This afternoon finds me pre-writing.  We’re going to see my parents in a bit, and I never know how long we’ll be staying.  Not late, that’s for sure.  But still, always nice to get a few things done ahead of deadlines.  (Self-imposed, or otherwise.)

             Since my mom has been so sick, my dad has been in charge of nourishment.  When I was growing up, if we had a day (or night) that went this way, our usual meals were grilled cheese sammiches and soup from a can.  (Is it any wonder that one of my all time comfort foods are grilled cheese sammiches?  Yeah, if I coulda been a spoiled Daddy’s Girl, I woulda.)

             Our gift, to them both, on this pseudo-holiday is some grocery shopping.  She called with a list yesterday, and we’ll be picking up a To Go dinner as a bonus present.  It’s not much, but it’s exactly what they both need right now.

             Then, we’ll eat and laugh.  Hopefully I can remember to take a picture or two.  Having fun, and enjoying the company around you, has to be this life’s most basic goal.  Not surprisingly, that was the precise message I heard earlier, even before I was vertical.

Enrichment; if you are not having fun

(you’re not?), then go get some.

             On our card altar, back within the regular rotation, we have a lovely validation of that same advice.  Much like yesterday.  (That’s pretty damn cool!)

oracle cards, self-care

“Guidance  ~

Ask for guidance.

The Divine will meet your every need.”

             What do we need?  We need Joy.  Ask for it, and it will appear.  Also, don’t forget to appreciate what we DO have, turning our back on what we DON’T (so as to always nourish the positive).  And then say Thank You.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Last Night’s Kitchen Adventure:

was the delayed baking of these Tahini Cookies.

tahini cookies
Hope none of them scream.

             The delay was simply because I didn’t get around to it.  They’re super easy to make, and are a nice change from the more traditional choices.

Neighborhood Update:

I MET THEM!  The new folks across the street are so freaking adorable.  You’ll be hearing more about them soon, and lots.  (They may, or may not, find my blog.  [I did hand them a business card, one from each of us.]  If so, Welcome Chris and Marie!)

6 thoughts on “Wise Counsel.

  1. Thought about you today as I was baking brownies. Hope you have fun with your parents.

    We did, thank you.

    Ooooooo, Grama C’s brownies! Now THAT sounds like a plan for next week!

    10:46 p.m.

  2. Happy new neighbors, and what a cool way to spend Father’s Day. This one hit me kind of hard, for some reason. Mrs. Denial called our one remaining parent (her Dad) and had a somewhat difficult time, being called by her sister’s name, and getting to hear about his non-functioning parts…

    The upside was that we had a tuba quartet “open air open rehearsal” on the rooftop patio for one of my friend’s apartment complex, and had a great time sharing food and music with friends. Much frivolity.

    Two things, I’m so sorry this one was challenging! I took a moment yesterday to keep in my heart all of my friends and loved ones who were spending their Father’s Day without their dads here in the physical world. 😦

    And B) make sure we recieve a summer schedule of performances. We didn’t get to see/hear/attend nearly enough last summer. Now that we know how it works we can load the bikes up with a snack and a blanket, then wave at you (both) from the crowd!

    10:49 p.m.

  3. I love how you spent your Father’s Day. Visiting, and bringing love and laughter, is the biggest present of all.

    Mom’s health situtation really put this holiday into perspective. Also, I’m very much focusing on what we DO have (each other), not what we don’t (which was money to purchase gifts).

    10:54 p.m.

  4. I spent Father’s Day at my fake-nephew’s graduation party. It was great: great food, lots of good conversation with people I’ve never met before (but not so many of them that I was uncomfortable), and celebration of one of my favorite people for his graduation from high school. Plus, it was good for me go be outside, to get out of the house, etc.

    I like the channeled message as well as the card message today. Here’s to asking for fun and joy!

    Happy Graduation, Nephew!!!

    And Happy Getting Outside To See People weekend for you!

    10:55 p.m.

  5. My post about finding joy went up at the WEBS blog on Friday– but I left that one out!! How to find joy? ASK FOR IT. Love it. Also good card yesterday (we were out of internet range over the weekend).

    Crap. I kept meaning to get over there, and then I just haven’t! Thanks for the reminder. I’m sure it’s outstandingly wonderful. 😀

    10:59 p.m.

  6. I had mass amounts of fun over the weekend! 🙂 And now I’m tired, and finding it incredibly difficult to keep myself taken care of (fed & clothed), and work full time (plus still working sometimes for my ex/boss), and have fun time too. My body hurts all the time from standing/walking/dancing/shopping/etc/etc/etc. Having trouble finding time for everything & balance. Not even close to finding time for everything, actually, having trouble just finding time for the essentials! 😦

    Okay, fun is important, but you know that taking care of the “essentials” is also right up there! 😛

    11:12 p.m.

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