Have I mentioned that it’s raining?  Again/still?   Because it is.  Lots.  But only when I’m heading off on the bike (the rest of the time, clear skies).  My patience is being challenged.  Even the new, all Zen-and-shit me, has become tired of this.

             We’re paying for all of those dry days from the winter.  (Although, I still say, it didn’t feel all that damn drought-y to me.)  So, my raingear and I continue to pedal about town.  And, I continue to work on getting up earlier.  This has nothing to do with the weather, I’m just catching us all up.

             This afternoon wasn’t one of my greatest, but I wasn’t late any place either.  Also, I’m kind of enjoying trying to figure out what my body might like for breakfast.  Which is the goal of this newest project, the tuning in to what our needs truly are.

             What I was made aware of as I was waking up is a nice reminder message, one that we just can’t hear too many times:

when we selflessly reach out, in aid of another, we are acting for the highest good of all.

             On our card altar, back to the regular rotation, we’ve been given this gift of synchronicity.

animal cards, dog totems

“Dog  ~  14  ~  Loyalty

All of the Southwest and Plains Indian tribes had Dogs.  These noble animals would often give warning signals of approaching danger.  They helped in the hunt and were a great source of warmth on long winter nights.  Since the canine tribe has many breeds, early Indian Dogs were usually half-wild.  This wildness, however, never divested the owners of their Dogs’ innate loyalty.

Dog has been considered the servant of humanity throughout history.  If a person carries Dog medicine, he or she is usually serving others, or humanity in some way.  Here you will find the charity worker, the philanthropist, the nurse, the counselor, the minister, and the soldier.

Dog was the servant-soldier that guarded the tribe’s lodges from surprise attack.  Dog is the medicine that embodies the loving gentleness of best friend and the half-wild protector energy of territorial imperative.   Like Anubis, the jackal dog protector of Egypt, Dog is guardian.  Throughout history, Dog has been the guardian of hell, as well as of ancient secrets, hidden treasures, and babies – while mothers were cooking or in the fields.  Dog honors its gifts and is loyal to the trust placed in its care.

In examining Dog medicine, you might find that you have fond personal memories of owning and loving Dog as a pet.  The message that Dogs are trying to give you is that you must delve deeply into your sense of service to others.  Canines are genuinely service-oriented animals, and are devoted to their humans with a sense of loyalty that supersedes how they are treated.

If Dog has been yelled at or paddled, it still returns love to the person who was the source of its bad treatment.  This does not come from stupidity, but rather from a deep and compassionate understanding of human shortcomings.  It is as if a tolerant spirit dwells within the heart of every canine that asks only to be of service.

Dog medicine asks  you to look at how readily your sense of loyalty is countermanded by your need for approval.  If you have pulled the Dog card, there are several questions you need to consider, depending on the situation about which you are asking.

1)  Have I recently forgotten that I owe my allegiance to my personal truth in life?

2)  Is it possible that gossip or opinions of others have jaded my loyalty to a certain friend or group?

3)  Have I denied or ignored someone who is trying to be my loyal friend?

4)  Have I been loyal and true to my goals?”

             Additionally, the number of this card adds down to a Five.  Pentacle.  Not only do we adore dogs here in The Burrow, but…. ya know, Pentacle.

Today’s Deck:

Medicine Cards – The Discovery Of Power Through The Ways Of Animals by Jamie Sams and David Carson illustrated by Angela C Werneke

Today’s Mileage:

included a post-pool errand, for a total of 5.169 miles, in 30 minutes 35 seconds, at a fairly quick pace (considering that incessant fucking wind in my face, in between cloudbursts) of 10.1 MPH.

Today’s Marketing Update:

might be our last.  Tomorrow concludes my Summer Special, so if you’re a Facebook person, SHARE that around.  Please, and thank you.

Tonight’s Kitchen Adventure:

will just be biscuits.  Because.


4 thoughts on “Aid.

  1. Great card for your Sheepdogs. And I am also a bit tired of paying for the great weather in May, or in March, although I enjoyed it while it was here. It seems to always be crappy weather the first week of summer vacation.

    Oh ya know, that is true. It has rained on more Solstices than I can count.

    9:56 p.m.

  2. It’s been raining here a lot, too. And I can’t believe we’re almost at solstice. The days will start getting shorter. Yikes.

    But it will go slow, don’t worry, Winter is not exactly right around the corner!

    9:57 p.m.

  3. I’d love another dog, but not this year. Too much travel, and it’s unfair to bring a dog into a new home and then go away. So, 2014 for me. : )

    What a fabulous promise to look to forward to!

    9:58 p.m.

  4. My friend Bob’s beloved dog Mardi passed away on Tuesday and he is heartbroken. They were together as much as possible: he took her to work with him every day and, before her hips became a problem, they walked in the park several times a week. I loved her, and she’s the only dog I’ve ever loved. He’s heartbroken, but he knows he will mend and, eventually, get another dog. But some connections are once in a lifetime.

    I am not a dog person, so will not have a dog of my own. Still, I can appreciate them and I can appreciate Dog Medicine.

    I am very sorry to hear that Mardi has moved on. I know JUST how he feels! It’s a terrible loss, and the pain takes SO long to dissipate. Eventually, though, it does become more manageable. I’ll be thinking of him.

    9:59 p.m.

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