our lives.  Not until we find the courage to take the first step and witness the chain of events that lead to the final one can it be realised that all is as it should be.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Mileage:

was a trip downtown then that OTHER stop, 8.753 miles, in 50 minutes 11 seconds, with an average speed of 10.4 MPH.

Today’s Blog Post:

is number 1, 456.  Onethousandfourhundredfiftysix!

9 thoughts on “Holy.

  1. You go powerful woman – racing the rain and winning.
    Solstice will be followed by the supermoon. I don’t know whether to lock myself inside or go dancing into the night.

    Oh that’s right, supermoon!

    10:23 p.m.

  2. Thank you, Eagle! Today I will honor my creativity as I enjoy the sun.

    That’s a lot of posts! But you don’t do anything halfway-riding, shopping, posting, friending…

    I don’t, this is true. There certainly are times when that OCD comes in handy. 😛

    10:26 p.m.

  3. Really a great combination of celestial events and a card that fits! And a bonus for avoiding the showers. I was not so lucky yesterday…

    Boo. 😦
    Sorry the showers caught up with you. None today, hope you got to be out in the sunshine.

    10:29 p.m.

  4. Cool! I definitely feel as if I am at the number zero: standing at the beginning of my new life. Really wonderful messages.

    Happy Solstice! As my friend Steve pointed out, the Supermoon will probably be yet another of those events that we can’t see due to cloud cover. But I’m crossing my fingers anyway.

    And awesome number of posts, Ms. Julie! You totally are rocking this blog thing. 🙂

    Excuse me, Mr Negativity Steve, we could at least HOPE for some clearing spots, in order to see bits of the damn moon!

    10:35 p.m.

  5. For one year I lived close enough to the grocery store to walk. About half the time I would get inside the store, forget I had walked, and end up with a cart full of groceries that I would have to lug back to the house. Major pain. Happy Solstice a day late (I noticed on your calendar that it was early this year but then forgot!). So in this deck Eagle must be the equivalent of the Fool, taking the step of faith to begin his journey. Great solstice card. And 1,456!! WOW!!

    Oh hell, I’ve done that with walking too. It’s horrible!

    Yep, the Fool is a perfect reference.

    10:39 p.m.

    1. I totally thought the same when I saw that Eagle was 0. I LOVE the combination of the leap of faith represented by The Fool, and the far-sighted wisdom engendered in the bird of prey!

  6. All our messages were so perfect for Solstice! I didn’t realize that it was a day “early” this year, but had a lovely experience last night, watching the Sun set over the Bay, seeing the newly risen, almost-full Supermoon, and feeling myself held in the middle, in the Loving embrace of The Universe!!!

    Love you all, and miss being able to check in more often!… still adjusting to working full-time, and finding it difficult to keep up with everything I need to do to keep myself fed and clothed. And haven’t gotten a full/good night’s sleep since I started working, 2 1/2 weeks now 😦

    I will be switching to a smartphone soon, so that will help give me back some of my ‘net time, and I’m hiring a girl to help with cooking, laundry, housework, etc,. so that will give me back some of my “me” time. Hopefully sufficient sleep will follow close behind!!!

    1. We miss you too!!! A smarty-pants phone?! Wow. And yes, please get more sleep, howEVER you can make it happen. (Wait until you see what tonight’s message is.)

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