Ooooo, time got past me.   We were out with my son and parents, and then the weekly food gathering had to happen.  Consequently, we’ll be rushing tonight.

             And combining all photos into a slide show.  (It seemed the quickest way.) Our channeled message is kind of long, but worthwhile, and a great reminder.

Taking time off/giving ourselves a break/vacation is an important and valuable part of our learning process.

             I felt directed to leave the rotation on our card altar, and it worked out nicely, there’s not a lot to type.  Additionally, these two combine nicely.

“Appreciating Success  ~

Sometimes we fear the word success because we believe that too much is expected of us.  If we view success as something we do for ourselves, the fear vanishes and we can appreciate what we’ve accomplished.”

Today’s Deck:

Heart and Soul Cards by Sylvia Browne

Today’s Sharing:

are the additional pictures you see with our daily draw.  My son gave me the most amazing Mother’s Day present!  Because is wasn’t ACTUALLY still that time of year, those particular (seasonal) selections were no longer available, so he chose the business option.  SUPER terrific!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today’s Mileage:

8.625 miles in 53 minutes 35 seconds, with an average speed of 9.6 MPH, just downtown and back, nothing extra because of the above-mentioned partial family gathering.

LateNight Addition:

is Dan’s map from our ride.  Go see IT !

3 thoughts on “Happyfastgood.

  1. That fruit bouquet is beautiful and looks delicious!

    It was (still is!) every bit as good as I had hoped it would be. What an amazingly wonderful gift these things are!

    11:14 p.m.

  2. I love consumable gifts! And that fruit bouquet looks yummy. Good messages today.

    Not sure when I first saw these things, but I’ve been wanting one since that moment. The PERFECT gift!

    11:17 p.m.

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